RT @monodialogue: CLICK HERE if you want to read me on the vaguely spooky origins of 'grandfather clock' plus a taste of what kinds o… https://t.co/fSVyR4hQgl
@stevekilometers Definitely
@MyCityLibrary Thanks so much for your support!
RT @AnneLouiseAvery: After studying in Paris, Frances Benjamin Johnston established herself in the 1890s as a portrait photographer, wit… https://t.co/l8LQvYYTc7
@patti_miller Congrats--it's an excellent book!
@stephopitz How bizarre! Did you know them?
@meredithmo They had me at "Mae West."
My review of Patricia Miller's riveting and important new book, BRINGING DOWN THE COLONEL, about a 19th century sex… https://t.co/TXzmPRGoRv
If only the Everleigh sisters could be resurrected to host... https://t.co/Kaqv86Eui4
RT @SmithsonianMag: How New York separated immigrant families in the smallpox outbreak of 1901. https://t.co/7MJJE8zC4N
@rdotinga Indeed it was... #RIPCosette
@jpressler I've heard this is excellent!
@monodialogue It's the one I think about often! (among many others)...
"Where's the dog? Oh, my God! Cosette. Her neck feels broken." "I must have sat on her." "You and your fucking smac… https://t.co/c0xD1wNQ4P
An excellent and timely #FeminizeYourCanon https://t.co/M4mfIlwAKO
@AlineOhanesian Thank you! Xx
@KatWithSword Wait! Happy pub day! Looks AMAZING. Ordering now
@maudnewton Thank you! Xx
@TraderPJ That's great--just keep going. It sounds like a fantastic story
@TraderPJ Sounds fascinating, and it's all yours... what's your pub date? and I must ask: which brothel?
@TraderPJ Thank you, that's so kind of you to say! Who is your guy? (understood if you'd rather not divulge)...
@dcplibrary Thanks, I plan on it! He had a lot of business in Kentucky...
@antiheroine Thanks! And yes, this one is definitely stranger than fiction...
@alex_segura Oh, YES.
@IanFrisch Hey, thanks for the handwritten note! So incredibly 19th century (and classy) of you...
@monodialogue Thank you! (And Remus likes it when anyone speaks highly of Remus).
New title, coming this October. In a nutshell: It's the story of bootlegger George Remus (an inspiration for Jay Ga… https://t.co/tvVbKqLyTm
@CFA_President I am! Coming in October and titled THE GHOSTS OF EDEN PARK. I'll be posting more about it soon... thanks for asking!
@michellelegro @IanFrisch It's SO good.
RT @emmagarman: Cultish, mythicized genius Anna Kavan died 50 years ago, leaving an astonishing and unsung body of work: December's… https://t.co/d59oZBDJiT
RT @booksaremagicbk: TONIGHT! 7:30 @susanorlean @scahalan @adacalhoun & @KarenAbbott present #TheLibraryBook and chat about these belove… https://t.co/UjmEKQLM7p
Pioneering politician #ShirleyChisholm, born on this day in 1924, is getting a statue in Brooklyn:… https://t.co/IT4uADbwOQ
Global warming predictions of yore: https://t.co/YbombASoNo
@HollyZink2 I believe that's a fair assessment...
@ChrisAntoncich Those come out after she's drugged everyone unconscious.
Joan Crawford's rules for a successful dinner party: #HappyThanksgiving https://t.co/haH3mb5bxH
RT @AM2DM: Michelle Obama’s new book “Becoming” is out today, and @reetamac tells #AM2DM why it’s so impactful to read about h… https://t.co/4Au4uaeepF
@adacalhoun I know! HOW COULD I GET THAT WRONG? Perhaps we could amend for the next printing?
Being quoted in the new @beastieboys book (thanks to @adacalhoun's brilliant contribution) makes me much, much happ… https://t.co/7kZKf8EVJB
#FeminizeYourCanon remains my favorite thing on the internet. https://t.co/BgVCeT1c8C
RT @KristalZook: Going to #MiamiBookFair2018? Really looking forward to reading w/ amazing authors @adacalhoun @KarenAbbott… https://t.co/sz7b2RelEL
@DonnaAlvah I thought so too at first, but no!
@L_Historienne @jbf1755 @TheTattooedProf @drewmckevitt @kawulf @ZaraAnishanslin @rzhist @AbbySwingen @DDMeringolo… https://t.co/RCZdnMNJbo
@pueblomidori @MiamiBookFair Back atcha! Xx
@MiamiBookFair Can't wait!
RT @emmagarman: October's author for #FeminizeYourCanon @parisreview is Violet Trefusis: a multilingual lesbian socialite known for… https://t.co/fPforcDPyd
@gilbertlisak @L_Historienne @Laura_R_Prieto @SarahCalise @SmithsonianMag That is INFURIATING, and definitely awkwa… https://t.co/af0moW9MBV
@gilbertlisak @L_Historienne @Laura_R_Prieto @SarahCalise @SmithsonianMag How did you handle it? (I would have exploded, too!)
In honor of #TalkLikeAPirateDay, here's my old @SmithsonianMag piece about "pirate queens" Anne Bonny and Mary Read… https://t.co/rud7Wl6O0B
@L_Historienne @Laura_R_Prieto @SarahCalise @SmithsonianMag Thank you! I really appreciate that. When will your boo… https://t.co/M0kdwMp2Pq
@L_Historienne @Laura_R_Prieto @SarahCalise @SmithsonianMag Your book sounds fascinating--congrats!
[email protected]'s #FeminizeYourCanon column is always worth taking a hiatus from my twitter hiatus. https://t.co/iVyfqt4Efz
@TomGumbert @clermontlibrary @milkbeansmag @King__Deezus @cincylibrary @ahhhrielle @aliner @quandoparamucho… https://t.co/k3CfTM4mGq
@WhatsHerNamePC Thanks! I hope you enjoy...
@miapolitan Thank you! Xx
@TomGumbert Have it downloaded on my Nook, but not yet! Let me know if you enjoy...
@miapolitan Thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying...
RT @emmagarman: My latest #FeminizeYourCanon column @parisreview is about Violette Leduc, the censored novelist and radical self-ch… https://t.co/OKnjwErm0B
@gat0gateaux @KevinMKruse @kramerbooks @minjinlee11 @gudetama_sanrio I'm in great company! Hope you enjoy...
@Politicista @audible_com Thanks so much! So glad you're enjoying...
@wjohnson107 Thanks so much! I still occasionally wonder where that piano ended up...
@wjohnson107 Thanks, Will! Glad you're enjoying...
RT @emmagarman: In the 2nd #FeminizeYourCanon column, @parisreview, I salute Dorothy West, nominated by @KarenAbbott. The Harlem Re… https://t.co/wQTtMQUgIf
Fascinating @NewYorker: Andrew Johnson and lessons from the midterm elections of 1866: https://t.co/O3jMXXdJ7D https://t.co/tkcAFEViYi
RT @neilhimself: A fine and fascinating July 4th thread... https://t.co/U3eO1FvR2Y
@joweldon That is amazing.
RT @meganeabbott: Detecting a theme here https://t.co/SOELvEll97
"I love America more than any other country in the world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to cr… https://t.co/sTny30DrMF
RT @ethicistforhire: Happy Birthday to America, the "Rebellious Slut, " from @mckellogs... https://t.co/I4qXTrCsKP https://t.co/8yTBKOo9hR
A young Joan Crawford wants your tired and your poor, circa 1927: https://t.co/6lLdOZSjSx
@elleKayPickle @jmariems2 Hope you're well, too. I just turned in a draft to my agent--the waiting is the worst.
@Anna_Mazz @mjpcuervo Thanks! Eager to read your piece.
@elleKayPickle @jmariems2 Lauren, thank you! So sweet of you to say...
RT @curaffairs: reading the NYT's Nazi coverage from the 20s and 30s is a good way to understand how atrocities can be made to seem… https://t.co/ZH2fyelvrG
@Miss_Bellatrix When Stanton won, he danced a jig.
Fellow white women of America: stop this shit. Woman Assaulted Black Boy After Telling Him He ‘Did Not Belong’ at… https://t.co/4qFjwv154i
RT @alanblinder: This was the arrest warrant for Rosa Parks. A courthouse intern found it -- and other parts of what officials belie… https://t.co/L55X2zy5BD
RT @selfstyledsiren: A visitor to Hollywood encounters incivility, 1938. https://t.co/13ph92EdXR
@jmariems2 Love it! I hope you enjoy...
@MotherGrouse SAME
@MotherGrouse Gorgeous--it would be perfect! (from your keyboard to Hollywood's ears)...
A TWILIGHT AFFAIR: "You know what I am, what I want of you?" Madge said. "Yes, " Vera said quietly. "I know." "Then… https://t.co/4isnSjcOVH
PENTHOUSE PARTY: "They lived in the most luxurious of Park Avenue penthouses, hiding their corruption beneath a ven… https://t.co/UPpCtDFL5f
THAT OTHER HUNGER: "Lisa leaned back against the wall of the tub and closed her eyes. 'Does this make mam'selle hap… https://t.co/K2LxT9KKuW
MAVIS: "Her wicked pleasures tortured Mavis. Was she one of those AC/DC types, she asked herself? Or actually a gen… https://t.co/LD1fdJCghw
ONLY IN SECRET: "Face the facts, honey. You wanted to conform. You wanted to submit to routine sex that consists of… https://t.co/B7oUTJ6Wol
A WORLD DIVIDED: "She knew what was natural and right for herself, and had no qualms about being 'gay.' That was th… https://t.co/LW7LfjkiS5
L IS FOR LESBIAN: No back cover copy for this one, but I think Sue Grafton missed an opportunity... https://t.co/i3YuhOGE8Z
PRIVATE SCREENING: "She had made up her mind to succeed in the tawdry jungle of show business and she didn't care w… https://t.co/AELZj8SGnc
GUERRILLA GIRLS: "Some fought like jungle cats for their men—and others turned to strange dangerous relationships w… https://t.co/FAy8Up61Dc
In honor of the 49th anniversary of the #Stonewall riots, here's a #thread featuring ten deliciously pulpy vintage… https://t.co/OnuIOrPTEH
RT @EJBrand: Speaking of child portraits, imagine going through the horrors of pregnancy & childbirth in the C18th only for your… https://t.co/9Wrj9E5zn7
@paddyhirsch (your book looks intriguing, BTW!)
@paddyhirsch To read? Both--historical crime fiction. Every story should have a soupçon of crime...
A brilliant and very necessary idea. https://t.co/AWe07ezEqx
@looks_last @broadcity I believe she was last seen (on the show!) purchasing an extremely large dildo.
RIP to actor Virginia Robinson, AKA "Garol" on @broadcity (and also my landlady). The world is a bit quieter and le… https://t.co/gC4UYLmre7
RT @NathanDunbar: Two WW2 soldiers fell in love & wrote 100s of love letters, recently discovered. From 1 letter, "Wouldn't it be wo… https://t.co/Eakz3uUieh
George Orwell's 1984 was published on this day in 1949: https://t.co/ereO0krlhe
RT @theladygreer: Fun interview @ChicagoRevBooks with me & @KarenAbbott. Read about Kate Warne’s Chicago connection! https://t.co/geOBK0aN40 #girlindisguise
RT @emmagarman: I loved writing about the epic romance of sculptor Jacob Epstein and his muse Kathleen Garman (not my familial ance… https://t.co/DOxjIhmf5s
@Cha51brolll19 Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed...
@KimVanMunching @titanalphaomega @T_R_Berry I appreciate this intrepid research! I vaguely recall reading something similar...
It's trash day on my street and this and somehow seemed emblematic of our times... https://t.co/6qEoHCobAV
@JorisSoeding Thanks so much! I knew nothing about Chicago when I started that book--the research was fascinating...
RT @ModernLibrary: Jane Jacobs, born May 4, 1916. "Writing, printing, and the Internet give a false sense of security about the perm… https://t.co/12l3aVlox0
@sooozala @Longreads @alexfoundation Thank you!
Thanks, @Longreads! The parrot/owner duo here is Dr. Irene Pepperberg and her famous and lovely gray, Alex (see mor… https://t.co/Wu342VryzW
@looks_last @topicstories They are damn seductive little beasts.
@looks_last @topicstories Good advice--start small.
@looks_last @topicstories Are you thinking about adopting one? Message me if so... (and thanks--I am glad it resonated with you).
Gorgeous photos by @miishayana. https://t.co/jjD4g3CR5X
RT @randomhouse: Happy Book Birthday to Paula McLain's LOVE AND RUIN! Check out her @lennyletter essay about the book's badass heroi… https://t.co/OLrdhrIbf6
@looks_last @topicstories I hadn't seen that! Hilarious. The lady needs her birds, no question. And thanks--she was a terror but I miss her.
@looks_last @topicstories Thank you!
RT @seywarddarby: Guys, it's happened. I've peaked professionally. It's all downhill from here. My @topicstories essay on why we so d… https://t.co/5gxQcxk6qh
@alex_segura @WritersDigest @meganeabbott @ReedFColeman @atticalocke @LauraMLippman @PolisBooks Say no more... ordered.
@monodialogue I didn't even know that was happening.
@alex_segura @WritersDigest @meganeabbott @ReedFColeman @atticalocke @LauraMLippman @PolisBooks The book looks fantastic!
@monodialogue I am curious to hear about your nascent avian affections!
I wrote about Poe, my brilliant and wicked bird, for @topicstories: https://t.co/hFAIuOGf9o https://t.co/HAXRZecW0K
"Maycomb County is in my heart": letter to a fan from Harper Lee, born on this day in 1926: https://t.co/pWJF9SyP5L
*Actual* binders full of women... https://t.co/qWpSVeK0zD
@CemeteryGuide Thank you!
RT @meganeabbott: 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 https://t.co/I0vgOMKwTs
RT @michellelegro: New from @longreads: After decades working at the Momentive chemical plant, the workers started to get sick. Then t… https://t.co/5MewdmWoX0
RT @DrLindseyFitz: On the anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, read this fascinating account of the “morgue ship” tasked with recover… https://t.co/ilH0yocg7W
@scottjlarsonart Interesting! Imagine the Bangs sisters and the Fox sisters in the same room...
@juliadahl Terrifying but sadly not surprising...
When you wake up to an exceptionally intriguing reader email... https://t.co/r68VcVMPrz
@CapitolClio @michellelegro @monodialogue @KaminskiTheresa @theladygreer Bookmarking to read tonight! Xx
This is "The Missis, " one of many pets whose portraits are featured in the @librarycongress photo archives (circa 1… https://t.co/W0PMa72GbM
@Pulpcurry I'm guessing the clown would dispute that...
@Pulpcurry That clown has mighty large hands.
@MaggieS46350502 Thank you! Hope you enjoy...
This is haunting and lovely. https://t.co/zRo3RIAkhk
Notice of the Titanic's departure from Southampton, April 10, 1912: https://t.co/JYkcb0DlxI
RT @alexanderchee: "I never had the urge to kill a thing until I started growing roses." My essay, "The Rosary, " at @NewYorker. https://t.co/ShEiC6vwXv
The last paragraph of Martin Luther King Jr.'s prophetic "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech, delivered #OTD in 1… https://t.co/xHMuDs7jCH
RT @SuperstitionRev: We're spending today with @theladygreer's #womenshistoryreads interviews with women writers. Fabulous stories and i… https://t.co/UDxSdddWXy
@angreal3 Thanks!
"He crawls up the lady's leg." Beetles can repair torn stockings: #AprilFoolsDay from Life Magazine, 1938: https://t.co/gcBiyOi9hp
RT @theladygreer: Start your Friday right with this #WomensHistoryReads interview with @KarenAbbott! https://t.co/Z9pPmx6wRx
RT @ashleyfeinberg: anyone who ever gave sean penn a compliment is complicit in this and should be in prison https://t.co/U60lPEeYkA https://t.co/Uwth6HGxGx
"Fala does resent attacks": FDR defends his Scottish Terrier, Fala, against Republicans' "libelous statements" in a… https://t.co/FgtJ0AlFDM
RT @DapperHistorian: 'He was only a cat'. https://t.co/95hb5FMJZ5
@AbirTaheer Sure, email me: [email protected] I'm afraid I know nothing beyond that piece, though.
RT @heroinebook: It's always jarring/rad to be reading something and then see your own name...and then realize the person's saying y… https://t.co/GHkC1eTpa0
@CaswellTess Thanks so much!
@Cha51brolll19 Tell her thank you! Revising the next book right now...
Happy 85th birthday, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (pictured here in 1953, during her senior year at Cornell). May you live f… https://t.co/0UhpqjLANk
@R_E_Thomas I have always admired her crazy.
Daisy Simpson, aka "Lady Hooch Hunter": One of only 12 female Prohibition agents, Simpson fired shots over the head… https://t.co/zbatfQUmIl
RT @emmacsweeney: @emilymidorikawa and I are marking International Women's Day with a piece in @laphamsquart on our discovery of hid… https://t.co/MlvdZzg8Z8
Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, a Civil War surgeon and the only woman to have received the Medal of Honor, also advocated… https://t.co/TiAyA5IuBm
@TheLincoln Fingersmith.
@TomGumbert Thanks, Tom! I think Stagecoach Mary needs a movie...
Mary Fields, aka "Stagecoach Mary": Born into slavery, she got a contract from the postal service to protect mail f… https://t.co/Jm2442fR7e
@Mkatcarroll @BuzzFeed Thanks so much!
RT @Pulpcurry: Happy World Book Day #WorldBookDay2018 #WorldBookDay https://t.co/K38LqtfRm5
Lillie Kowalski, aka "Lill the Whipper" worked at the brothel of Chicago madam Vic Shaw in the early 1900s. "Whippe… https://t.co/Qeyq7Hwasd
"I would get cheers from the ladies and stares from the guys": Mary Wallace, the first woman bus driver for the Chi… https://t.co/rw09rSrrCN
@michellelegro @rachsyme Where were you? I needed my ML fix!
@pueblomidori @pueblolibrary @SaraGruen The video evidence still exists...
@pueblolibrary @SaraGruen That was such a fun event! I'd love to come back sometime...
@pueblolibrary @SaraGruen DONE! Xx
RT @Alt_FedEmployee: -South Carolina has proposed banning saggy pants -In Alabama it's illegal to sell a vibrator -Pornography has been… https://t.co/8PRLF5KPkc
@scottjlarsonart I want this framed!
RT @jfagone: Good news. “It appears that it was all a misunderstanding.” —Czeslaw Milosz https://t.co/qOQm5Agakd
@joweldon Hmmm... "let forth a deliberate misrepresentation of facts"?
"I don't measure America by its achievement but by its potential." A presidential campaign poster for the late grea… https://t.co/SVQneEFuB7
@scottjlarsonart He just *looks* like a Chicago cop. What a great photo.
@EGoldmanWriter "Engaged in deliberate misrepresentation" isn't much better, I suppose.
I wonder if there's a more economical and direct way to say "falsely claims"? https://t.co/YqfjyGaTak
@scottjlarsonart Wow, he must have told some fascinating stories...
@Cha51brolll19 @BuzzFeed Thanks! (and tell your friend thanks, too)...
RT @Harpers: The White House has canceled their press briefing for today. Recall their response to the Las Vegas shooting:… https://t.co/b1dzvmYdbq
Happy St. Valentine's Day Massacre: https://t.co/o1imqLH5YO
An ad for "kiss test tissues, " 1948: https://t.co/daWTKDElXi
Favorite excerpt: https://t.co/lCyFBnIuF1
Prescient 1910 article about the benefits and dangers of a world with wireless telephones: https://t.co/2duGt4wx5V
When people were afraid that bobbing your hair would lead to male-pattern baldness (from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, … https://t.co/nyKWMiUxIh
RT @EJBrand: On his birthday, Charles Darwin here beautifully expressing the pain of being a human with a book to write: ‘I am… https://t.co/P5qocUZXG2
@WhosKateStrange Designed by the late, great photographer Bill Cunningham.
RT @RebeccaRideal: 1750s, the pre-NHS golden days... “I know her not” “Made Out Patient. Dead probably” https://t.co/f8ycT7unzx
@BCDreyer I just suffered an adverb overdose (she quipped needlessly).
RT @Neftzger: A peek inside Virginia Woolf's personal photo album: https://t.co/RcnHfAXLjC https://t.co/FVSebkM7t7
Edith Garrud, a 4'11" tall jiu-jitsu instructor, trained London suffragettes in the art of self-defense (or "suffra… https://t.co/n0pBPZbjiY
RT @LettersOfNote: Letter to the Telegraph, 1913 #100years #Suffrage100 #Vote100 https://t.co/WwH7mytLoy
"Evidence love and goodwill at all times": Martin Luther King Jr.'s guidelines for boarding integrated buses, 1956.… https://t.co/aamFyfsQmh
RT @EJBrand: 'No Persons here only Women!' Perhaps my favourite of the census protests of 1911 ✍️💪💅 #100years #Vote100… https://t.co/UiAdf8xLkH
@R_E_Thomas @meepthebird Adorable! I wish Meep would replace Cris Collinsworth as a Super Bowl commentator. #FlyEaglesFly
@k72ndst I'd love that! I've lived here for ten years and (shamefully) still haven't been there. I'll come this spring.
RT @MoiraDonegan: Early feminist newspaper, March, 1914. https://t.co/wcLuvd8GHB
"I have built my own factory on my own ground." Madam C.J. Walker (driving): Daughter of sharecroppers who created… https://t.co/f7EWIYUEhv
Bessie Stringfield, aka "The Motorcycle Queen of Miami." In 1930, at age 19, she became the first Jamaican-American… https://t.co/FyjZ9ueqfx
F. Scott Fitzgerald conjugates the new verb "to cocktail, " 1928: https://t.co/tfSXz8bwLr
@OldDocFisher Researching...
What it costs to be a well-dressed flapper, 1926 (answer: $346.50, about $4900 today): https://t.co/6kqBl6g0zK
“Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting th… https://t.co/A6eCQhMcCr
RT @DrLindseyFitz: Michelangelo's 16th-century grocery list. He illustrated it for his illiterate servant. More info:… https://t.co/2ATCh1hYBe
"Gentleman, I just don't belong here." The legendary #UrsulaLeGuin, when asked to blurb an anthology with no women… https://t.co/uS1JyDAkT3
@ALBooksmith @randomhouse @penguinrandom Thank you! Love you guys. Xx
@Cha51brolll19 Thank you! (and yes, we're still pals)...;)
@Cha51brolll19 Thank you! My next book is about a bootlegger (with a side of betrayal, murder, and a sensational tr… https://t.co/Bo9jvYzXSX
Hat worn by a guest at Truman Capote's Black and White Ball, 1966: https://t.co/WSUy4ZM31j
@stevekilometers Thanks! You are very sweet for remembering...
RT @EJBrand: Perfect tinder profile pic c.1900 #manwanted #notmarried https://t.co/O7w73N7Sji
RT @laphamsquart: Well this definitely doesn’t sound familiar or anything. https://t.co/S30aYecln7 https://t.co/TiQt5h3VZO
@BrianPHickey Only the purebred ones. Mutt masks, not so bad.
@BrianPHickey You wearing a dog mask?
Willa Brown, born on this day in 1906: First African-American woman to earn a pilot's license, the first African-Am… https://t.co/yB211sgP6i
RT @NicholsUprising: “Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totali… https://t.co/Un4sJ1yxmm
Virginia Clemm Poe's valentine to husband Edgar Allan Poe, born #OTD in 1809. The first letters of the lines spell… https://t.co/IOtUMaJqnr
@R_E_Thomas Where, if I may ask?
@R_E_Thomas Ha! Yes he was. I imagine it was because his father was an abusive alcoholic. Remus never touched a drop in his life.
RT @NPR: Most versions of Frankenstein are based on a later edition of Mary Shelley's classic. This new reprint of her origi… https://t.co/UEulFjrIHu
Part of the draft for "I Have a Dream, " 1963: #MLKDay https://t.co/p6gikQ0ELv
@slstalter Thanks! So glad you're enjoying.
RT @readandbreathe: I’m at an amazing bookstore in Kingston, NY called Rough Draft. Check out this display. https://t.co/7rKRsZaLIe
@Heather_Poole @BCDreyer I have a feeling she would love a long missive. Keep me posted!
Subway #1, a sculpture immortalizing the state of NYC's trains in the 1980s, by Bruno Lucchesi: https://t.co/kEA4EZ21ok
@Heather_Poole @BCDreyer You need to get to Texas asap and meet her! And bring your mother with you. I wonder if she still throws parties?
@Heather_Poole @BCDreyer I've heard of her but only tangentially. She's fascinating--I hope you do it.
@Heather_Poole @BCDreyer That's amazing about Alexandra! I would love to hear those stories... And agree about Stan… https://t.co/T7Ds7b5AhB
@Heather_Poole @BCDreyer Same. Also, Airplane.
RT @BCDreyer: Birthday girl (and prototype for my eventual author photo). https://t.co/GI2XU88uSN
RT @SethAbramson: Please RETWEET if you want TV networks to stop booking Trump policy advisor Stephen Miller, whose media appearances… https://t.co/MDPJ3WRBWE
Victorian-era women's ice skates, @MuseumofCityNY: https://t.co/TwzS2WLpCV
RT @deborahblum: These are gorgeous. https://t.co/jDrGWVZ6bT
@mckellogs I'd love to restore gloriously gaudy painted lady Victorians.
@robertamberg Working on it!
My parrot has excellent aim. https://t.co/V7szFG2r9f
@exlarson I eagerly anticipate some HIGH SCHOOL reports from the road. Er, rather, from the sea...
RT @EJBrand: There's something a bit sexual about this C19th 'Science Fairy'. Can't quite put my finger on it... Those Victorian… https://t.co/yqUzvqSrcw
@stevekilometers To you, too! Xx
@ksgwtw Same to you!
Mood. #NewYearsDay https://t.co/15bFH0096e
RT @ava: This woman is not a footnote in history. Her 1944 rape by white thugs is a CRITICAL part of the fight for civil rig… https://t.co/KQwtbHsQrv
The blockbuster read of 1677: https://t.co/uSnOgtDcCf
@katrinagulliver I was surprised, too, but apparently so: https://t.co/JN1yrsyNwJ
A young Joan Crawford prepares to scare the crap out of some kids, 1926: https://t.co/qz8OFSZs5y
"The Children Who Went Up in Smoke, " my (old) @SmithsonianMag piece about the enduring mystery of five children who… https://t.co/CQgOcmmtJD
Sign inside one of the MTA's #vintage 1930s subway cars, which run on Sundays during the holiday season: https://t.co/fzmOo3Re6N
RT @amhistorymuseum: Today in 1867: C.J. Walker, considered the first African American female millionaire, is born. Black beauty salons… https://t.co/Vj2VYxa6S9
Honored to be in this stack--thanks! https://t.co/rjEhVftETI
@robertamberg Thank you! And same to you...
First draft of A Christmas Carol, 1843: https://t.co/0Be8fcImvY
@SpeasySpice @HarperPerennial Thank you!
@jessicahandler Their librarians are pretty helpful. If they can't/won't dig one up, there are plenty of interns/st… https://t.co/1VDAaODbyI
@jessicahandler I would check the archives at NYPL for the Performing Arts.
@monodialogue I love this essay so much (although what would Poe think of my Poe pillow?) https://t.co/8wnBt9XpBO
@RachelAbramsNY Not as arduous a process as yours, thankfully. I posted about it on Facebook and people used the Go… https://t.co/gkQC3I4zBN
Great piece by @RachelAbramsNY. As someone also pronounced dead by Google, I sympathize: https://t.co/6SVEOJLAf9 https://t.co/0meru0egGe
RT @AlexisCoe: Thanks again to @dbcthesis2002 & @KarenAbbott for a great discussion about Civil War spies @_thewing_ last night! https://t.co/rKyc9isrCE
RT @Luvvie: Yesterday, I went looking for a database of Black women who are running for office in 2018. I didn't find one, so w… https://t.co/DVlg177P3Y
I talked to @collectorswkly about hatpins, "mashers, " and the #metoo moment at the turn of the 20th century:… https://t.co/9Z34Ff0Eb1
RT @AlUCanEatShrimp: Roy Moore hasn’t accepted the outcome of the civil war, what made anyone think that he’d accept losing to Doug Jones. #ALSenate
@dbcthesis2002 Excited to meet/chat with you on Thursday!
RT @AlexisCoe: Join me for my monthly lecture @_thewing_--with special guests @dbcthesis2002 & @KarenAbbott! https://t.co/7u5LCRiqMf
RT @BCDreyer: how not to hyphena- te https://t.co/OanCSv8Fpm
@R_E_Thomas @oldpogbrbn Thanks for the notice! And I would love to visit the distillery sometime...
@RebelliousMag @thejerabrown @bookwormsez Thanks! Researching that book made me fall in love with Chicago...
@stevekilometers Love it, but yours would be better!
RT @MonicaLewinsky: fixed it for you. you're welcome. https://t.co/h4iVKGwM1g
@KatWithSword Same! I wish they'd fit me.
Red velvet boots that once belonged to a "sporting woman, " circa 1890. The pristine soles suggest they were never w… https://t.co/fqZdXJmZ4x
Bring her the axe! Joan Crawford conquers a turkey, 1930: #HappyThanksgiving https://t.co/8SlSNFFjTj
RT @GurneyJourney: These two people dressed as twin Victorian dolls walked around London for a week, freaking people out wherever they… https://t.co/rgPMbVX9PW
19th century "brain maps" and the magic of the number 12: https://t.co/SGISiJVh3X https://t.co/DVipa5fPSP
RT @theladygreer: Any day is a good day to buy LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY by @KarenAbbott, but today it’s only $1.99: https://t.co/huKO1WyUz5 @BookBub
@GenFromCanada Thank you so much!
RT @LaphamsQuart: On this day in 1883, the first US cross-country championship was held in NYC. According to the newspapers, the even… https://t.co/6jEwIgMoGE
@stevekilometers Abbott is actually my legal first name, btw. Long story!
@stevekilometers Ha! I'll get on that.
Behold these fantastic Victorian culinary trading cards: https://t.co/TXRPglbMvC https://t.co/UNcztcVq9z
RT @tanehisicoates: Praising Bobby Lee as an honorable man is just sad. Like some kid insisting his deadbeat dad is actually a secret agent away on a mission.
@Loudmouthkid62 @kimthedork @BookRiot @exlarson @DavidGrann Thanks, @BookRiot!
@R_E_Thomas Exactly. Seems we've regressed...
@wintermute0101 It does! And why is it more offensive than "chicken"?
One judge's fines for street harassment in 1913: $5 for calling a woman "a chicken"; $25 for "little cutie": https://t.co/X1y3Yi0JhT
RT @emmagarman: I wrote about the subversive, underrated brilliance of Anita Brookner, @parisreview https://t.co/OWKN1tGwv6
Combatting sexual assault, 1937: https://t.co/GEj6SfxTKm
@stwajda @SmithsonianMag Fantastic--and sounds like an interesting exhibit.
@stwajda Yes! Fascinating history. A few years back I wrote an article about hatpins for @SmithsonianMag: https://t.co/0kFFwJHbwq
@kchysmith Chicago Tribune clip!
I reviewed @plmanseau's haunting and elegant "The Apparitionists" for @WSJ: https://t.co/JeNS7ixB5H
@verymaryk I love that so much.
@shannonmstirone @JenLucPiquant Between the knives and the potato mashers, the kitchen brawls get pretty ugly.
Hatpins, books and nursing bottles: Women's favorite weapons in 1900: https://t.co/99tpKmcFuo
@SpeasySpice Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.
@alex_segura Thanks!
RT @Jake_Bernstein: This piece by @MollyRingwald is spot on. A career worth of all-too-common abuse yet still hopeful. https://t.co/ZEb20CXgb8
RT @yellowcardigan: Please enjoy this very good 1947 postcard I found in an antique shop today. https://t.co/I9XwhWM8RH
I reviewed Ben Blum's excellent "Ranger Games" for @BookWorld: https://t.co/Q6bP4XfHFr
@CapitolClio @Annuish That very image was in my book! "Dance Halls: The Brilliant Entrance to Hell Itself." I have… https://t.co/VzWorZkpjE
@KeithOlbermann Ha! Good point. I also love the the rumors that Woodrow and Edith conspired to kill the first Mrs. Wilson.
Loving @CapitolClio's DESTINATION CASABLANCA, an intriguing and riveting slice of little-known #WWII history:… https://t.co/X2zTFKsGDW
Applicable headline from 1927: https://t.co/UEu58eJKic
@DanLazarAgent @KarenWhitereads @HarperCollins @HarperAudio Thank you, Dan!
Best typo ever: Presumably, the Washington Post meant to say Pres. Wilson was *entertaining* his fiancee:… https://t.co/5zNsRZuamQ
@AlexisCoe A pâté of white men?
Fantastically creepy. https://t.co/0EpKqrY32s
RT @AlexisCoe: On Taft's birthday, I set the record straight. Fake news. Never happened. Can't a president/Supreme Court Justice j… https://t.co/FsNixMAXZj
"Keep mum—she's not so dumb": #WW2 poster warning against female spies: https://t.co/d38OCDvL4Q
RT @jonnohopkins: The world is going to hell. You owe it to yourself to watch this video of Irish people attempting to get a bat out… https://t.co/Q7pfIQZD7T
RT @emmagarman: My @LaphamsQuart piece on Dada idols #MinaLoy and #ArthurCravan, whose tragic romance went down in art-world history https://t.co/9iKgy148zn
RT @rothmanistan: Interpreting a solar #eclipse as a sign from God, Nat Turner led an uprising against slavery that began on this day… https://t.co/vfHgXRPW4q
RT @MildredVon: Cathay Williams: born a slave, she dressed as a man so she could serve in the US Army during the Civil War. There'… https://t.co/UeigM2lp7Y
@mjgru Thanks so much! And how cool about your grandfather--he made NYC burlesque happen...
RT @jilnotjill: I wrote a short thing about the 1947 anti-fascist film made by the US Military that's gone viral the last few days. https://t.co/599KQ0KX4v
RT @DigiVictorian: Well, this turned out to be rather disappointing... - Napoleon's Oraculum (1884 ed.) https://t.co/XMOXVqSJAo
RT @rachel_dz: To comprehend the prominent role the KKK had in America, read @KarenAbbott article on Grand Dragon D.C. Stephenson. https://t.co/ZztUi36b1Y
@WorldProfessor Thanks for this--very important (and I hope you're well!) Xx
RT @WorldProfessor: Fifteen years ago, I taught a course on collective racial violence in the US. It is the only course I decided to never teach again. #Thread
"Mieouw" and "Yow": Feline vocabulary from "Pussy and her Language, " a Victorian-era book about talking to your cat… https://t.co/FJtpUI25qW
@OneifbylandMike @chrisguillebeau @JamesLSwanson Thank you!
@OldDocFisher Ha! I sense new inspiration for you...
Happy #BookLoversDay to all shameless bibliophiles. https://t.co/7jFxjgYSpz
@maraleia Thank you! Happy to hear that.
Mark your calendars for @DeniseKiernan's flawlessly researched and riveting new book. https://t.co/GfV28fTDFv
@Cha51brolll19 Thanks! I hope you enjoy. I've seen many colorized Civil War photos--amazing.
Brilliant. https://t.co/tnYKchlgS2
@tylerweaver Herbert Asbury wrote several excellent books on various red-light districts. I'd check out his: https://t.co/fRSoZIhF6T
"Tempestuous, fiery, stormy, eager": Today's google doodle celebrates trailblazing Mexican actor Dolores del Rio:… https://t.co/FiNDL0hJty
RT @jessejoyce: It takes a lot of balls to say the White House is a dump when your own pad looks like it was decorated by Flavor Fl… https://t.co/24sZL12KqX
Introducing Surveyor, the @nypl's new photo app (aka "Tinder for history nerds"): https://t.co/Gvn8CzHClx https://t.co/Gse5GISYbN
What "fall?" Liz Smith is and has always been a badass and national treasure: https://t.co/SvQ5RXCo9x
@cadotonic Ah! Which friend?
"Lotties and Totties"—my new favorite phrase from the dictionary of Victorian slang: https://t.co/wCwx2JcWKT
@yolibrarian Most definitely! And thanks so much for having me--you guys were a lot of fun. Xx https://t.co/hH96894tBO
@AdeTeal Yes, he's a bit too spare for my tastes, too. Certain sentences are perfect, but taken as a whole it feels undercooked.
@SimonReadBooks Same.
Last pages of the first draft of The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, born #OTD in 1899: https://t.co/qBgpJOJvUe
RT @omertene: Great @NewYorker piece by @KarenAbbott about Olmstead, Brandeis, and the beginning of #privacy law.… https://t.co/b8YR5TWoJn
William Patrick Hitler, nephew of the "ill-famed Chancellor, " begs FDR to let him enlist, 1940:… https://t.co/zM9S7OSgVs
@amblit So much fun! Let us know when you're here again. @exlarson @JamieMason_
@cadotonic @dcplibrary 1920s! Bootlegging, a love triangle, a murder... and glad you're coming.
@cadotonic @dcplibrary Thanks Bob! And I should be getting back to Louisville for the next book...
@dcplibrary Looking forward!
@RachelShteir My thought exactly.
The surprisingly feminist origins of the cocktail party: https://t.co/AV9ZDfET52 https://t.co/oovxQFs9Z5
RT @SmithsonianMag: How tuberculosis shaped Victorian fashion. #FashionDay https://t.co/js9OeoOXrQ
RT @shailjapatel: Two wives of famous poet report abuse, kill themselves. World: poor guy, not his fault he attracts crazy women. https://t.co/rqZQ1qIql5
@pilesofbooks @anniefrazzr Thanks for the vote!
@ali_noorani_teh The stork, I believe.
@daviottenheimer Good question--that was repealed in July 1919.
I wrote about bootlegger Roy Olmstead, wiretapping, and the beginning of privacy, @NewYorker:… https://t.co/rdH2xhy0CL
@R_E_Thomas Nice! I hope she enjoys it...
RT @DrGrammar: Not exactly abso-bloody-lutely, or in-fuckin'-credible, but a nice 1928 infix from Dorothy Sayers. https://t.co/isdZP5m0jt
RT @helfitzgerald: jfc I hate all of us https://t.co/ZyVtLqzT5K
"The oats and potatoes are bully." Sold. https://t.co/stdHLc5nNa
This "lady cyclist's" outfit caused a riot in 1897: https://t.co/ynrMD7ZyF4 https://t.co/2iQS2i40C8
RT @R_E_Thomas: Rediscovered this wonderful photo, taken on the way to #Spotsylvania. Grant is by the tree; Stanton spy Dana next t… https://t.co/iAi50sXzmD
"You will easily understand my anxiety": James Joyce's desperate letters to his editor: https://t.co/3xmwzrGMTX https://t.co/lFjbeRnb5D
@coulterlaura Thank you! Just made my morning...
@M2Writer That is sad! I assumed this spam had been fairly widely circulated.
@M2Writer I also got one from Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions. Some scammer in Nigeria is having fun...
@M2Writer No, not seriously. It was a joke.
@AlexisCoe I want that dress! You look smashing. Xx
@SimonDoubleday Perfect.
Melania Trump sends very indignant spam: https://t.co/ybUZlMiHaV
The only known footage (taken in 1941) of Anne Frank, born #OTD in 1929: https://t.co/wJo6F5BEVJ
@kmamiya Thank you! So glad you enjoyed...
#OTD in 1963, Vivian Malone and James Hood defied Gov. George Wallace to become the first black students at the Uni… https://t.co/VBs4LkZKtv
Stunning photos of Victorian-era lesbian couples: https://t.co/cZWwpYfWNL #Pride2017 https://t.co/hjvviqDXgZ
@stevekilometers Good! How much more do you have to go?
RT @LettersOfNote: The great Dorothy Parker, who died 50 years ago today, informs her editor that she has writer's block. https://t.co/VF50PicDUH
RT @Marilyn_Res: Gutsy reporter #MarthaGellhorn snuck aboard hospital ship and filed first #DDay story for Colliers magazine… https://t.co/0fO95rlhKr
@KatWithSword Everyone knows women can't possibly work without girdles!
Sure, things are rough on the beaches of Normandy, but "the girdle situation is critical": #DDay https://t.co/93FYtDiGjL
#DDay photos colorized 73 years after the landings: https://t.co/xfgPlSjtQs https://t.co/Xu8j3AwHb5
@CapitolClio @DebHarkness @KaminskiTheresa @AnneBoydRioux @marydudziak @womnknowhistory Thanks, Mere!
@saybeller Agreed. Let me know what you think when you've finished...
@saybeller Interesting--I'll be curious for your assessment after you've read it all.
@saybeller I haven't read it, but I believe he calls her "the Kim Kardashian of the Civil War." Fair?
I couldn't stop reading Margaret Talbot's incredible (and incredibly sad) piece on opioid addiction, @NewYorker:… https://t.co/LXebskqJZJ
@saybeller She's fascinating. Have you read "Inventing Loreta Velasquez" by William Davis?
@saybeller Ooo, I'm intrigued! Can you say who your lady is?
@saybeller Good question. Luckily, there were plenty of primary sources that helped me piece the backstories togeth… https://t.co/rpZcfxQQK1
@AdeTeal Looks like Strohmeyer's & Wyman Publishers in New York. But I'm guessing there was a British version!
"At every sip a reputation dies": gossip stereograph, 1899: https://t.co/nLJj5SKOGR
RT @collectorswkly: In Dec. 1941, Wonder Woman arrived to teach brutish men how to heal the world through love and peace.… https://t.co/UdT8yyDQUU
@JanetEmson @AcademicJess I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue: https://t.co/iJNI1xOa6r
Reposting my old "hatpin peril" article, since they seem to be making a bit of a comeback!: https://t.co/RvtmVjvX0C https://t.co/ffTwtmelH1
@paulcoxon @caitlin__kelly @DrLucyRogers Thank you, @caitlin_kelly!
@IanKeithMcDowel Hey, thanks! I stepped away from Twitter for a few days and had no idea...
"We do not permit women to register": Historic rejection letters to women engineers: https://t.co/8gQmrTRuWb https://t.co/MidJ5qxN1Q
A brilliant time-lapse video of #NYC: https://t.co/pWfDQ8Xydp https://t.co/C1HMLdrJo9
[email protected]_King on Florida's recent apology to the Groveland Four, falsely accused of rape in 1949, @TheAtlantic:… https://t.co/lvg5E4yLQb
RT @McKellogs: how do I turn this early 20th c panic about women in the cities into a banner to hang proudly in my apartment https://t.co/ZUtKX0LPMu
@DeniseKiernan I love you. You are sassy. That is all.
@JordynNunya Thanks! Hope you enjoy it...
@KarenWhitereads @HarperAudio Thanks!
@arnmama Thanks so much! Glad to hear it.
@TomGumbert I am--murder and booze in the jazz age.
@TomGumbert Thanks, Tom!
I'm on sale! https://t.co/fsRFZUNy19
The FBI monitored the Russian Embassy from this "painfully obvious" spy house: https://t.co/ujvXq8Rt1D https://t.co/tcMtx0TN10
@ArielLawhon @SarahMenkedick @theladygreer @VelaMag @DeniseKiernan Likewise, lady! And thanks... xx
@BookCellar I would love that, and would especially love to have a cocktail with you all next time I'm in Chicago.… https://t.co/o0jkX4jRcD
@dustynostrils Thank you!
@BookCellar @BookstoreDay Oh, I need that cocktail book. Wish I could've been there...
@KateBooks Thanks for writing! It's fantastic.
RT @collectorswkly: The Bloody Story of How May Day Became a Holiday for Workers, via @TIME https://t.co/xnE372RLf0 https://t.co/DsAjRkqgG3
Current nonfiction obsession: THE RADIUM GIRLS, by @KateBooks. Powerful, disturbing, important #history. https://t.co/vnKvEC3hVh
@CemeteryGuide Thank you! Really glad you enjoyed.
Salvador Dali's 1975 illustrations of "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, born (circa) this day in 1564:… https://t.co/KC2WXpEYWG
RT @emmagarman: By me @parisreview on Rosamond Lehmann's remarkable debut, published to scandal and acclaim 90 years ago this week https://t.co/y9O0GTUn9Y
"No New Yorker knows anything about New York": #NYC tourist etiquette guide, 1920: https://t.co/QDVVHoKgI4 https://t.co/qTOjuBvEKB
@dominoisdead interesting!
Some really gorgeous writing here. https://t.co/pQCnC9j1WI
@afncwoodward thanks!
RT @pourmecoffee: Do not kid yourself for one minute about their true intentions. Keep your head on a swivel and get through this wee… https://t.co/tk5r4FC2pt
Test for aspiring #librarians in #Chicago, 1925: #nationallibraryweek https://t.co/G2xShOuiyF
RT @emmagarman: My #longread on sculptor Camille Claudel, who died in an insane asylum and, 74 years later, has a museum in her name https://t.co/2OWg66Wr2O
@SabinaStent @LarryEdmunds1 Oh, I hope you enjoy!
F. Scott Fitzgerald's handwritten notes for The Great Gatsby, published #OTD in 1925: https://t.co/rZXQTigif1
@JoshilynJackson https://t.co/OJv8H4cpva
"I'm a grammar vigilante": Bristol man uses an "apostrophiser" to correct errant punctuation:… https://t.co/VkN5LzrbRD
#OTD in 1968, #MLKJr was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN. He was 39 years old. https://t.co/QPipKmp3QG
@scottjlarsonart thank you! (It's "sin, " by the way)...and your stuff looks fascinating.
RT @ExploreWellcome: This is fine. https://t.co/qR7YEt13g7
The 1920s women who fought for the right to travel under their own names, @atlasobscura: https://t.co/EL1gc8zxLx https://t.co/iQOsJC5NEW
RT @Remember_Sarah: https://t.co/XbEIQkqDFo Join me and spend Sunday morning reading @KarenAbbott's piece on abortion history, won't yo… https://t.co/AJDbWnlv4l
@CapitolClio @JulieKlam I have no doubts about that.
@CapitolClio Well, hot damn. Now THAT is a book.
@andreapitzer I'll buy the first round, and chase those with a Maidens Prayer or Dirty Dick's Special.
Chicago speakeasy menu, circa 1926: https://t.co/oXd2uwu3qY
@CapitolClio need some blood and scandal! I'll check her out...
Unboxing the Statue of Liberty, 1885: https://t.co/u7pbKsgZfq https://t.co/tWAl5BR39O
@ReadItForward Thanks!
@ALBooksmith @harperbooks @HarperCollins See y'all again in 2020! (if not before)... Xx
RT @KarenAbbott: Civil War surgeon Dr. Mary Walker designed a "rape proof" undersuit, 1871: #InternationalWomenDay https://t.co/i54gPSviUN
@nealthompson @danijshapiro @morganapple @hannahtinti @LauraMLippman @likaluca @meganeabbott thank you! Honored to be on this list. Xx
"I was born a bitch. I was born a painter." — Frida Kahlo. #InternationalWomensDay https://t.co/WxXFsG03Yj
RT @JJohnsonLaw: Imagine, if you will, Barack Obama owned a nightclub in Chicago, while POTUS. And Loretta Lynch was the doorwoman.… https://t.co/pnUG90bpVr
#OTD in 1884, Susan B. Anthony asked Pres. Chester Arthur: "Ought not women have full equality and political rights… https://t.co/eexlJe06WX
RT @atlasobscura: The scandalous flap books of 16th-century Venice https://t.co/bditqiCL8d https://t.co/P1UxU1vXOk
RT @DeweyLwsNDaNews: It's Women's History Month! Whet your appetite with some epic badassery in the Civil War with Liar Temptress Soldie… https://t.co/nIMk9ZhdVd
@PlacidoR43 good question! From what I recall, history is silent on that matter.
@DeweyLwsNDaNews thanks!
Historic photos of #NYC's Waldorf Astoria (soon to be converted to luxury condos): https://t.co/2anLswa9Ta https://t.co/pSUn2lcec6
Striking photos of Victorian women of color: https://t.co/36cC6pfy1z https://t.co/w6IJBP9YwS
@JeffAbbott Thanks! It's from a line in Gatsby (my protagonist reportedly was the inspiration for Jay Gatsby).
Procrastination tip: Play with the font size on your title page. https://t.co/KbApf0RQXb
@sblackmoore I love that movie.
The 19th century roots of "fake news": https://t.co/gmvHJuEz7e https://t.co/HzWpmrWegV
@megyesterday thanks!
@meganeabbott or running down the hallway in The Shining?
As I'm currently entrenched in the scandals of Warren Harding, I love @AlexisCoe on the power of presidential bios:… https://t.co/dvbVoEh2EQ
RT @emmagarman: Me @Longreads on the novel from which #Svengali & #Trilby leapt - & ruined their creator's life (cc @MerriamWebster) https://t.co/A1Ze4StUmS
Victorian-era tips on flirting (with gloves, handkerchief, and parasol): #valentines https://t.co/fRO7M0WQQm
RT @JonnyGeller: Intellectual Celeb Spotting https://t.co/PKaeQ3c70n
@Loudmouthkid62 @randomhouse @AmazonKindle Thanks!
@chelseagsummers @MissLoreleiLee @mistressmatisse thank you!
I don't know who doctored this, but it is brilliant (h/t @exlarson): https://t.co/MY4BGsUckj
RT @booksafari_: Today's best-selling free & bargain priced ebooks at https://t.co/HZUsIs2wuN https://t.co/3cGKczSraB
RT @LAReviewofBooks: Though he died in 1987, James Baldwin might be the real American hero we need right now. Here's why:… https://t.co/B5SQVXkqnz
"Our country needs women's idealism and determination": —Shirley Chisholm, Congresswoman and 1972 presidential cand… https://t.co/O5hqGQpwYE
@CathrynPrince @NPR Thanks for this--I wasn't aware and will check it out.
The "Harlem Hellfighters" spent more time on the front lines during WWI than any other American regiment:… https://t.co/ifySKWUqVt
RT @jiatolentino: I wrote down my immigrant story, the most American thing https://t.co/Gr8p6Y81NJ https://t.co/a6jawFB4Bl
@stevekilometers belated thank you for this!
@ErinMcCahan Hey, thanks so much! Not too far from Cincinnati, yes?
@unclecrizzle thank you! Xx
@ALBooksmith @randomhouse @penguinrandom you are my favorite. Xx
@stevekilometers thanks so much! I really appreciate that.
RT @michellelegro: The Inauguration used to be on March 4 but was moved up because everyone was the absolute worst in the meanwhile.… https://t.co/gp0NcHZBrs
RT @MaazaMengiste: "Find a way to get in the way" -- Rep. John Lewis, American Hero. https://t.co/Zy6gaZcBi7
Drafting. https://t.co/xNLh3EF5Bs
@ksgwtw not at the moment, but never say never...
RT @amhistorymuseum: 98 years ago today: This photo of a woman suffrage protest at the White House is snapped. 22 were arrested.… https://t.co/qelhqPGrw4
The lost footage of Marilyn Monroe: https://t.co/pYc5I2RqgJ https://t.co/lv4LYKVPJ0
@ErinMcCahan thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed.
Clare Hollingworth, British journalist who broke news of WWII, dies at 105: https://t.co/cTWtngEvFb https://t.co/7UPiYPEd65
Thanks for the mention, @HuffingtonPost! Honored to be on this list: https://t.co/eNJQuhfu8W https://t.co/JBfFtIyVUu
RT @jonathanvswan: Reading Gay Talese's 'The Kingdom & the Power.' Not much has changed in 50 years of Washington political reporting. https://t.co/Ix4GirU6lP
RT @shatterfront: he was ahead of his time https://t.co/iQNVouihCN
RT @DavidCornDC: They should be handing these out today on Capitol Hill. https://t.co/SVA60F0SUa
Timeless advice from the 18th century (reprinted in 1921): https://t.co/DVOqPJPKj9
@meganeabbott @lisalutz Can't wait!
RT @BCDreyer: I didn't know serial killers *had* friends. [major h/t @mollyschulman] https://t.co/0fC96fH4Ru
At least one good thing happened in 2016: The Second Avenue Subway, first proposed in 1919, is almost here...#nyc https://t.co/qYMNu7mfBv
@OneifbylandMike @Miss_Bellatrix thanks, Mike!
Silk maps hidden inside board games helped POWs escape during WWII: https://t.co/jonqDVfHKf https://t.co/KeU181AUrn
RT @alliemackay: I post this every Christmas season, and laugh harder every single time. We're all going to hell. 🎄🎅🏼 https://t.co/pvIqLqUdgE
Winston Churchill's post-Pearl Harbor visit to the White House, by @CapitolClio: https://t.co/yLckCgj21r https://t.co/LcH0bhp49E
@IguanaBooks I need those Poe socks in my life.
"Society for the Prevention of Useless Giving": The women who battled Christmas consumerism, 1912:… https://t.co/ZdDpdnBXBk
@robertamberg thanks! And happy holidays to you, too
New Yorker Christmas covers, then and now: https://t.co/cnk3HjBgcx https://t.co/b6qPtl1Mx2
RT @InterestingLit: Shirley Jackson would have been 100 today. Here's her classic response to a nasty letter from a reader: https://t.co/NYFui2z2L5
I would like to time-travel back to 1922 so I can wear this incredibly fashionable literal birdcage veil. https://t.co/ikltArJczu
Astute medical observation, 1922: https://t.co/5fQy2hW1y9
"I do have one regret: that I didn't get the chance to stay and fight": Al Gore concedes #onthisday in 2000: https://t.co/eQajXahmkE
RT @BCDreyer: From my father's high school yearbook, 1941. https://t.co/TgywJyDu0t
RT @alexanderchee: I love when @maudnewton writes from her tax attorney chops. https://t.co/jYCGoNdxc3
How Henry James was inspired by the scandalous Wyndham sisters, by @emmagarman in @LaphamsQuart:… https://t.co/sLjMoZPDBZ
Feminist graffiti, circa 1970: https://t.co/Bcp4QvDARx
Margaret Talbot's riveting/disturbing piece about a pioneering lawyer's battle against revenge porn, @NewYorker: https://t.co/aDND1ZMix3
RT @undarkmag: Noam Chomsky on Trump, Climate Change, and Journalism https://t.co/9pnucUMOUt https://t.co/RINb6eqlcm
Cannot wait to read this. https://t.co/62NEH9ZxkX
The little-known cryptographic capability of Barbie typewriters, @cryptomuseum (h/t @alexismadrigal):… https://t.co/2PAArpO0n1
"Lead the lady; do not drag her": Thanksgiving Day advice from 1834: https://t.co/Co48A2WzRP
RT @meganeabbott: Feels right: https://t.co/yyYZxXfkHo
The, long creepy history of the #MacysParade: https://t.co/caiiziwz8o https://t.co/63JGtEPiDL
RT @normative: I sense we're going to hear the phrase "not technically illegal" a lot the next four years.
@RahmanNoodle66 Thanks!
@McKellogs Thanks for the RT!
Trump's name pried off several Upper West Side buildings: https://t.co/MfnlXSYrV3 #NYC https://t.co/UmARRXq1WY
@R_E_Thomas Just because it's grand jury testimony, which apparently is never supposed to be released, even if parties are long dead.
@WesWolfeBN Thank you! I think it's a lost cause--they won't give it up...
@PursuitMag Thanks!
Writers/#twitterstorians: Has anyone ever gotten grand jury testimony released? On my third FOIA request for a 1927 case and no luck.
@LyndsayFaye LOVED The Gods of Gotham--am eager to get to your others...
@HallieRubenhold I'll have to download that asap.
@VivianHo Thanks so much! High praise, coming from you...
Victorian ad promoting birth control: https://t.co/anPBVZx2bd
@InnatAntietam Hope you enjoy! And hope to visit sometime...
"Hope springs eternal, even in politics."—Gwen Ifill https://t.co/VFxwPRtQN8
RT @ColdWarScience: Trump's got the codes, but at least scientists are still talking. By me, in @washingtonpost: https://t.co/Kwn4jfrV5L
#OnThisDay in 1960, six-year-old Ruby Bridges integrated an all-white elementary school in New Orleans:… https://t.co/DX7FF8bnbN
RT @believekarolina: Me too. https://t.co/NbjvTfdkMD
RT @GeorgeTakei: Overheard: "On the bright side, maybe a 3am tweet will finally reveal what's inside Area 51."
@deborahblum second glass and first Ativan
RT @DanRather: The difference between “too close to call” and “too early to call” is the difference between looking for a Xanax and looking for a beer.
RT @ObsoleteDogma: This is literally how the Nazis defined who was and was not a Jew https://t.co/S60deKLR58
"Now, if you want me to get out of the world, you had better get the women votin' soon. I shan't go till I can do t… https://t.co/l0jFO3UoVb
RT @JamilSmith: As Susan B. Anthony is celebrated, know that African American women marched for suffrage, too. And at greater risk. https://t.co/CMKIqHYu76
RT @monodialogue: I think this, on Ivanka, is one of the best things @annehelen has yet written: https://t.co/0N7GiggpAp
@Gwenda (and I must join you).
@Gwenda Put on the Freedom app and edit! I command you!
Put on your breeches and vote! #ElectionDay #pantsuit (anti-suffrage postcard, circa 1910). https://t.co/0Db5Mb5bSR
RT @wunderkamercast: Remembering the women who fought for the right to vote for all women https://t.co/eyk9tuvSE6 https://t.co/wEPHCMAa3r
Literary prodigy Barbara Newhall Follett, published by Knopf at age 12, vanished without a trace:… https://t.co/coFdf4fM1C
@CapitolClio I know! Makes me want to learn jiu jitsu.
Beware the "suffrajitsus" of the 1910s: https://t.co/Y6hVcviyRZ https://t.co/dRQUUlqyuV
@MargaretWrite Wow.
RT @mental_floss: A Brief History of Witches in America — https://t.co/1qtIafdAgX https://t.co/ItiFrDBcsd
Dispatches from séances, 1870-1950, @mental_floss: https://t.co/aTaqFKNTaj https://t.co/ZgQoaPClVj
RT @washingtonian: The First Transcontinental Telegram Was Sent to DC 155 Years Ago. (President Lincoln Was On the Receiving End.)… https://t.co/bP6debpkCQ
RT @kevinguilfoile: Box score, handwritten 108 years ago, from Game 1 of the 1908 World Series. https://t.co/LTTeTkMVWO
@lesliekritzer thank you! (and of course now I'm dying to know what you're working on)...
RT @jiatolentino: I wrote about Trump's most prominent and prolific sexual assault accuser, who is very clearly Trump himself https://t.co/8mv6ULIGBz
"I shall not change my course because those who assume to be better than I desire it." Candidate and #nastywoman Vi… https://t.co/sAMbIid6re
RT @atlasobscura: Object of intrigue: the prosthetic iron hand of a 16th-century knight https://t.co/RXYyT0u6Ei https://t.co/klHNSuYodZ
RT @SmithsonianMag: Late 19th century "girl stunt reporters" wrote under pseudonyms, played major role in exposing nation's ills. https://t.co/l79MvPNFWk
@McDougallChris @photogjenn I'm pretty sure Skype is F-bomb friendly. Let's go for it...
@McDougallChris @photogjenn we should do a joint Skype, Philly style...
@photogjenn Hope you enjoy LIAR if you pick it!
Fascinating read: @monodialogue on how to get into Gramercy Park, @CurbedNY: https://t.co/i67DmQINOF https://t.co/jzvCGbR0Pp
@Mitzkahdrinnen One would think!
Sage advice. https://t.co/kxYHKwYJYf
@OrlandoMagicPat Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.
@HarperCollins @JoshilynJackson Oh HELL YES.
@HarperCollins Perfect! And who for Birdwine? @JoshilynJackson
@HarperCollins @JoshilynJackson Of course! What kind of literary stalker freak do you take me for?
@HarperCollins @JoshilynJackson I told Pete Dexter I named my bird after him and nearly wept on his shoes.
@HarperCollins @JoshilynJackson Dexter is ready for his next read... https://t.co/D57QpQliSv
@HarperCollins @JoshilynJackson FATAL VISION. I spent most of my childhood obsessed with murder. I have read yours quite a few times, also!
@HarperCollins True. Also: When will I be good enough? Does everyone hate me? Will I ever sleep again? Why won't this book write itself?
@HarperCollins @JoshilynJackson I'm going to afflict the powerful and comfort the afflicted! Yay, journalism! *cough cough* @JoshilynJackson
@HarperCollins @LydiaNetzer Blinded by your angst! @lostcheerio
@HarperCollins @JoshilynJackson Also, Birdwine is HOT.
@HarperCollins Can you talk about Paula? Where does she come from? How did you decide she needed her own book? @joshilynjackson
@HarperCollins @JoshilynJackson I have to levitate to my chair every day to avoid the carcasses and bird poo.
@HarperCollins @JoshilynJackson There is usually a parrot squatting on my desk. https://t.co/KER2vJKtnc
@HarperCollins I found Paula so intriguing and badass and surprising. Can you talk about her background, and how you decided who she is?
The Opposite of Everyone's @JoshilynJackson is taking over @HarperCollins TODAY, 10/14, from 2-3pm ET. Meet me ther… https://t.co/GN34Zz0qpo
@R_E_Thomas Exactly. Miller was spoofing the most pervasive anti-suffragist arguments.
@JeffAbbott @meganeabbott and we need an official goblet and Abbott crest.
@meganeabbott @JeffAbbott YES.
@JeffAbbott @meganeabbott We still need to have that Abbott Convention.
"Why We Oppose Votes for Men, " brilliant (and still relevant) satire by Alice Duer Miller, 1915. #Repealthe19th https://t.co/z1WqS8pVe5
If the #NYC subway map paid homage to the city's great women: https://t.co/riGUknoPCj https://t.co/GbGaeLtj1H
RT @nafisahaji: From "Hope" to "Grope". https://t.co/0bEBSoCGcX
@TomGumbert Thanks, Tom! Something to think about...
@TheRealCurve @darcangel21 thanks for the review!
RT @colindickey: Ok will shut up about self-promotion stuff in a sec but just a reminder this is tonight. https://t.co/Vw6I6O1Kvx
Boys will be boys, amirite? (from a psychiatrist's testimony, 1927) https://t.co/5s6YNvG7OE
@allisonkasic thank you--made my day.
@TheAnorak Ha! That too. Old piece from The Paris Review: https://t.co/TFFL4KN0E6
@B9lyEquivocal if only we could transport him back to 1872!
In 1872, doctors diagnosed insanity just by the way you squinted your eyes or pursed your lips or stared into space: https://t.co/hWIpTyf88d
"It may become possible to set up a nuclear chain reaction": Albert Einstein to FDR discussing the potential for an… https://t.co/4dGdowhKq2
RT @AriBerman: This was Louisiana’s literacy test that African-Americans had to pass in 1960s before Voting Rights Act… https://t.co/8DduRToIaO
Nearly 150 years ago, an anonymous author published a novel featuring rivals named "Trump" And "Clinton", @Jezebel:… https://t.co/A6RiwqCOv8
@Booklist_Keir thanks for the great review!
RT @grahamfarmelo: The always-charming Evelyn Waugh writes to his wife: https://t.co/1PYu8yy7no
Thank you! https://t.co/FfmEUw3NVO
"Add zest to your morning plunge" with the rowboat bath, 1916, @PublicDomainRev: https://t.co/BrtoweEsli https://t.co/yzx3RbhqWY
RT @ConstitutionCtr: #OnThisDay in 1780, Benedict Arnold turned his back on his country in a secret meeting with a top British official. https://t.co/bAZyN4Om3o
Lady Margaret Cavendish (aka "Mad Madge"), trailblazing author of one of the first science fiction books, 1666:… https://t.co/aVyiioIIly
RT @georgevecsey: Abby Wambach Scores From Head and Heart in Her New Book. Please see: https://t.co/tRtDJM5e7P via @weebly
RT @AllisonCMeier: Here's a new online silhouette archive of historic captured shadows https://t.co/7DzYqjWDbC https://t.co/hdeR6XmU1N
Research pay dirt: When Clarence Darrow takes the stand as a character witness for a confessed murderer: https://t.co/jWVy6Aiaui
RT @RebeccaRideal: So this is amazing if you zoom in. Diagrams of first and third rate warships (1728). https://t.co/dtewKBXnKd
RT @LynnCinnamon: Timberline Lodge, where exterior shots for Kubrick's The Shining were filmed https://t.co/j4PoWMXPAo
@maudnewton @AbbyWambach Thank you! Xx
Proud to have worked with the inimitable @AbbyWambach on her memoir, FORWARD, on sale today: https://t.co/pqT6wNDPX4 https://t.co/D5iLRC9F42
A newly found archive sheds light on the grand, forgotten theaters of Chicago: https://t.co/UGu8WKV4tc #history https://t.co/UJDyNcZKoK
@AnnieMPeterson Really great piece, Anne.
@stevekilometers ha! Thank you. @PulpwoodQueen is the best.
RT @emmagarman: By me @tabletmag, on the tragic life & scandalous career of a literary genius who, 127 years ago, joined the #27club https://t.co/iBfTM9R6f4
@KindleTeacher Thank you! So glad you're enjoying...
@TheAnorak email me: [email protected]
Happy #LaborDay (circa 1940): https://t.co/OlYxWNVgW8
@TheAnorak Garrison Keillor
RT @mattdpearce: This is probably the meanest paragraph anybody's ever written about Donald Trump. https://t.co/j0mkAMbN3V
"I was a holy thing to them": @emmagarman on Pre-Raphaelite muse Jane Morris, @parisreview: https://t.co/xBgTqM58k1 https://t.co/pFl0Nf1kIg
"Part of this world, part of another": #GeneWilder's thoughts on Willy Wonka, 1970: https://t.co/RTs4aKzYBG https://t.co/vIk9ozwZS4
RT @EJBrand: MARRY'D. ELOP'D. DEAD. This journalist of 1740 clearly had a party to go to https://t.co/wWk64MTH3D
A 1920 ad exhorting women to vote for "their own good" (printed, naturally, in Needlecraft Magazine): https://t.co/vcsrHHgcbP
RT @LiteratiBkstore: Sept. 17, we're honored to host one of the greatest soccer players of all time, @AbbyWambach, at Rackham! Tickets: https://t.co/tDrRZ2RYq8
RT @whet: this is awesome. trib article from 1959 https://t.co/0EKGl9DFSp
Before Muslims were targeted: Beware "Polack" immigrants and their "neat tool for murder, " 1894: https://t.co/xcbIQGFcnH
@YiannisBab @JonathanHaynes sheep herding should be a competitive sport.
RT @JSTOR_Daily: Benzion Liber’s Yiddish sex manual was deemed “obscene” upon publication in 1918. https://t.co/NiVye2iDzR https://t.co/tXebPVnjOa
Before the World Trade Center, there was "Little Syria": https://t.co/64pZr62XlV #nyc #history https://t.co/fSZm2zlbJN
RT @DigiVictorian: 'She Handed Him One' The unwanted advances of a 'gay masher' receive a pugilistic response... - Police Gazette 1901. https://t.co/0CZP2ghSHP
@bloodsweatkill that is fantastic! I want one.
@BCDreyer I'm back at your house! We should have a drink sometime...
@BCDreyer I'd like to wear that GIF.
"Her nerves rule her muscles": The evolution of female Olympians, @SmithsonianMag: https://t.co/WVrL9t6lF8 #Olympics https://t.co/3Yxo6qxbhg
RT @heroinebook: This piece by @lisahix @collectorswkly on, of all things, the decor of TGI Friday's is AMAZING. Read it. https://t.co/wAKZPFm0ij #LongReads
The most Hampton-y event ever: A parade honoring "Little Edie" Beale, @Parrishart. #StaunchCharacter #greygardens https://t.co/WO8WGVCEX5
@BrushPassBooks Thank you! It's much appreciated...
RT @SarahJ_Berry: What abandoned Olympic venues from around the world look like today https://t.co/tCwsNE0VFe via @BI_Europe https://t.co/enL6LM5RT6
@BethFishReads @Shibabookhound @TriniCapini my neighbor!
@TriniCapini @BethFishReads @Shibabookhound and pizza. Better pizza than NYC, as blasphemous as that sounds.
@BethFishReads @Shibabookhound @TriniCapini I grew up on zeps and tomato pie! Where is Mr. BFR from, exactly?
The "Telephonoscope": a Victorian-era cartoon predicts Skype, @PublicDomainRev: https://t.co/3TIhcjfuWr https://t.co/uU0n4OkA2g
RT @MissLiberty: I made a list of 100 Must-Read Books About the Civil War Era, featuring @KarenAbbott @NatashiaDeon and @LairdHunt: https://t.co/RUJunshtw7
@MissLiberty @NatashiaDeon @LairdHunt Thank you! Honored to be included on this list...
@CemeteryGuide @civilwartrust @nw8pdx thank you!
RT @ALBooksmith: #OnThisDay in 1862, teenage Confederate spy Belle Boyd was arrested by Union Troops. @KarenAbbott @harperbooks https://t.co/kFY0pJBiNc
@ALBooksmith @harperbooks thank you!
@ebrandom @jacremes exactly.
@jacremes @ebrandom that's what I thought, although talkies had been around a few years.
"She must look pretty darned nice in the news reels": Qualifications for a woman president, 1934: https://t.co/t57DODNd8b
@CodyKnotts Would love to see her. Does she have a web site?
@CodyKnotts fantastic! Where does she perform?
@alexanderchee I missed it last night! Watching clips now...
@richterscale I love that.
@historyauthor @malgeo Thanks! I'll check it out.
"Pedestrianism"—one of the strangest fads of Victorian-era #NYC: https://t.co/zGDCUzdVfa https://t.co/9FOeZkRAKK
RT @parisreview: Ernest Hemingway was born on this day in 1899. Read his Art of Fiction interview here: https://t.co/O7PxIAoIq1 https://t.co/GO4zRCeFh8
"This is no ordinary time": Eleanor Roosevelt at the 1940 Democratic National Convention: https://t.co/RU6X2Zzpan https://t.co/vAtSPlEIpe
RT @NifMuhammad: what is it when a death is ruled a homicide but no one is responsible for it
The "swimwear police" of the 1920s, @theretronaut: https://t.co/oR16arczjo https://t.co/hi50BRAsrb
The long-forgotten "girl mayors" of the 1920s, @atlasobscura: https://t.co/MBXNYry1ir https://t.co/vfzdGlSXaH
@mosier_histgeek thank you!
@maggieyancey love it!
@jiatolentino congrats!
Marie Stopes and her revolutionary 1918 sex manual: https://t.co/zhC0vLdK8O https://t.co/Yy9abLDqn0
"Homosexuality in America, " Life magazine's groundbreaking report, June 1964: https://t.co/K1CzlcXJXz #GayPrideMonth https://t.co/DH8X1ycAtS
RT @csandis: A pigeon flew into our library last night, slept on the Wittgenstein shelf & pooed on Derrida and Nietzsche. https://t.co/gtlYc50jrD
History's most common defense (from a 1927 trial transcript): https://t.co/ZsOb6wIuKh
@Tstar_x thank you!
RT @deborahblum: ICYMI: A fascinating history of contact poisons: The case of the poisoned pants https://t.co/wuEdiE0ODZ HT @AlexBerezow
The scandal (and power) of Victorian women in pants, @atlasobscura: https://t.co/FwppJdCrvV #history https://t.co/qzLaw7oLXU
@ArwenBicknell How kind of you! And likewise...
One of numerous draft pages of "Song of Myself" by Walt Whitman, born #OTD in 1819: https://t.co/HjLOliMu7V https://t.co/bynKciytAO
RT @metmuseum: During WWII "VVV" was one of the few journals devoted to the dissemination of Surrealism. https://t.co/aYJqNNI2DQ https://t.co/SwL6bX5rdA
@MuseumThoughts Thank you! So glad to hear that.
RT @nataliesurely: [email protected]'s Liar Temptress Soldier Spy in Gender Studies: bc women too niche a topic to qualify as "History" https://t.co/PYrYKag7Wy
@nataliesurely ha! Where was this?
RT @SmithsonianMag: Wanted ads posted by slave owners reveal details of life under slavery. https://t.co/D7VwlL2tFi https://t.co/S2n4kCByPc
Fascinating piece on Margaret King, protégée of Mary Wollstonecraft, @Longreads @emmagarman: https://t.co/QlVWQk6V8R https://t.co/0YUFWaK7DJ
A rocky knoll in upper Manhattan inspired Edgar Allan Poe, 1844: https://t.co/8KktzykWRI https://t.co/EClFzyiHJ3
RT @ChiTribGraphics: #OTD in 1924: Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold commit the 'Perfect Murder' https://t.co/Yb5HMBRnZ2 https://t.co/nq2XVcf4jW
RT @SuperWriterMom: I LOVED Sin in the Second City by @KarenAbbott should anyone want to know more about the Everleighs. https://t.co/aAyfaRK8Io
RT @discovering_NYC: On May 19th, 1885 Robert Odlum became the 1st person to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge. He died #NYC #history https://t.co/0876S4jjhC
RT @AlexisCoe: "a bed is prepared for you." For George Washington, this is a pretty affectionate letter to Lafayette, 1870. https://t.co/zOYkUuNKo7
RT @NitrateDiva: 18. Paul Leni's THE CAT AND THE CANARY (1927). #NationalClassicMovieDay https://t.co/PjfVjmzwy2
Unearthing the secrets of #NYC's mass graves: https://t.co/MjtpkcZqJB https://t.co/Uvv2D0zp32
RT @TimesArchive: In 1887 @thetimes discovers the potato crisp https://t.co/i4Z7FGb6nx
@AbbyWambach I can't wait to read it! ;)
RT @homes_antiques: Take a virtual tour around Spencer House, one of London's most romantic palaces #Spencer https://t.co/fDxxD8DQfr https://t.co/dRVlNJi56T
@T_R_Berry Damn! Girlfriend did not mess around.
"Of course I was afraid—I was 17 years old": Remembering the fall of Berlin, #OTD in 1945: https://t.co/kJrByxSiwy https://t.co/LnTmkY5GVa
RT @nationalbook: [email protected] takes a peak inside the history of girl detectives in literature. https://t.co/fWduLx9QgP
RT @KevinLevin: Counting the Dead in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake - The Atlantic https://t.co/7IoNEYkb5Q
Thank you! https://t.co/Gfv635OF6Y
Voting is the only activity that "unsexes" a woman. Pro-suffrage cartoon, 1915: https://t.co/xxNHzQcSR5
RT @collectorswkly: Harriet Tubman's hymnal evokes a life devoted to liberation, via @SmithsonianMag https://t.co/wUKkECMPt3 https://t.co/kw502fCa56
RT @discovering_NYC: A sketch looking down Madison Avenue towards the Met Life Tower, 1909 #NYC #history https://t.co/ukZippa5b0
"The Story of Menstruation, " an animated short by Walt Disney, 1946: https://t.co/KbsBBQknQZ https://t.co/xUdEd994dt
@DCNahm @colindickey Thanks! Such a bizarre story--descendants are still trying to figure out what happened.
@SarahDemp thank you! I appreciate that...
RT @HarperPerennial: Oh hi @HowardBlum and @KarenAbbott! https://t.co/zeAHeDkuXG
I have to second this recommendation. https://t.co/ucJ9ilVfBn
RT @HarperPerennial: Librarian, Temptress, Soldier, Spy #LibraryaBook https://t.co/9bnJMVR8iV
@amysohn @JSTOR_Daily well done! Xx
@altq42 So glad you're enjoying...
Thank you! https://t.co/KFYQVSgevW
RT @RosenbergScottA: Mystery writer @alex_segura walks ‘Down the Darkest Street’ @amNewYork https://t.co/CqI5Om1uRw
13-year-old Elvis Presley's library slip, 1948: https://t.co/x2b8UyIcxt
RT @beatonna: sick burns https://t.co/wfqp1hxxP2 https://t.co/y37o3xJmER
RT @NPR: Acclaimed author Beverly Cleary is turning 100, but she has always thought like a kid. https://t.co/FQTuqTk2X9 https://t.co/ghxkBck6B8
@CapitolClio @michellelegro I want to meet that headline writer.
@Gwenda Ah, thanks! I'll be watching (and owls should organize and protest).
@Gwenda As much as I love the idea of the "owl theory, " that shit is crazy. Is there an update to the 2004 series I don't know about?
@Gwenda About Michael Peterson? SO good.
Found: A new copy of Shakespeare's First Folio, @smithsonian: https://t.co/ZnQaJcgv0t https://t.co/UVG8fa1HTP
RT @SlateVault: Poignant Petitions From 19th-Century Mothers Hoping to Surrender Illegitimate Children https://t.co/0LZoUPQRLk https://t.co/YcN6dg2KXb
@TravSD Ha! I'm back in the early 20th century...
Proper postures of the mouth, from an 1846 elocution guide: https://t.co/i1Nfznxu5Y https://t.co/jQvT6Oc6Ij
"Your future wife is used to dictation, but not from you": Arcade fortune telling cards from the 1930s: https://t.co/mUOi3XB5nV
RT @jduchneskie: I guess they're going to start flipping BMWs on the Main Line now. #Villanova
"The minds of novel readers are intoxicated": https://t.co/7CMVF0Aa4B
@LizzyShaps @KylieKerosene will do! It sounds great.
@LizzyShaps @KylieKerosene thank you! So glad you enjoyed...
"Stocking repair beetles": An #AprilFools' joke from 1938, Life Magazine: https://t.co/5uy8pPvfXj
@idgieatthedew Apparently it's $5000 and change...
RT @atlasobscura: The in-jokes from the class of 1916's yearbooks don't totally hold up https://t.co/SplYonfECC https://t.co/XNMmj4lrx2
What it costs to be a well-dressed "clubman, " 1926 ($430): https://t.co/XLdfjKOjIb
@stevekilometers It really is. I wanted to buy every 19th century house on that main strip.
RT @mental_floss: When You Needed a Prescription for Alcohol — https://t.co/JJ50GhQ9S9 https://t.co/F5yNLyh0Hm
@tsjohnston Just started one (way ahead of the curve on that) ;).
"Bunny Fun, " by pinup artist Bill Randall, circa 1950: https://t.co/BqceRRSqGN
RT @heydonnelly: Hey, exciting news! @believermag has put up my full piece on Audrey Munson, New York's top model of 1915 #longreads: https://t.co/Rc8nSMERmm
Flannery O'Connor, born on this day in 1925, reads "A Good Man Is Hard to Find": https://t.co/iA8sLBxQ9P https://t.co/fu4rbDRZOH
Shakespeare's skull was possibly stolen from his grave: https://t.co/VzsGf41pf3 https://t.co/0MFrrldMaV
RT @maudnewton: “It is no coincidence many poor + predominantly Latino areas didn’t get a polling place" Some AZ voters waited 5 hrs https://t.co/2lF6xyet77
RT @SmithsonianMag: A brief history of the zoot suit. https://t.co/UYD7VT14SY https://t.co/VgIVjTkp6r
@brianjayjones @GreatLives it was great! Hope to get back there again...
@brianjayjones @GreatLives thank you! (Belatedly)...
RT @lizl_genealogy: This owner was still looking for the mother & child who ran away from him 8 years prior. [The Spectator, NYC, 1802] https://t.co/pz2wUi0my6
RT @crrlnews: Tonight, at 7:30 join #umw as they present Great Lives: Civil War Female Spies. Speaker Karen Abbott. @TedSchubel https://t.co/YSkTWQwmn7
1930s slang: a "bum curtain": https://t.co/9HGEU4aAXh
"Kiss cards" from the 1940s: https://t.co/LHdapu6O5b
Congrats to @deborahblum on Undark Magazine, her exciting new science journalism project: https://t.co/YDYFT17ZN1 https://t.co/9ErVoqKIcL
RT @openculture: Rare Footage of Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac & Other Beats Hanging Out in NYC (1959) https://t.co/UmnQiS8BXT https://t.co/lZoeq4VXH0
@schlowlibrary Thanks so much for having me! You ladies are all fantastic. Xx
RT @hull_libraries: Some things people in Britain gave as their "rank, profession, or occupation" on the 1881 census via @jawsew https://t.co/Phf5CuIVo9
Presidential hopeful John F. Kennedy tips his hat, St. Patrick's Day, 1960: https://t.co/XgLhRvHhTw
RT @exlarson: I was born in Brooklyn, and now...I'll be back! https://t.co/jJApbTQhMd
RT @IntlSpyMuseum: #WednesdayWisdom - Beware of Female #Spies. See Everything. Hear Everything. Say Nothing. #WomensHistoryMonth https://t.co/WGO2NT2F18
Stunning illustrations from The Scarlet Letter, published on this day in 1850: https://t.co/DrcK9fEy7v https://t.co/u83q0tkfVs
@schlowlibrary Excited for our event!
RT @schlowlibrary: Meet @KarenAbbott author of #CentreCoReads #LiarTemptressSoldierSpy at Freeman Auditorium, HUB-Robeson Center TONIGHT at 7pm!
RT @StephenKing: Conservatives who for 8 years sowed the dragon's teeth of partisan politics are horrified to discover they have grown an actual dragon.
@AlineOhanesian thank you! Xx
"I'm a pioneer. I do what needs to be done." The intrepid @AlexisCoe's 7-day journey back into 1848, @NewRepublic: https://t.co/q3YTIRBdxO
RT @atlasobscura: Doll's Head Trail: just a few miles from downtown Atlanta is a trail covered in outsider art https://t.co/S4UzFOIjmK https://t.co/yCgmjzL9CZ
RT @mattdpearce: It's so amazing how Nixon crushed McGovern in '72. Only 3% of the electorate thought Watergate was important! https://t.co/C2YgXuBw54
@CALSPennState @WPSU no worries! Looking forward...
RT @CaftanWoman: SHEMP HOWARD born this date (1895–1955). Buck Privates, Crazy House, Murder Over New York, Three Stooges shorts... https://t.co/N1Wo61KY0o
[email protected] canoodles with my Reagan-era TV. #dahlonegalitfest https://t.co/WVTajld4ww
@krissimmons thank you!
RT @krissimmons: My #FridayReads, teaching me so many soldier terms for whorehouses, is Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, by @KarenAbbott.
@WPSU another tweet (not yours!). Sorry for confusion and thanks for the kind words...
@CALSPennState @WPSU thank you so much! (One small thing: it's nonfiction) :)
RT @ms_sedgwick: No one knows why he's there, but the Vampire Rabbit lurks at Cathedral Buildings in Newcastle #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/F8ukBBOffb
@CrisAintMarchin I hope not as grueling! ;)
Stunning portraits of wounded #CivilWar soldiers, @PublicDomainRev: https://t.co/AhLBtkMdqz https://t.co/rhAjbwGCH6
The volatile love letters of Napoleon and Josephine, married #OTD in 1796, @mental_floss: https://t.co/mbpMis5STG https://t.co/OHt5gMIPjO
@schlowlibrary Looking forward!
RT @MilHistNow: Today in 1796, Napoleon weds Josephine. The groom, busy planning the Italy invasion, kept the bride waiting 4 hrs. https://t.co/uOptI1sszg
RT @MilHistNow: Heroines, Smugglers, Spies: Women of the Civil War by @KarenAbbott: https://t.co/OcC37HVOXq #InternationalWomensDay https://t.co/MEpPsC446T
RT @ALBooksmith: Happy #InternationalWomenDay! https://t.co/9wZZgpFc17
How drivers in Georgia get away with scribbled makeshift license plates: #WeirdThingsICantUnderstand https://t.co/F5tFaI8R5g
@MilHistNow thank you!
Civil War surgeon Dr. Mary Walker designed a "rape proof" undersuit, 1871: #InternationalWomenDay https://t.co/i54gPSviUN
RT @SlateVault: Interactive Map Lets You Track How 19th &Early-20th-C American Newspapers Covered Any Topic https://t.co/yK315BnNKM https://t.co/k843Akxrbo
RT @AllisonCMeier: 19th-century Apache playing cards made of rawhide. @SmithsonianNMAI https://t.co/1nxbUr72zp
"Suggestions for novelties in sleeves": cartoon lampooning Victorian fashion, 1895: #WomensHistoryMonth https://t.co/vtIFt7NTst
A brief history of #NancyReagan and astrology, @atlasobscura: https://t.co/rC0qNAb9Gk https://t.co/oSSqMHArcw
Margaret Corbin, Revolutionary War soldier and the first woman to receive a military pension: #WomensHistoryMonth https://t.co/1N3wp41Q3N
@Austraphile @bonniejocampbel @JAJance thanks, bill! It was great to meet you...
RT @britishmuseum: Michelangelo was born #onthisday in 1475. Here are some of his beautiful drawings https://t.co/mXCwPajOpo https://t.co/TixNxfKwOE
RT @uwkern_laura: 1st speaker @KarenAbbott Amazing stories of Civil War women #liartemptresssoldierspy https://t.co/kB9t0gbltD
@uwkern_laura thank you!
RT @sfornek: 38 years ago today The Chicago Daily News said goodbye, with the classic headline by the late, great Tom Gavagan. https://t.co/dEBkIuwiKb
RT @mental_floss: Female Spies Changed the Course of the Civil War — https://t.co/4WtdnedQpI (via @collectorswkly) https://t.co/F0lM4iz9fR
@Bookperk @kevincorke @AmazonKindle thanks for the retweet!
RT @Bookperk: [email protected]’s Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy is only $1.99 as an @AmazonKindle Daily Deal! https://t.co/nr4CJJGumh https://t.co/AEVaqWcZgF
RT @BookRiot: Deal of the Day: LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLIDER SPY by Karen Abbott for $1.99: https://t.co/I0qm1h3whF https://t.co/iWUg18F2Ej
@Carynbooks @amazon thank you! (Small correction: it's nonfiction) :)
RT @LaurenDeStefano: Writing is like reading except the book is trying to kill you
@SuperWriterMom end of 2019/early 2020
@SuperWriterMom I had no idea!
RT @SuperWriterMom: I'm so excited @KarenAbbott's Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy is a Kindle Daily Deal--go read it so we can discuss: https://t.co/jof1DlEz1l
@OutlandishLit @ClubBookMN you know how to filter, lady! So great meeting you and @annmayhew. Drinks next time. Xx
RT @OutlandishLit: [email protected] & I got it after 8 tries Overlaid old paper so it looks like we're in the war!! #authentic @ClubBookMN https://t.co/NtBQiyBN3o
RT @imjasondiamond: Happy that I'm part of the small population of Americans that believes Trump will walk on stage, say "THE ARISTOCRATS, " and that's the end.
@JosephDAgnese I think ol' Murray Hall would've kicked both of our asses.
My (old) Smithsonian piece about Murray Hall, a Tammany politician with a secret: https://t.co/Lj89sta0E5 #wmnhist https://t.co/PICrKcg0UW
@bethpriddy @OutlandishLit Thank you! You are too kind... (and cocktails beforehand help ;) )
@katiebelle1121 @OutlandishLit Thank you! I really appreciate it...
@STPCityGOP @ClubBookMN Thank you!
@schlowlibrary Can't wait!
RT @ClubBookMN: Join us @rclreads Roseville Library at 7p TOMORROW for @ClubBookMN w/ bestselling historian @KarenAbbott. Details: https://t.co/qNfO1DdyZZ.
RT @jamiattenberg: hi i'll be in long beach CA this weekend w lots of great women writers incl @KarenAbbott and more! https://t.co/MSfF7jMR7a
Queen Victoria survives her final assassination attempt #OTD in 1882 (via @2nerdyhistgirls): https://t.co/3k1LcS8mK0 https://t.co/Z7JPs1nvUC
The charges are "absolutely ridiculous": Landlord Donald Trump accused of racial bias, 1973: https://t.co/gbUL5YwSWl
@LauraRowleyNY You were fantastic! Thanks so much for having me.
RT @imillhiser: Justice Thomas just broke a 10 yr silence to complain that domestic abusers can’t have guns https://t.co/K02ppg4UmZ https://t.co/6GqIEkdqAz
Parental fail on the B train, #NYC: https://t.co/gEWxh0Z1KE
@dj_dresser Thanks so much for having me!
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: New post: Answering Nature's Call in Paris in the 1800s: https://t.co/YMaRFtKbok https://t.co/1aoBe5FsOH
@Ann_M_Ackermann Sure! Email me: [email protected]
@Ann_M_Ackermann Thank you!
RT @blakehounshell: I mean, who among us has not retweeted Mussolini, amirite? https://t.co/LwEfxcBoDL
Hattie McDaniel, the first black Oscar winner, accepted her honor in a segregated hotel: https://t.co/8Vf84JahEk https://t.co/MTwUi1p5nh
I'm sure that cat knows an espionage trick or two. https://t.co/tW0EGTjinP
@Loudmouthkid62 I haven't! Worth it?
"Douglas puffers and valets": Dirty politics during the 1860 presidential election: https://t.co/KuXmn8PzeT
@ALBooksmith Aw, I miss you guys! Xx
@BethFishReads @ArielLawhon @penguinrandom I have no doubt! Loved THE WIFE, THE MAID, AND THE MISTRESS.
This is at the top of my to-read pile. https://t.co/WxDIHRM3T0
@amarienbad Many parts were rural until the mid-late 1800s.
@mad2034 Since that road pictured eventually became Broadway, I'm sure you're right...
The oldest known photo of New York City, circa 1848: https://t.co/1tcwTt6tW3
RT @atlasobscura: Do Louis Wain's cat pictures show a mind unraveling? https://t.co/CtyBnrSIS9 https://t.co/mtHvGEWemu
RT @ErikRivenes: My interview with @KarenAbbott about female Civil War spies! https://t.co/1hhA7OrQVq #truecrime #CivilWar #spy #girlpower
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: New post: It's not too late to enjoy our weekly roundup of fav links via Twitter: https://t.co/ecHaC3kDQV https://t.co/aPOokbTwOx
@AlexisCoe how was I not invited??
@pdtoler thank you!
@schlowlibrary Thanks for having me!
RT @schlowlibrary: Meet @KarenAbbott author of #CentreCoReads #LiarTemptressSoldierSpy at Freeman Aud, HUB-Robeson Ctr March 16 at 7pm! https://t.co/DakvVyVxyo
Asheville people! Do not miss @SaraGruen interviewing @JoshilynJackson at @Malaprops tomorrow night: https://t.co/fY3e2YoDDP
RT @BookRiot: A look at book ads from 1910, which are excellent and hilarious and very good: https://t.co/TgLGKUoiia https://t.co/TrM9pvmXg9
"As you grow up, always tell the truth": Harper Lee's advice to a young fan, 2006: https://t.co/abVGjqz1L6
RT @AlexiBaker: Women's suffrage, imperialism, and war - in board games! https://t.co/kuHZ8x7DjO via @savageprints #twitterstorians https://t.co/w6HaLDw0jG
@MECunningham @GreatDayDM Thank you! Will respond asap.
Twain's handwritten title page for Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, published in the U.S. #OTD in 1885: https://t.co/DTOUxRJmXH
RT @discovering_NYC: Map of the #Brooklyn (later Fulton) Ferry and surrounding village, 1766 #NYC #history https://t.co/2Sjeu6Odaq
"Too long others have spoken for us": Freedom's Journal, the first black-owned U.S. newspaper: #BlackHistoryMonth https://t.co/Pt4u58jfck
RT @NewYorker: Adam Gopnik on the legacy of Abraham Lincoln’s language: https://t.co/yglbU4o5rm #TNYarchive https://t.co/bS0dDCP06o
Happy St. Valentine's Day Massacre: https://t.co/wDwpGNTywX
RT @brainpicker: Celebrate an equal Valentine's Day with history's greatest LGBT love letters https://t.co/9ZKRBCpNv5 #loveislove https://t.co/vzXmul0qpf
"Found a man's brain containing much meanness": Victorian "vinegar Valentines": https://t.co/86rBg2QmFT https://t.co/MUANGKbAFk
RT @Benefry: "Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy by @KarenAbbott-A Game of Queens #espionge #bookreview #IARTG https://t.co/HM5YJR1IqC https://t.co/mgZiLEfEYs
@Benefry thank you!
@osselot Perfect.
A god damn letter to Lincoln, born #OTD in 1809 (via @LettersOfNote): https://t.co/nAKe96YOA3
@DearSplenda Love that! I need one.
Campaign ad for Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman to run for president: #BlackHistoryMonth https://t.co/CcqOGLxjID
Rush hour on a snowy day in #NYC, 1920: https://t.co/vwb31BX1do
Cannot wait to read this book. https://t.co/7g1j8rm8uw
RT @tonyriches: If Jane Austen Got Feedback From Some Guy In A Writing Workshop https://t.co/If0VvvcXRw via @eileenkernaghan https://t.co/oPs4N0vDoU
Cartoon about the rise of the flapper from the New Yorker's fourth issue, 1925: https://t.co/2cVAfFO2fE
Charlotte E. Ray, America's first black female lawyer, 1850-1911: https://t.co/h0546EnAXn #BlackHistoryMonth2016 https://t.co/Dri5bUxpJ9
Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders from the first #SuperBowl, 1967 (cultural appropriation won). https://t.co/NTEVz6q9HZ
@CapitolClio A decent consolation prize, I admit (especially since the Eagles might never again play in a Super Bowl).
I just can't bring myself to care unless the @Eagles are playing. #SuperBowl
RT @NYTArchives: A young @POTUS is first profiled in The New York Times 26 years ago today. https://t.co/M2E1uaZvP1 https://t.co/RlYckILwJW
@allofmilov A New Zealand archive: https://t.co/O73gD5iHQV
"The enemy has ears everywhere": A WWI poster warning about spies: https://t.co/L9ByOskGsm
@richterscale No! Wow. I don't think NYC mice would be so gullible...
18th century mousetrap (with fake mouse) at Prague Castle: https://t.co/gHdZIYyfYB
@sincerelyRush @HouseHistorian Love old censuses. Recently saw one where someone claimed to be a "tiger catcher."
@artifiedlady Thanks so much!
RT @HouseHistorian: Fascinating! Just found 1911 census page where a suffragette refused to complete and wrote ''no vote no census'! https://t.co/jT6KRzN3Tl
"If you will excuse my sentimentality": Letter to a fan from Hank Aaron, born #otd in 1934: https://t.co/kcFdo0yo4Z
Madam C.J. Walker, the first female self-made millionaire in America: https://t.co/cuRRqQezUR #BlackHistoryMonth https://t.co/Jb38N6P02O
Al Capone's first Chicago home is on the market (via @curbedchicago): https://t.co/TVbxgEaqCY https://t.co/EdVqqYDBFf
@amosmagliocco so true. The entire letter is stunning.
"My dungeon shook and my chains fell off": James Baldwin's moving letter to his nephew: https://t.co/dHQ0Wv4aKN https://t.co/GQ4WS4AJBc
Twangie boy, dream puss, ducky shincracker: Slang from the 1940s: https://t.co/13rcHbAEdc
RT @keithboykin: Bob Woodward: Hillary Clinton's problem is she's too loud. (This is serious commentary?) https://t.co/pY0eRsnaWC
I wish this were real. https://t.co/d35iVKApIS
@PDSorene I think I've seen that one! Love it.
Snarky rejection letter sent to Gertrude Stein, born on this day in 1874: https://t.co/l85258XrKO
@girlhermes @Anna_Mazz True, but less chance of instant gratification.
RT @chelseagsummers: A vintage guide for strip teasers, showing what the laws allowed you to show when you shook what your mama gave you. https://t.co/1tiHcUIUR1
@Anna_Mazz @girlhermes We need a 21st century equivalent...
@girlhermes @Anna_Mazz I want one too! And some fancy hatpins, which were also used to ward off "mashers." Interesting about the equipage.
RT @humanitiesmag: How John Breckinridge split the 1860 Democratic vote to help give Lincoln the election. https://t.co/jl2lFu1bAr https://t.co/QIV9emT4Ty
A literary map of London: https://t.co/Gr6dIW87xE
RT @Longreads: Happy pub day, @alexanderchee! Read the first chapter of "The Queen of the Night" https://t.co/YxGAISa7my #longreads https://t.co/V2Lo6o7oa9
Edits to galley proofs of Ulysses by James Joyce, born #otd in 1882 https://t.co/UrGnYZHbuE
RT @meganeabbott: On Goodreads? Enter to win a free copy of my next book, which is dark & you might like it: https://t.co/csqUPsHEag https://t.co/xkCCe6dWz0
RT @PaceSociety: Meet Lilli, the High-end German Call Girl who became America’s Iconic Barbie Doll https://t.co/FbJUkQO76n #sexwork https://t.co/JwlhvKvcZE
Quite possibly the three coolest women who ever lived: https://t.co/6QGkw1qv9Y
@chickhistory @bustle Thank you!
RT @LailaLalami: Note to self from Octavia Butler, 1988. A voice struggling against erasure and invisibility. (via @TheHungtington) https://t.co/zveoUYyLq7
RT @LdnMetArchives: Preventive measures taken c.1820 by those anxious of grave-robbers and body snatchers ... #williamburke https://t.co/DjoQJ18xLO
"My own darling child": Austen writing about Pride and Prejudice, published #otd in 1813: https://t.co/hDLfO2fh0y https://t.co/xHO23O6oTZ
@Mil_Hist @L_R_Schumacher @jgmaber @researchingww1 @ww1econ Definitely. I've seen accounts of 1920s women putting this reaction into context
"The Weaker Sex, " Charles Dana Gibson, 1903: https://t.co/Gvh3wFtXXG
"I never take up books for an hour": Oscar Wilde answers some questions, 1877: https://t.co/q2A679MGp3
One of the best books I read last year. https://t.co/UcaONn3Hr9
RT @AngelHoldsworth: Bessie Coleman b 26 January 1892. 1st Afro American woman pilot in world, learnt to fly in France as banned in US https://t.co/5jPCiyo8vy
@exlarson Hendrick's?
RT @jiatolentino: https://t.co/Efur246J8Q
@BooksInCommon Thank you! I was honored and thrilled. @PulpwoodQueen
"Feed the subject gin, rye, or Scotch, " LET'S MAKE MARY, the original PUA manual, 1937: https://t.co/FQaoNddXZy
RT @PulpLibrarian: When You're Poor And When You're Rich. 1977 Mad Magazine spread by Jack Davis. #richkids #skint https://t.co/EglwHZZutt
RT @brianstelter: Serene along St. Mark's Place https://t.co/KxMBrty18p
@unclecrizzle Ha! Thank you. First greeting of the day...
RT @ancestry: Women soldiers in #CivilWar took on some interesting habits to avoid detection. Learn more: https://t.co/7sOi02Hjqd https://t.co/l9hpL0zM5E
RT @collectorswkly: The Killer Mobile Device for Victorian Women https://t.co/YldYUWWEv2 https://t.co/TqSnO8l9VV
@clnichols6 Looks like it's been reprinted in a few places, but it was the personal experience of @susangrayblue: https://t.co/glOPuXgX34
@clnichols6 Exactly. Femininity means disappearing as much as possible.
"Smutty books" destroy femininity: A charm school quiz from 1981: https://t.co/7OncYUs2QN
@lauraostler @HBO thank you! I like the way you think...
RT @GettyMuseum: "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." Edgar Allan Poe born #otd 1809. https://t.co/YfiStL49KS https://t.co/8brkelgQoN
RT @NYHistory: Happy 207th Birthday, Edgar Allen Poe! The famed American poet was born today in 1809. @GettyMuseum https://t.co/fMP1CWlnbI
On this day in 1937, millionaire recluse Howard Hughes set a transcontinental air record: LA to Newark in 7.5 hours. https://t.co/LKnNdfOM4k
@TheHistoryList Thanks! I'll check it out.
RT @bookofthedayorg: Trending now on https://t.co/AsiK6Pm9Qj @HelenJMacdonald @therollinwriter @KarenAbbott https://t.co/TAQc7e2PZi
RT @mental_floss: 16 Ways to Find Love in the Personal Ads (in 1900) — https://t.co/AV1dEYILcC https://t.co/kV7CxPBjlI
"a tyranny of the stupid": H.L. Mencken on Prohibition, 1921: https://t.co/zwKdV52Mhk https://t.co/YwfeFCzh5k
@MegSteedle I still covet those gorgeous hummingbird earrings you/Billie wore... she was such an amazing character.
@MegSteedle Thanks for the follow! I'm a fan...
RT @amhistorymuseum: Today in 1920: Prohibition begins as 18th Amendment took effect. Dougherty's Rye Whiskey for "medicinal use." https://t.co/CaFUf6IbTG
RT @HistoryInPics: The only known photograph of Chopin, circa 1849. Photograph by Louis-Auguste Bisson. https://t.co/zDooi3hpEt
RT @JoshilynJackson: 1 month until THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYONE goes on sale, and WM has posted an excerpt. Want to meet Paula?... https://t.co/uYzk92OWJx
RT @LeVostreGC: Put on thyne redde shoes! Listen to sum Bowie! Staye yn tonighte!
@MilHistNow hopefully someone will! Sony and TNT are on board. We'll see...
@PeteCroatto @rachsyme Thank you! I really appreciate that...
F. Scott Fitzgerald's financial ledger for 1925: https://t.co/B1feElWt4i
RT @BNStateCollege: Join your friends and neighbors in reading this year's selection. @KarenAbbott https://t.co/Qi0P4XGEpj
@cgrayson I hadn't! Love it. Thanks...
Beware all chain-smoking women riding bicycles, 1870: https://t.co/kxAy9K0BmN
"Things doing and to be done": Thomas Edison's to-do list, 1888: https://t.co/agzy4K927z
@monodialogue As it should be! I found the language in the whole clip to be hilariously modern...
"Don't sit up until he comes home from the club": Advice for wives, 1895: https://t.co/Vce9EUNuSy
RT @susie_dent: To dretch is a 1, 000 year-old word meaning 'to be troubled in sleep', i.e. 'I dretched so much last night I can't get going'. Morning.
RT @Kelsye: Fascinating 1920s and 1930s Book Jackets From the NY Public Library https://t.co/GVmnQ3OCOn via @flavorwire #books
"Not in these trousers": A suffragist refuses to be romanced, circa 1910: https://t.co/1ALHSGnJg1
RT @theladygreer: Great reads here from @KarenAbbott, @mayhewbergman & more: https://t.co/QYBhFzfs0D
Early 20th century floor plan porn, courtesy of @nypl: https://t.co/K7NK9HLshT
RT @richard_littler: Cinema etiquette titles from 1912 https://t.co/JxIEQjAoW6
@NullBlanc Me too. I suppose you have to be extra determined while wearing a corset and crinoline...
The earliest known image of women playing soccer, Harper's Bazar, 1869: https://t.co/haryEmisIU
RT @mental_floss: Pre-Viking Village Discovered Beneath Norwegian Airport Site — https://t.co/guwklngVNz https://t.co/cB7onHdiIS
New Year's resolutions from 1908: https://t.co/luxenXO9VY
RT @atlasobscura: Ben Franklin used electricity to prank his friends and impress his guests https://t.co/VHyFdALo69 https://t.co/1ytY3IuAav
@jrbyork Reprinted from a Time-Life series called "This Fabulous Century, " but I'm not sure about the original. I'll let you know if I find.
@ReFluharty Thank you! So pleased to hear that...
@FoxTale @DahlonegaLit Me too! Thanks so much for the support.
@FoxTale @StephanieBearce @DJamesBrown @LynnCullenBooks @CarlMcColman @MJPullen @SusanMeissner @SusanCrandall @nbcdays Thank you, Fox Tale!
"Santa pictures not picked up, " 1950s-60s: https://t.co/MzFSX1Vn5c https://t.co/ldGZta2eYY
@cadotonic @HistoricalPics Fascinating! I didn't come across that in my research (although they hid messages in hollowed-out heels).
RT @HistoricalPics: During the Cold War, CIA agents used a method of communication based on how their shoelaces were tied. https://t.co/vGqXBLXyBO
@micascotti Thank you! (and raspberry lemonade is no match for those women) ;)
RT @collectorswkly: First Planned Parenthood Lasted for 10 Days But Started a Revolution, via @AtlasObscura https://t.co/5jQWPfIVZM https://t.co/MUhfUW9Ta6
RT @mbeisen: Isn't the appropriate immigration reform in response to mass shootings to ban men from entering US?
Questionable advice from "How She Became Beautiful, " 1890: https://t.co/huMc9NNZM4
@BetterGuyX Thanks so much--I really appreciate that.
RT @NYHistory: #HBD #GraceHopper! Born today in 1906, she pioneered #compsci. Read her story: https://t.co/CRBeCkNrCD #wcw https://t.co/XjVBTOeFJn
The story of a New Yorker in "Little Syria": https://t.co/MR2FBaBD0j https://t.co/1JWhnHhA9G
1915 editorial cartoon denouncing the "new woman": https://t.co/BgIQCcfHdJ
The 25 best quotes of Oscar Wilde, who died on this day in 1900, @mental_floss: https://t.co/ZzYJYK0sqB https://t.co/xgChIb9qMS
@ErinLindsMcCabe I'll be en route from somewhere but I'll try! Looks fun--thanks for inviting me...
RT @Mr_Lincoln: "Dead for 150 Years and Still The Best Choice.". #Lincoln2016
@TMAN1138pm I'm afraid those "dos" are way beyond my skill level...
"The business of taking off stockings is an art": The dos and don'ts of undressing, Life magazine, 1937: https://t.co/D1pYS7roUT
RT @julesdwit: I will never get tired of looking at weird old photos of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. https://t.co/I4nm8UUr4D https://t.co/6TYe0fVLeR
RT @HorribleSanity: Catharine Cudney, occupation, "Does as she pleases." So there. (1880 census) https://t.co/ImbZY1lKZ1
Strange vintage Thanksgiving pinups, @BuzzFeed: https://t.co/Y5K66ygTSG https://t.co/OonxXMwO08
Did female gladiators exist?: https://t.co/zChhy3atnw
RT @ancestry: DYK: Women served in the #CivilWar disguised as men? Learn how they avoided detection: https://t.co/7sOi02Hjqd https://t.co/JF8OjbQbXB
"Talk only about things you understand": 18 rules of behavior for young women, 1831: https://t.co/4QjDGt5eK6 https://t.co/7sKXcIS6qD
@mrs_friend @grayhistoryfan @hebronreads Thank you! I hope you enjoy...
RT @MiamiBookFair: [email protected], @TJStiles_Author, @JameslSwanson and Martha Hodes discussing Civil War Stories! https://t.co/oRVfbyB0UL
Suggestions for "correct dancing, " 1914: https://t.co/M6BnxqXAup
@TMAN1138pm Agreed. I felt the same when I went there.
#Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address on this day in 1863: https://t.co/ZlrMocLkAo https://t.co/w97ZX4Z2BY
Touring Manhattan's 19th century French Quarter, @EphemeralNY: https://t.co/PTfY085t2V https://t.co/X8kSFfK5on
The uncommon resilience of Paris street life: https://t.co/5nF5M16QjW https://t.co/dWCPbg6sGn
Rare footage from the Paris World's Fair, 1900: https://t.co/jEa9z7XWDT
RT @ABC: JUST IN: The Eiffel Tower will be closed indefinitely following Paris attacks. - AFP https://t.co/1uMgLXQn3m
@adacalhoun @bookculture: Thank you! So glad to hear that...
"The Fatal Consequences of Masturbation, " 1844: https://t.co/5yOd1xKFRV
RT @brainpicker: Gustave Doré's hauntingly beautiful 1883 illustrations for Poe's "The Raven" https://t.co/BkfOYbirKi https://t.co/4D9PdnURt9
@ArielLawhon @deannaraybourn Waving hello back! And Ariel, we need to talk... ;)
@TomGumbert Thanks, Tom! So glad you're enjoying...
@alpanasingh thank you! Let's please get together next time I'm in town. Xx
@banahnaruth You ladies were fun! So great to meet you all... Xx
"Avoid horseplay or 'kidding'": 1940s instruction manual on working with women: https://t.co/FYu7r1p6Hl
The geniuses who invented prosthetic limbs, @BBC: https://t.co/E6ZlRKdLzI https://t.co/cIMI5nFGBL
[email protected] reading from the "smutty fuck notes" of President Warren G. Harding, born 150 years ago today: https://t.co/eLKIxuscRM
@saybeller @KillerNashville I didn't know--thank you so much! I'm honored...
RT @HarperPerennial: Use some #corpuslibris magic for a last-minute costume! @KarenAbbott's LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY works perfectly https://t.co/i5medJMWex
"Authentick" evidence of witches in a book from 1681: https://t.co/EyaZkbilGC https://t.co/cYMRQh9mWG
RT @SmithsonianMag: Arsenic and old graves: Civil War-era cemeteries may be leaking toxins. https://t.co/bIuBcZdfDY https://t.co/p5Qsn6obvG
RT @BtSquared2: I found it. LMFAO! Can y'all sense how fed up my daughter was with this assignment? https://t.co/0VP1uyT31X
The stock market crashed on this day in 1929, @thenation: https://t.co/SkEfQvqZcL https://t.co/KaAOzLVRuG
RT @VelaMag: "What would you write if you weren’t afraid?" An interview on The Art of Memoir with Mary Karr in @parisreview: https://t.co/F9k5YXaM1Z
Scurvy, scarlet fever, and other Victorian-era diseases on the rise in England: https://t.co/mYlRoqmL2m https://t.co/ahE7dbeUiC
RT @Chicagoist: This 374-Pound 'Trumpkin' May Be The Scariest Halloween Pumpkin Ever https://t.co/E5XIg5y5BM https://t.co/a8reAyNzak
@richterscale Ha! Sad, but true...
"Start your Summer Offensive": #WWII manual for housewives, brought to you by Lysol, 1942: https://t.co/CHsyDsuYjZ
RT @SlateVault: Archive of scanned Girl Scout equipment catalogs, 1917-2015 https://t.co/eea0Stu5GS via @childhoodruc https://t.co/9q161S4DEg
1950s tips for smoking like a lady: https://t.co/p6X9mEhbkq
@cadotonic Love these! They may come in handy for my next book...
Jim Crow-era travel guides for African American families now online through @nypl: https://t.co/NPHN5KDxqy https://t.co/nBNkHukccy
"If you must do it": Bob hairstyle chart, 1924: https://t.co/v6KjVY165c
RT @civilwartrust: Never-before-seen-footage of the last reunion of "the blue and the gray" veterans in 1938. https://t.co/PaPh8Xx98d
@Shy_Teds Here you go!: https://t.co/n7sWkOVBAD
"Oranges will grow in Philadelphia, " and other predictions for the future from 1900: https://t.co/mCguqw1VFU
RT @JElvisWeinstein: In the future, you'll have to pay extra for a tombstone that allows visitors to your grave to skip the ads.
"Give him a chance to be manly and explain everything": Charm school advice from 1972: https://t.co/BsHFhbfH3q
Hiker finds 1, 200-year-old Viking sword: https://t.co/DmdcOQOq12 https://t.co/21vMPlY8kL
@saybeller IIRC, the whole book is about her being dishonest. Then again, it's still a serious treatment...
@alex_segura @MiamiBookFair Yes! Definitely...
Parisian fashion, 1908: https://t.co/j8YXTsXd8n
"What is a Freshman?", Ohio University yearbook, 1982: https://t.co/Hy8ibdPpnQ
RT @InterestingLit: On Samuel Taylor Coleridge's birthday, some interesting facts about his life and work: https://t.co/d2Yas6HZzi https://t.co/6BvGS37Cup
@saybeller Love her too, and considered including her. I think there's a bio coming out about her soon (if it's not out already).
1888 audio recording of a dinner party where the phonograph was introduced to guests: https://t.co/ZRsoDTK5fY
@NullBlanc The "amatory messages, " however, seem promising...
@KeithOlbermann Wow. My favorite retweet EVER. Thanks!
Prescient cartoon about obsession with mobile devices, 1906: https://t.co/56qtZBtLIJ
@MsKristinCasey I hope you enjoy! I miss those sisters...
RT @alexanderchee: Grateful for these new blurbs for my new novel, THE QUEEN OF THE NIGHT, from Hanya Yanagihara and Helen Oyeyemi. https://t.co/0sgnGYwVnV
How to kiss properly, LIFE magazine, 1942: https://t.co/jGMK3Bbra5
"Be Agreeable Always, " etiquette advice from 1929: https://t.co/8cWg1lHxrX
@saybeller Thanks! I hope you enjoy it. Who is your favorite?
RT @InsideHistory: Victorian Female Prison Registers from 1855-1934 now available online via @PRO_Vic :: https://t.co/9QJ79XYDb3 #ozhst https://t.co/q9eNDHz57b
@Staliskansy Thank you! Hope you enjoy...
Yale's new digitized archive of 170, 000 Depression-era photos (here, E. 61st St. in #NYC): https://t.co/bkFAGocHfi https://t.co/sKkOvxWQQl
RT @KillingStamp: The Boston- Gazette and Country Journal #stampact250 https://t.co/ogI5KpREgA
RT @bookclubgirl: Find out more about LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY by Karen Abbot & enter a @goodreads giveaway! https://t.co/TPf6XcZhWq
@justonemorepage Oh, thank you! I had a great time, too (and the wine is now open). ;) You ladies are lovely...
@justonemorepage @m_scribe @SpeasySpice email me: [email protected] I might have to jump in later in the discussion, if that's ok...
An expectant bride burns evidence of her former lovers, stereograph from 1901: https://t.co/jvNBTXcuqI
RT @CapitolClio: The nurse was a spy. Edith Cavell smuggled men and information. https://t.co/D6wqyzff4J
@justonemorepage @m_scribe Thanks so much for picking my book! Would you like me to join your discussion?
@lcoco37 @theladygreer @WriterKarma @MaryKubica Thank you!
RT @parisreview: Bordellos of Los Angeles, 1897: An Interview with Liz Goldwyn https://t.co/BVhQfoHjbS https://t.co/whZdCS3h7l
RT @scottkleinberg: The Great Chicago Fire started 144 years ago today, on Oct. 8, 1871. Amazing photos: https://t.co/R4R82nHAUl #TBT https://t.co/oXPDIAd7up
RT @frankcottrell_b: The mighty Ursula le Guin refuses to blurb an SF anthology with no female voices (@ShaunUsher) https://t.co/Cn5GnQKwvd
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: New post: Made in America: A Stylish Silk Gown, c1780: https://t.co/n3auaEUArM @FHCC_CMS #fashionhistory https://t.co/RDyI6LSyMq
RT @BookRiot: An Austen scholar on Austen's RBF, and artists' attempts to make her "prettier" https://t.co/v80C7tgmmL https://t.co/XXhXiaXK8n
"Few will be grieved by it": The Richmond Enquirer on Edgar Allan Poe, who died 166 years ago today: https://t.co/CL3gJCMbdG
Stereoscopic view of a very angry Victorian lady, 1900: https://t.co/8xIfT2Fj7J
Real-life literary horror houses, @flavorwire: https://t.co/guPEuIJrX8 https://t.co/7zNkWoPm6f
A look into Hitler's drug addiction: https://t.co/qHYPtOabMQ https://t.co/B0q5MngdYe
RT @TheCKConners: Ordered 2 copies today of @KarenAbbott's Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy. Saw her at #CWC2015. Eager to read! https://t.co/s9TosGZWYO
@TheCKConners Thanks so much! I really hope you enjoy it...
@Ann_M_Ackermann @CivilWarMed More info here: https://t.co/bpcVnEYTOS
RT @mental_floss: H.P. Lovecraft’s Spooky Poem About Edgar Allan Poe — https://t.co/PpaZ5bGFjp https://t.co/YF6qSvGNS0
@TomGumbert Thanks, Tom! When's your talk? Maybe I'll join you...
@chelseagsummers @CivilWarMed Thank you! Glad to hear that...
Forearm found (and perfectly preserved) after the Battle of Antietam, 1862, @CivilWarMed: https://t.co/bNN5Qan9P9
RT @collectorswkly: Many classic books have been banned or challenged throughout the decades. #BannedBookWeek https://t.co/gbkAbS3pKc https://t.co/G9p3nWUB6w
RT @atlasobscura: The last holdout of a pre-Civil War rebel who took the matter of slavery into his own hands https://t.co/hE1858EdbT https://t.co/rqsj4YDye9
@megy @Karycun @ChiWritersConf @BNBuzz Thanks so much, Megy! I hope you enjoy...
RT @TheOnion: Horrified Pope Calls Philadelphia Humanity’s Greatest Sin Against God https://t.co/ItBC1hbmJN https://t.co/CH7FXzCKW8
@S_Yamkovenko @IguanaBooks Thanks so much for coming! So glad you enjoyed (and hope you enjoy the book!).
@dino0726 Diane, thanks so much for the lovely review! (one note: the book is actually nonfiction, not a novel)...
@AlexisCoe Ha! We still need to work on our flogging project...
Amazing photos of #NYC's subway in the 1970s/80s: https://t.co/Eg1FrUNhBm https://t.co/FD90NBCCHX
"Fart catchers" and "smuggling kens": A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, 1811: https://t.co/SX3AMxNMId https://t.co/JZtlgaJYOZ
@Ann_M_Ackermann thank you, Ann Marie! I really appreciate that.
@blueberryjelly Thank you! So pleased to hear that.
@michell16939415 @ATLHistCenter thanks, Michelle! So nice to meet you...
@temalone thank you, Tess! Looking forward to meeting you...
RT @temalone: . @KarenAbbott comes to @ATLHistCenter's MMH tonight to discuss these 4 bad ass female Civil War spies: https://t.co/XnRIGmMCoQ
Stunning 1940s underwater shots depict the American dream, h/t @exlarson: https://t.co/ygcLNaJwxL https://t.co/aDJyJbouqN
@YeOldeTavTours @bostonathenaeum Thank you! Wish I was staying long enough to take your tavern tour...
@bethpriddy So nice to meet you! And thanks...
@KevBecerra So pleased you're enjoying it! (and I laughed at those, too)...
@thebookstall @HarperCollins Thanks for being there with me!
@LaurenStacks @wcfbook Thanks for coming! So glad to meet you...
@IguanaBooks Excited to be there! Thanks for inviting me...
RT @wcfbook: We are hosting @KarenAbbott tonight at 7pm #chicagoreading #feministevent #nonfiction https://t.co/05yTseeFXz
RT @The_Rumpus: Cool stuff is happening in Chicago: @KarenAbbott, @chilaut at @PoetryFound and more! https://t.co/QC0Ger4AtE
"All I ask is to live in peace": transgender man arrested on wedding day, 1915: https://t.co/77AqLlgeqr https://t.co/tK31vXVuIZ
RT @Jenny_ORegan: Bretagne, the last living 9/11 service dog, gets a 16th birthday celebration https://t.co/bjBHQtABYE https://t.co/C9xrRg3Ctr
New species of human ancestor discovered: https://t.co/1cDTOsyvtA https://t.co/xNrba7zvxB
@dolleygurl Thanks so much, Heather!
"Hen house, " "juiceman, " and "swings like sixteen": 1950s beatnik glossary: https://t.co/n01xQ2xLpH
@SarahMMcCoy MWAH! Xx
@karenmelroy I did some research on my great-grandmother (whose story led me to write Sin in the Second City) but not enough! You?
RT @HarperPerennial: Rejoice: LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY is now available in paperback! https://t.co/rZkWNgVLXf https://t.co/npMJWwrDXv
Portraits of Ellis Island immigrants, 1906-1912: https://t.co/GyAzcxETwj https://t.co/jrSIMAAp7T
RT @ErikaRobuck: LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY, by NY Times bestselling author, @KarenAbbott , releases in paperback today! https://t.co/H3uagh20Hg
@ErikaRobuck Thank you, lady! Xx
RT @ClaraBartonMSO: From nurse to temptress, soldier to spy: women made a huge difference in the CW. Check out @KarenAbbott 's new book: https://t.co/hfgPzUxeNp
@DelMarinDC @justonemorepage @m_scribe @LeliaBean Thanks, Heather!
Great piece by @CapitolClio on the political machinations behind the King Tut exhibition: https://t.co/PGhMHkki2N https://t.co/JcoSalEGxs
@justonemorepage @m_scribe @LeliaBean If you pick LTSS, I'd love to join your chat!
RT @Slate: What American capitalism gained from slavery: https://t.co/YLj3AaiLhy https://t.co/ymsXC2vR3A
RT @LettersOfNote: From this point on, I shall respond to criticism in the style of Shirley Jackson. (via @BellJarred & Ruth Franklin) https://t.co/ao4Yws16FM
The "swimwear police" of the 1920s: https://t.co/pbWCvYGOcR https://t.co/usuXA0uwAy
@wcfbook Thanks! Excited to be there, and I really appreciate the support.
Portraits of Victorian women who never cut their hair, @theretronaut: https://t.co/0kICngEG3D https://t.co/mFY1Yr2VZB
RT @collectorswkly: Female Spies and Gender-Bending Soldiers Changed the Course of the Civil War https://t.co/9IPr4Ueztu https://t.co/Xc6KW0P8PS
"What a foolish boy I was": the child soldiers of the American #CivilWar: https://t.co/TZU7jj0WYw https://t.co/AbXR9KoSDl
@unabridgedchick @HarperPerennial Thank you, Audra!
RT @unabridgedchick: My #fridayreads is @KarenAbbott's non-fic of badass Civil War women. Yum!! @HarperPerennial https://t.co/HFPAvD34lt
121-year-old time capsule found in Scotland: https://t.co/KJ5KPOupfb https://t.co/JCqVih7YAD
RT @Mr_Lincoln: This photo of Lincoln's dog "Fido" was taken May 4, 1865 in Springfield, the day of Lincoln's funeral. https://t.co/mmnPdFhQnk
RT @BookRiot: Reading Pathway: Where to Start with Virginia Woolf's Lesser Known Work https://t.co/8gqbs6t0is https://t.co/qnJJDsGWfp
RT @OnionPolitics: "What he says is what he believes." https://t.co/yzLQJCDIAb https://t.co/hU3pVJe067
"She looks like a typographical error": The best similes of 1932: https://t.co/VxSMTqPEzv
@CapitolClio Are you hitting Orange Julius?
RT @estherschindler: How to @StopStHarassmnt in the early 1900s? The Hatpin! Great article by @KarenAbbott https://t.co/tjlFWKnEdx https://t.co/cOue90aLMO
World's oldest message-in-a-bottle (108 years) washes up in Germany: https://t.co/S76IuBTqDK https://t.co/mZPKbH4N4v
@richterscale @eshurd @rebeccaonion @McKellogs @carolynlb @RobinMarie1789 @ronitstahl Aw, thanks!
RT @HarperPerennial: I don't want August to end but LOOK WHAT SEPTEMBER WILL BRING https://t.co/i3bXR5fhng https://t.co/Y9d3drbYIj
Clipsters, Hipsters, and Good for Nothin' Mops: A jive glossary, 1944: https://t.co/RR75BqkF09
RT @ravishlydotcom: No one brings #womeninhistory to life quite like @KarenAbbott https://t.co/bkbgwhZFBX @Giana_Ciapponi. #LadiesWeLove https://t.co/5cpMYiarvs
How completely unreasonable of him (circa 1925): https://t.co/H9Jmnj32ce
RT @berfrois: Eastman Johnson, Not at Home, c. 1873 https://t.co/CPuZelTWOy
"The She-Devil with a sword": Ancient female warrior found in Kazakhstan: https://t.co/EZPS5ViOzy
@Maj_Gen_Stanley Here's info about the original source: https://t.co/ieY874LJqd
@JacobiteRelic Yes, that's right. Sorry for the delayed reply...
Vintage warnings about the dangers of marijuana: https://t.co/GjnhunxZMW https://t.co/hHxbxgbkf7
@bookofthedayorg @schlowlibrary Thank you!
RT @Nathan_Armes: 70 years ago today, Aug 6, 1945 First Atomic Bomb Dropped on Japan. https://t.co/3soykTS6I0 https://t.co/ldVt9cCMU8
@FaiththeWriter Thank you! I'm so pleased to hear that...
Guide to correct "flapper posture, " 1928: https://t.co/xQW8FZpZtg
This sounds about right. (h/t @deborahblum): https://t.co/vEdyqNZkJA
RT @PulpLibrarian: [email protected] Pulp art legend Will Hulsey - he also painted the reality of the #American Civil War... https://t.co/EwUgqkXtXk
@SplatsReads email me: [email protected]
@SplatsReads Am I talking with you next week?
@SplatsReads Thanks, Tricia! I hope you enjoy...
Remembering #NYC's grandest forgotten hotels, @CurbedNY: https://t.co/Gpiw2Ja8DI https://t.co/XJKIVIRd47
RT @AllKindleDeals: [email protected] Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy is the #kindledeal for $1.99! https://t.co/OCxhN6VSU8
RT @NewYorker: David Remnick talks with @tanehisicoates about growing up in Baltimore, writing his new book, and confronting Obama: https://t.co/pliOltAIYW
What hair bows reveal about your love life, Life magazine, 1944: https://t.co/K9an3tWGT8
@mstcambot Be gay and a little more interesting!
"A good wife always knows her place": The "good wife's" guide, Housekeeping Monthly, 1955: https://t.co/GcwFxAQgAt
A million minutes of historic footage from 1895 to the present: https://t.co/JtSIX290Na
A guide to the hierarchy of domestic servants, 1836: https://t.co/oR7BoGB2sD https://t.co/vHMD9YRJ0D
@ianbeyer @HistoryToday Ha! I'm sure you're right...
RT @HistoryToday: Extracts from a perfume recipe book. https://t.co/0cdV5ySKDE https://t.co/XBPnPrCo4R
"They blab and blab, taxing the man's patience": Mansplaining bedroom etiquette to women, 1945: https://t.co/W0aum6XOjy
RT @michaelschaffer: 1974 @washingtonian airport cover story sidebar: How to pick up stewardesses https://t.co/VjpZm0GF8b
@sarahchurchwell Thanks for the RT! Loved your book, by the way...
"We think the movement excessively silly": Report on the Women's Rights Convention at Seneca Falls, July 19, 1848: https://t.co/DcklVoB4vh
RT @nachosarah: trump is everyone's drunk uncle who climbed up on the stage at their wedding
RT @alexanderchee: The politics of climate science has meant, for climate scientists, less funding, death threats, suicidal thoughts: https://t.co/v2F1EHqneU
RT @CONELRAD6401240: The El Paso Herald-Post unwittingly headlines the first atomic detonation 70 years ago today. cc @AtomicHeritage https://t.co/BHqmNLxXdR
The soundscape of 18th century Paris: https://t.co/5SwtsdSxky
@ErinLindsMcCabe @SarahMMcCoy Oh, I would love to! I might be on the road but I might be able to make it anyway...
RT @_youhadonejob: You can wear your fancy attire Margaret but I'm wearing the diving suit and that's final. https://t.co/qgu4rtFL4m
"I don't know who she belonged to": Ads placed by ex-slaves seeking lost family, @SlateVault: https://t.co/00NL700P5o https://t.co/jqXpspTNxq
RT @scottkleinberg: How 739 people died in a Chicago heat wave by @ChicagoMag. https://t.co/sfeDrWNIFC -- this is really well done. https://t.co/txdAHogoOm
"When a thug attacks you": A ladies' guide to self defense, 1911: https://t.co/G9C4Xblqxl https://t.co/QBE007KACL
RT @BookRiot: Deal of the Day: LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY by Karen Abbott for $2.99. Get it here: https://t.co/ZrgbBZXMfr https://t.co/hHZ0KTlzP7
@alisonlaw I much prefer that!
Vintage phrase of the day: "Whipping the cat, " 1811: https://t.co/rDiJlrzgZL
RT @SmartBitches: Liar Temptress Soldier Spy by Karen Abbott $2.99 https://t.co/adRUrDWbqA | KB https://t.co/xA4KSxWtui Rec'd nonfiction; 3.8+ avg on GR
RT @RoscoeBooks: If you liked THE ROSIE PROJECT, your next read is @lostcheerio's HOW TO TELL TOLEDO FROM THE NIGHT SKY: https://t.co/EVyvuDaWDz
@SeanChercover Go bite her.
The Victorian language of flowers, 1866: https://t.co/hicLyZJ9SB
The #CivilWar spy ladies are on sale! Download LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY for only $2.99: https://t.co/f5s5eDDXCy
RT @Bookperk: [email protected]'s Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy—the true Civil War story of four women undercover—only $2.99 in #ebook. https://t.co/I6q8eTg4FI
"Spanking the monkey, " circa 1930: https://t.co/fIAwEaHOyS
@esortak fingers crossed! It's in the works...
RT @discovering_NYC: The improved Harlem River Speedway opened on July 2nd, 1898. It was a popular spot for racing and parading #history https://t.co/QwRo5kvvnM
@nypl_readersden I'd be happy to join the discussion...
A video of boxing cats filmed by Thomas Edison, @PublicDomainRev: https://t.co/eutwerSUVU
@sihayadesigns @dixiehellcat Thank you! I hope you enjoy...
@lke73_historian @WorldProfessor Agreed! I have it at home (on the road now). Will send when I'm back...
@Bree_TheGoddess Thank you! I really hope you enjoy it...
"Short dresses have revealed them to a gasping world": An ode to knees, 1922: https://t.co/bWr3lLUFWh
Gladiator school to be restored in Rome: https://t.co/QHoa678CMl https://t.co/3yEinioR9x
Surprisingly progressive marriage advice for wives, 1929: https://t.co/eJhNdlLahw
@neithernor Thank you! So pleased you're enjoying it...
@KHerland Exactly! Or ass implants.
My favorite new bit of Victorian slang: https://t.co/TtTHRMjcfI
Great piece by @adacalhoun on a chilling (and tragic) college murder case: https://t.co/UteXtFvuwa
"Do not ask permission": How to kiss a girl, 1911: https://t.co/OEHqmoCnCS
@GStarnesAuthor Thank you!
@HannahRKeyser Apparently!: https://t.co/A6FSGuAyxK
"Girls are not considered for the training school": rejection letter from Walt Disney, 1938: https://t.co/7EGjjNJEux
Bathing suit fashions (featuring flannel and tights), 1896: https://t.co/JfAkbZxVN7
A perfectly preserved #WWI trench: https://t.co/AkdnLwOnhO https://t.co/qP9U30QXxL
RT @adacalhoun: Thank you blurb gods! @luxante @adrock @kathleenhanna @jamiattenberg @iamcolinquinn @TimGunn @KarenAbbott @lilitaylor https://t.co/AvlHVAdHd7
@MsKristinCasey Ha! Me too...
"The top job in the country for a young girl": Lessons from the Playboy Bunny manual, 1968: https://t.co/k1JQ8TGPwS https://t.co/O7JLbiG8NB
@MsKristinCasey Thanks so much!
@thmrit51 @MaraWritesStuff Here it is: https://t.co/j9kiVEeIak
RT @TheGlossierNerd: Got my copy of #AshleysWar by @gaylelemmon... can't wait to start it! https://t.co/JqZruE2OX2
@SarahMMcCoy @JustBethanne @justonemorepage Damn! I wish I'd been there to buy you all a round and toast to The Mapmaker's Children. Xx
The 15 oldest homes currently for sale in #NYC: https://t.co/1CAhWERPvf https://t.co/r4eiDsfSDd
@Dealfatigue @catrincooper Sure thing: https://t.co/j9kiVEeIak (and please call me Abbott--actually my legal first name)...
@rebrandist @FakeRobotGamer @rosefox @TweetsofOld Here's a list of the rest: https://t.co/j9kiVEeIak
RT @HistoryExtra: Has there ever been a women-only army? @GeneralJules explains... https://t.co/w0JkoQ6Qcr https://t.co/94Ya3UKVMJ
RT @TheLitHub: "It’s a thin line between fact and fiction; and I think I snorted it in 1996." - Michael Ondaatje on memoir https://t.co/cjreun3wT9
@edplunkett @ChairmanL There used to be a periodical called "Flapper Magazine."More info here: https://t.co/XDDmy1FMKY
"Boob ticklers" and "Cancelled stamps": a flapper's dictionary, 1922: https://t.co/9VbpY21iNS
RT @HirokoTabuchi: Stumbled upon a 19th-century street corner in Bed-Stuy. A period film shoot in progress.. https://t.co/doVa7wU48h
The strange afterlife of Edgar Allan Poe's hair, @atlasobscura: https://t.co/IiyQoah6hD https://t.co/Y1gi3kKV9w
Beware the "new woman" (and her bicycle), 1895: https://t.co/7dIJuW63fY
30% of Republicans and 20% of Democrats would rather a woman die than have an abortion, @nytimes: https://t.co/Ef35m40SXP
@alexgrecian Just slightly hungover, maybe...
@DGMcAllister @DiggingUp1800 Or perhaps just patiently waiting for the corpse to achieve the optimal state of decay?
Victorian undertaker shows off his skills (man in center has reportedly been dead for two years): https://t.co/GO1S1ADYLl
@JillianneWrites Thanks so much for the lovely review! Glad you enjoyed...
Berlin battleground, 70 years ago and today: https://t.co/KVYy6asjuY https://t.co/jbi4Fau1y9
RT @HistoryandArt: 17C Woman + 1675 Advice on the Duty of a Wife to her Husband. https://t.co/6e9IjMdNDE https://t.co/lAniLkzoLS
"Does not want poems about love and roses": A women's guide to pitching magazines, 1888: https://t.co/SGRGSrmatS https://t.co/fzUX8ZyisQ
Street shots of #NYC in the early 1900s: https://t.co/gK2CAa0kpI https://t.co/iSM17J8pU5
@SarahMMcCoy Aw, thank you! We need to meet in person one of these days...
"A lady never asks that her glove be excused": Glove etiquette from the 1950s: https://t.co/Ak8cngCqJS
@ErikaRobuck @rhondareads @exlarson I can't wait for THE HOUSE OF HAWTHORNE!
"The husband let fall his hammer": How to sell a wife, 1819: https://t.co/5CffuG6hpy
Mugshots of female guards in Nazi concentration camps, circa 1945: https://t.co/TJHIguftzA https://t.co/Pha4MJRgSk
Victorian ladies boxing, circa 1890: https://t.co/MI8SPqjhvJ
@jmreport Hey, could I email you? Have a question about one of your (great) pieces for the Tribune. My email: [email protected] Thanks
Modern-day celebrities in tintype portraits, @flavorwire: https://t.co/I94pkZmZ4j https://t.co/9YG60E7deJ
RT @JamieFord: HISTORICAL BADASS OF THE WEEK: Sophie Scholl, who was executed in 1943 for authoring anti-Nazi pamphlets in Munich. https://t.co/QCnZdd9yZe
@CemeteryGuide thanks so much!
@ecjacobs thank you!
RT @ecjacobs: Props to @KarenAbbott. The last book this size I finished overnight was probably Harry Potter at age 12. Great read. https://t.co/ahBhSFcXiT
400 years of data on where #NYC's immigrants come from: https://t.co/1UrBovGZVl
Loving @Alexis_Coe's dispatches from the Russian River: https://t.co/gZPr6us6pt
Nabokov, born 116 years ago today, loved butterflies as much as language: https://t.co/PI6wuocFbv https://t.co/5VUKMQy3t0
@VABookFest Thanks again for having me!
RT @VABookFest: [email protected] spoke at the #VABook2015 Opening Ceremony on the meaning of books in our lives. https://t.co/DEcDGBM1ue Thank you!!!
The photo collection of a 19th century sexologist, @PublicDomainRev: https://t.co/uEVqGAho4W https://t.co/oSC7LyQ4Hv
RT @SenGillibrand: Jon Stewart: "Can women have a role in combat?...Oh they've already been doing it for years. And doing it with great valor." #AshleysWar
170-year-old champagne offers clues about winemaking's past: https://t.co/pgtaVMCjiy https://t.co/9cA1AgGNkl
[email protected] on her gripping new book about America's youngest serial killer: https://t.co/uvSmpg9itb https://t.co/lxoa06kFso
RT @jodyavirgan: My two favorite things about New York are this and the fact that people are acting like this is no big deal. https://t.co/tDtSAsiKeo
@palparklibrary Thank you!
RT @OffTheShelf: Think you don't like nonfiction? These 11 books will change your mind! https://t.co/hpWAw3jfsH @KarenAbbott @TheLitDetective @AndrewNagorski
RT @LaphamsQuart: A bestselling 1836 book about sexual depravity in a convent was the most notorious lit frauds of the 19th cent. https://t.co/Z0p9QodRTV
@Nicola_R_White Thank you! So pleased you're enjoying...
@alex_segura @meganeabbott So honored to be on your shelf! And I need to check out the @Center4Fiction...
The bullet that killed Lincoln and other items from his last moments, @atlasobscura: https://t.co/hFgsGmHTvE https://t.co/nXgYLLt6p3
"Stand back and give him air": The press reports Lincoln's death, 150 years ago today: https://t.co/42MI7xHHXe https://t.co/Zz0Q8irVvc
@ErikaRobuck @suemonkkidd @JackieWoodson thanks, lady! Xx
RT @ErikaRobuck: SIBA Book Award Finalists: https://t.co/xIoQ8r2ucu Congratulations, @wileycash @suemonkkidd @KarenAbbott @JackieWoodson and more!
"It was a beautiful sight, and a terrible sight": Titanic survivor recalls the night of April 14, 1912: https://t.co/rWFMuVW1po
@HannahRKeyser Aren't they? There are a few similar clips floating around...
Victorian tips on flirting, using hats and fans: https://t.co/hypzjDk8il
@Brisvoboda Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. And Mary Bowser was a main player in the book. Sadly she left no diary; I used all sources I had.
RT @LitNewEngland: Author @KarenAbbott >> On our list of fave books abt women who disguised themselves as men to fight in the #CivilWar https://t.co/gtOzCu09mJ
@jshbooks @IveReadThat @PaulaHWrites Thank you! (and I also loved The Girl on the Train)...
RT @NewYorkologist: 'Newspaper Row', now Park Row, Lower Manhattan, 1936 | #NewYork #NYC #NY https://t.co/y8zqtlCwBy
"Three little maids at medical school": aspiring women physicians of the 19th century: https://t.co/niSO4gbNtp https://t.co/bJ15lmDmjG
@MsEdgerton Thank you! Looking forward to it...
@MBethanyChase That is EPIC. And nightmare-inducing.
Creepy vintage Easter portraits: https://t.co/aI0gIsjNQX https://t.co/X7vz3lS7Va
Mutton kidneys, frizzled beef, and other Easter menu items from #NYC's restaurant past: https://t.co/AStCmCUlk0 https://t.co/H49bJMIvpy
RT @history1800s: 150 yrs ago today: wax figure of "rebel incendiary" at Barnum's a week after he was hanged; via @NYTArchives https://t.co/14a48rObnQ
RT @JillianneWrites: Listening to civil war non-fiction by @KarenAbbott and crafting. Like a cool guy. #amreading https://t.co/Pp5HMWnjk9
@ErinLindsMcCabe Yes, count me in! Xx
Great piece by @CapitolClio on luxury air travel during the 1930s, in @Longreads: https://t.co/O6GiQf6p7W https://t.co/xGzGoPpp8d
@TThoroughfare Thanks so much for the lovely review!
RT @TThoroughfare: Females Are Strong as Hell! @KarenAbbott's Thrilling, Enlightening #LiarTemptressSoldierSpy. https://t.co/ILSfDdRHVt https://t.co/PTsIIe6P6P
RT @kalebhorton: Unsentimental 1800s frontier diaries are probably the best writing America has to offer. https://t.co/dT9NrKd33Y
RT @PublishersWkly: 8 Inarguable Reasons Writing A Book With Your Sister Is A Great Idea | Huff Post https://t.co/Pp0pG28POe
Identifying the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, March 25, 1911: https://t.co/7GQlXHT8cU https://t.co/4gMr9BH4kk
30, 000 #NYC crime scene photos taken between 1914 to 1975 will be digitized and made public: https://t.co/3piPy4zuG5 https://t.co/L5who0Kla8
"Happy marriage: husband a thief, wife a prostitute": 100 19th century marriages, @SlateVault: https://t.co/gAL4TKVMB1 https://t.co/ckUD9nLQND
@Bksandauthors Were you in Virginia?
@BellaStander Hey, I didn't know you were there! Sorry I missed you...
@AlineOhanesian @VABookFest I'm so sorry I missed you! We need to compare schedules...
Blackout buttons and propaganda scarves: how WWII influenced street-style: https://t.co/hTgkwV3kYq https://t.co/Kv8sHWNFjc
RT @dvyze: Fuck You / A Magazine of the Arts (1962-1965) - Founder: Ed Sanders // #magazine #art via @boo_hooray https://t.co/qhap7iUbOP
@HarborBooksSGH Thanks for the tweet! Xx
@scorpstar77 @VABookFest So nice to meet you! Hope to see you again before I leave...
RT @DrLindseyFitz: Educational underpants? Design by Eleanor Haswell. https://t.co/prc1IBKBip
@BCDreyer @mashable I know--they're incredibly haunting.
Portraits from an English insane asylum, circa 1869, @mashable: https://t.co/Vzmk1P236e https://t.co/eMU7h2eBS5
"I've got to kill you so I can eat": How the Grimm brothers saved the fairy tale: https://t.co/aKqSrmAA8l https://t.co/iABKk8kK73
@Alexis_Coe I know! Where are you now? Email me...
@Alexis_Coe Agreed. No one did chaos/violence/class warfare, etc. quite like the Victorians...
Incredibly complicated Victorian "eye flirtations": https://t.co/wWG4GZLTG5
Manuscript notes for "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac, born 93 years ago today: https://t.co/dZ4kA6JTpp
"Don't pounce with obvious delight": dance floor etiquette from the 1950s: https://t.co/06K2h4urof
RT @mallelis: Harper Lee wrote In Cold Blood under Truman Capote’s name as a favor before beating Ernest Hemingway in wrestling. https://t.co/MNQZA5Tpfv
@FASHION_hide That was from @BoweryBoys blog...
New York Fashion Week—as it might have been in 1915: https://t.co/QZBbhrWczt https://t.co/HCGzXubZid
@LiteraryLindsey Thanks so much!
RT @LiteraryLindsey: Literary Lindsey Archives: Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy by @KarenAbbott https://t.co/BQh3QKsyij
Gorgeous photos of Victorian women of color, @DangerMindsBlog: https://t.co/jSZKGAfp2V https://t.co/JijWMG7mXj
Great piece on @exlarson and his brand new book, DEAD WAKE: https://t.co/7pMWLKUwXr
@padreJuanM Sorry about that! And good for her. And thanks...
RT @EJBrand: Are you the puker or the first to pass out? Some c18th nicknames for sea-faring drinkers: https://t.co/sBdtSG96Vi
@DalenaVintage Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy. And your store looks fabulous (if I ever get to Austin, I'll stop by)...
@DalenaVintage I read it as an attempt at reverse psychology/concern trolling...
@histoftech Me too! Very Art Deco...
@meganeabbott Yeah, that ain't pretty.
"Don't risk a second helping until you know how the first will behave": The Lost Art of Polite Drinking, 1933: https://t.co/9ULlN3xUOh
RT @deborahblum: U.N. Finds ‘Alarmingly High’ Levels of Violence Against Women https://t.co/NV4bGcPEBa
"Beauty not essential": The "Miss Brooklyn" contest of 1939: https://t.co/fKwnORieIh https://t.co/Rx2baBkbEX
@theladygreer @bellesofhistory Thank you! And she was a very bad belle, indeed...
@larousse1210 Thanks, Kelley! I hope you enjoyed...
RT @MilHistNow: MHN salutes #InternationalWomensDay with author @KarenAbbott on Women in the US Civil War. See https://t.co/OcC37HEe5S https://t.co/JEHg4IKr0Y
@BradHaubert Hmmm, this might be in @besslovejoy's wheelhouse? She wrote a great book called"Rest in Pieces." (sorry, meant as a reply!).
"Catlike, she may do a little stalking": tried and true dating etiquette, 1844-1960: https://t.co/88M69FymVo https://t.co/zQiNOb50io
@jendeaderick always!
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: RT @RetroPhotoPics: Wash Day in New York. 1932 https://t.co/2Kqx5uoM4I https://t.co/2UeF05SGm4 https://t.co/pziTJUo5qI
@ngreen1608 Ha! Thank you. I've never used that angle to sell books, but maybe I should...
RT @ngreen1608: Great book to read when having a panic attack is @KarenAbbott's Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy! Your life is not so difficult in comparison!
@JJT Thanks, John! I hope you enjoy it...
@padreJuanM Congrats to her!
RT @SmithsonianMag: In our March issue, a special focus on Lincoln's assassination including the press reactions and objects found https://t.co/b5amxcOski
"I've suffered ever since": Anti-suffragist posters from the early 20th century: https://t.co/6qhKwwsJX0 https://t.co/JlcEX0agQD
@padreJuanM Thank you!
RT @ErikaRobuck: Longlist for SIBA Book Award! https://t.co/skkyiIG8Ot @KarenWhiteWrite @erikamarksauthr @lostcheerio @KarenAbbott @suemonkkidd @WileyCash ...
@MilHistNow Thanks for the RT!
RT @Jack_ElHai: The Children Who Went Up In Smoke. Intriguing story for @smithsonianmag by @KarenAbbott. https://t.co/c6Y2tq1frr
Bang-beggar, pimpmaker, and other odd jobs of yesteryear, @mental_floss: https://t.co/9nJ1G29rU5 https://t.co/Mj5u97yuiO
"Don't cultivate a 'bicycle face'": Rules for female cyclists, 1895: https://t.co/9vWAH9Lami
The lovely and brilliant @Alexis_Coe will talk about a 19th century sex-related murder—need I say more? Details here: https://t.co/tjfAlrVhhs
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: RT @hauntedohiobook: From opera tiers & tiaras to tatters: 1904 slice-of-life NY reporting https://t.co/FXTq0LgeFz https://t.co/SwaFyhAROx
RT @LaphamsQuart: "I am sick and tired of publicity. I just want to be forgotten." Al Capone, 1929 https://t.co/GzBxNRnpbE https://t.co/jlnmhIFSbS
Oldest surviving footage of #NYC (love the Marilyn moment at 4:00), 1896-1905: https://t.co/iipSIBuGEF
RT @RetroPhotoPics: Two ladies making an elegant “snow Lady” in 1891 https://t.co/t6lWUc1qhe https://t.co/urM75tytAp https://t.co/7nne1btYeD
RT @JamieFord: Historical Badass of the Week: Eartha Kitt, spoke against Vietnam War during a White House luncheon. Also, Catwoman. https://t.co/eDruTRq32b
What it costs to be a well-dressed flapper ($346.50), 1926: https://t.co/B3zbjSq2fV
@m_scribe @OneifbylandMike Thanks, Melody!
@OneifbylandMike Thank you! So pleased you're enjoying...
RT @OneifbylandMike: This book has been my obsessive read over the last 2 days. @KarenAbbott is masterful at weaving the stories together https://t.co/LcRFifj60U
RT @suspirialex: Beautiful late 19th century photograph of the first woman filmmaker, Alice Guy-Blaché https://t.co/ccwuNzEUmy
@bijancbayne @Limerick1914 @BookTV Thank you!
RT @victoriafinlay: God I love twitter. How else would I know Jane Austen used pins to edit? via @openculture https://t.co/yXloIrt0a3 https://t.co/erVvq44iWB
The telegram MLK sent to Malcolm X's wife after his assassination, 50 years ago today: https://t.co/DFbtcBzL25 https://t.co/bvUSg5P5OU
16th century "plague graffiti" reveals a family's tragedy: https://t.co/mW0U5m6tc0 https://t.co/1xe6ISeO8s
@PetBunnyFan Exactly.
Naughty peekaboo fold-out card inspired by "A Streetcar Named Desire, " circa 1948-1955, @hangfirebooks: https://t.co/YqImpwIJJD
RT @EJBrand: Husband sells Bristol woman for a PINT OF BEER (8 July *1914*). Has anyone seen a later wife-sale? https://t.co/6Ir6TQxEps
RT @UniofOxford: JRR Tolkien (yes, THAT one) was fined £1 7s 6d for overdue library books in his 1st year at Oxford (1912). https://t.co/9Oj7PfqPkr
RT @arealliveghost: every time a dude calls another dude "good sir" an angel loses its wings and falls directly into a pile of garbage
@brooklyngray Brooke, thank you! So glad you enjoyed.
@mstcambot Thanks! I'm glad my procrastination benefits someone...;)
@NathanaelBooth @TweetsofOld Haven't we all?
Victorian tips on flirting (at the window and the dinner table): https://t.co/asrlT7rOaN
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: RT @SmithsonianMag: The short rise and fall of the crazy-for-cocoa-trade cards craze https://t.co/8p2f0OX9mH https://t.co/xWY2xrGJjW
@Capellanus1349 @DiggingUp1800 I suppose so, although of course the recipient won't know you're telling him/her to get lost...
RT @JessicaValenti: So many levels of ew here https://t.co/08qBTPw8MK https://t.co/xAfNeZ5lEv
The secret language of stamps, circa 1900: https://t.co/Vo2lPEKmrN https://t.co/Noh6NSTCzP
@ArwenBicknell Aw, thanks so much! Xx
Huckleberry Finn was published in the U.S. 130 yrs ago today. Here's the only known footage of Twain, filmed in 1909: https://t.co/zMEgnye0o3
RT @discovering_NYC: Bird's eye view of Union Square, looking south, 1849. The scale of the city is so different without skyscrapers! #NYC https://t.co/aSWpir6Qmh
Vintage Mardi Gras photos, LIFE magazine, 1938: https://t.co/nK4ZSgGL8f https://t.co/ZLqdb7KVYr
"Who the devil are you?": brazen 19th century calling cards: https://t.co/8v6GgeOd6M https://t.co/Y39ta1AGwZ
@KHerland The female Fagin: https://t.co/UyPlBG4NKR
@KHerland No doubt! Female pickpockets were reportedly more successful than their male counterparts, too...
The #NYC streetcar as a "pickpocket's paradise": Harper's Weekly, 1871: https://t.co/QD3mfg3cG6
RT @TimesArchive: Priceless put down from the Passport Office offends @thetimes reader #OnThisDay 1915 https://t.co/xNiIr0qCde
1927 @thenation cartoon predicting the overdevelopment of Manhattan: https://t.co/gbiep4xs33
RT @brainpicker: The first female psychoanalyst on good, evil, and human nature in letters to Freud https://t.co/T7IUGg8q7N https://t.co/z1t2jwfME9
RT @BoweryBoys: New York once had a Thirteen Club that only met on #FridayThe13th, dining w. coffins, open umbrellas and ladders https://t.co/Cc3P7CPt68
RT @ArwenBicknell: A quote in the amazing Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy on the starving South has me thinking Fricasseed Kitten=great band name. @KarenAbbott
@OneifbylandMike thanks so much for coming!
@Leopolds_IC @SavBookFest I'll get there tomorrow!
Breakfast at Tiffany's most romantic #NYC scenes, mapped: https://t.co/yrH78ABLSp
@Leopolds_IC @SavBookFest Ha! Seriously? How could I resist?
"... as if a photograph had suddenly come to life": a test of television, 1927, @nytimes: https://t.co/o1arG9949W
RT @EJBrand: Gents, why not impress your lady this Valentine's day with a bit of cock-fighting down the pub? THAT's romance (1716) https://t.co/xXQoTD5FNF
"He is a lazy, ungrateful, loafing scoundrel": Three centuries of public spouse shaming: https://t.co/n8bI0sHmiJ https://t.co/9ylbLt0gma
RT @Loudmouthkid62: “@brainpicker: Joan Didion's favorite recipes https://t.co/5a0B9pvyVn https://t.co/2CDv6eKnq2 #JoanDidion #recipes
George Owell's notes from "1984" and other famous rough drafts: https://t.co/u8KN5Dsffu https://t.co/L5Q6kmeZDK
Love my landlady's cameo on @broadcity. She asks "What's a FOMO?" around 1:10: https://t.co/R5GieGZNwP
Seven types of drunkard, and 16 other weirdly wonderful lists from #history, @PublicDomainRev: https://t.co/Dp8NicmXpN https://t.co/esyaGldE7V
I can't write to music, but give me some "Victorian London" ambience and I'm good to go: https://t.co/GDYszbehGZ
RT @WAMCRoundtable: On now: @KarenAbbott joins us to talk about what a few tough women were doing during the #CivilWar.
RT @BenLillie: Amazing story by @deborahblum on potential suppression of science by Nevada state officials: https://t.co/hSjQ0R1yDG
10 real-life female spies (including Mary Jane Bowser) who deserve their own movie franchises, @LaurenDavis @io9: https://t.co/MisONnHfSe
RT @collectorswkly: Sailors would give glass rolling pins to women they were wooing in the 18c. #ValentinesDay https://t.co/ZuR02es45N https://t.co/xWe4QwQPea
@SaraGruen @JoshilynJackson CANNOT WAIT to see you both!
RT @SaraGruen: ATLANTA: Come see me 4/1 - I will be interviewed by @KarenAbbott and introduced by @JoshilynJackson. Tix: https://t.co/fdkeNjnfSP #AtWE
RT @rebleber: Oh good, scientists discover proof humans were poisoning the world 500 years ago too, via @sjkollmorgen https://t.co/GtKIond0P3
"...from grandes down to hoodlums": rhyming drugstore advertisements, 1885, @PublicDomainRev: https://t.co/AQYbItckzf https://t.co/TPb9vkYh7U
@Southwrite Thanks, Randy!
RT @BCDreyer: "I would have shown the people* of Alabama the respect they deserve." —Clarence Thomas *Except the homos. https://t.co/XwlXpr8mEM
The 13 qualifications of a "typical flapper, " 1922: https://t.co/IjggRgM0gJ
@silkenfloss there was talk of moving her body back to the Shenandoah Valley, but she's still in Wisconsin.
RT @parisreview: In honor of the UK’s #NationalLibrariesDay, we bring you “The Nympho Librarian”: https://t.co/PbFb0h5VQT https://t.co/gHnPH58S2E
RT @Limerick1914: 51 people were murdered by lynch mobs in the U.S. in 1913. 50 of them were African Americans. https://t.co/N4T1Y7NazP
RT @TinaWhittle: Sneaks and Subversives and Society Belles: an interview with author Karen Abbott @SavBookFest @KarenAbbott https://t.co/pAyaDog3TQ
RT @pourmecoffee: Stop doing this. RT @msnbc Is the science clear on vaccines? Vote in our survey right now: https://t.co/EE31ucidch https://t.co/YifdTLKhu9
RT @FLAPPERHOUSE: Our editor cannot stop reading @KarenAbbott's LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY: FOUR WOMEN UNDERCOVER IN THE CIVIL WAR https://t.co/U2lnOwvU1i
"Don't let your husband become a slob": advice for wives, 1929: https://t.co/UEezEPofPL
@alexanderchee They're better than the book (and I say that as a rabid Dexter fan).
@alexanderchee Pete Dexter's "Spooner" has the best acknowledgments of all time...
Portraits of former slaves, taken 70 years after the end of the #civilwar, @mashable: https://t.co/P8jNLXf18q https://t.co/KwWgnAK7j2
RT @sarahw: Holy CRAP. https://t.co/E09E8Trj1z
RT @lunaticcarl: MT @Laur_Katz: In 1961, Michael Rockefeller vanished. Here are 9 reasons we know cannibals ate him: https://t.co/6egz1uCynM @WmMorrowBks
@alisonlaw @LitHousewife @KarenWhitereads @HarperAudio Thank you, Ms. Panther!
@ndresmarino @FuckTheory No, June 16 is Bloomsday, the date of Ulysses's setting.
Happy birthday to James Joyce, born on Feb. 2, 1882. Here's a 1924 recording of him reading from Ulysses: https://t.co/RfY99opLNF
RT @BookTV: Next Sat. Feb 14 we're LIVE @SavBookFest sched incl. @KarenAbbott @sjauhar @lunaticcarl & more, sched: https://t.co/3QoD5vptp6
Edgar Allan Poe's "batshit crazy" theory of everything, @sciam: https://t.co/4RPL04j8mV
@KarenWhitereads @LitHousewife @HarperAudio Thank you, Jennifer! And yes, @KarenWhitereads is damn good.
@meganeabbott I know! There are some hard-boiled gems on there...
"Her smile was as misleading as a detour": The best similes of 1926: https://t.co/u53s5FCLph
RT @atlasobscura: Secret Libraries of Rome https://t.co/YR2Up1mAcr https://t.co/xruDj26WUb
@SometimesNReads Thanks, Nicole! I hope you're enjoying...
RT @TomBeerBooks: The scoop on that poorly edited obit for Colleen McCullough in The Australian: https://t.co/RLl1zXCDit h/t @etamny
@HollyMichael Just read your blog--so funny!
@alisonlaw @SheReadsBookCLB @DeniseKiernan @HelenRappaport @sarahchurchwell Thanks, Pantheress!
RT @alisonlaw: Books about historical women: https://t.co/61q49O19e1 via @SheReadsBookCLB. Feat @KarenAbbott @DeniseKiernan @HelenRappaport @sarahchurchwell
@lilyburana Love your profile pic, by the way--you look fabulous! Hope you're well... Xx
Inside the Loew's 46th Street theater, @abandonednyc: https://t.co/yDRkO7XKeF https://t.co/sbx2zM5Hf7
RT @BeschlossDC: Contents of Abraham Lincoln's pockets at moment of his assassination, not shown to public for 111 years: #LOC https://t.co/V9b502eKcr
@R_E_Thomas It does--some decent reverse psychology...
@JeffAbbott Ha! Not exactly, but not a bad idea...
"Do not make a cheap fool of yourself": Ten Commandments for flappers, circa 1922: https://t.co/WvBnTBsdxO
Four missing #CivilWar submarines found?: https://t.co/Yn4MKH1Wpa
@FITLibrary I get it!
@FITLibrary A book by one Ms. Blanche Ebbutt.
"Don't say your wife wastes time in reading": Dos and Don'ts for husbands and wives, 1913: https://t.co/PcVuEkjmQq
RT @alex_segura: In love with the cover to @believekarolina's upcoming novel, THE INVADERS. Pre-order away! https://t.co/z5GhWZAtgR https://t.co/WnNlPSyX3O
Vintage cinema warnings, 1912: https://t.co/Xf4nY9s8Jl https://t.co/QcbjPueYjx
"Delicate and well-formed" or "wide and exotic"?: Sending "lipstick kisses" to soldiers, Life magazine, 1942: https://t.co/r5YDNkoxkj
RT @theretronaut: 1888: The Great Blizzard (10 pictures and the story: https://t.co/MMf8mUo2mm) https://t.co/x0x6eXBnNb
@LizzieMW13 Thanks, Lizzie! So glad you enjoyed...
#NYC's first motorized snowplow? The Blizzard of 1899, @EphemeralNY: https://t.co/ANe2wcx8BX https://t.co/lcwivpgyPT
"What good shall I do this day?": Benjamin Franklin's ideal daily routine: https://t.co/4mnbHIu9X7
RT @brainpicker: Virginia Woolf, born on this day in 1882, on how to read a book https://t.co/GT0bLyd6Zi https://t.co/sy3d1NqAAf
@oline_eaton Is that June in DC? I am now too old to remember such things... ;)
@BCDreyer @shelfrisch @RahawaHaile Thank you! An Aquarian trilogy...
RT @HarvardLibrary: Colorful print demonstrates military communication methods (and military style) of 1817. https://t.co/llEiPyNo0E https://t.co/VQgghn1PI3
RT @MilHistNow: Heroines, Smugglers & Spies: The Astounding Contributions of Women to the American Civil War. By author @KarenAbbott https://t.co/RtSEF0ombD
@Dan_Wohl No! I hadn't seen it--thanks for the link. Mine has been optioned; hopefully something will happen with it...
@BookishinCT Thanks so much for reading! Would you like me to join in? Email me: [email protected]
RT @pointofinquiry: [email protected] discuses her book, "Liar Temptress Soldier Spy" about women who served as spies during the Civil War: https://t.co/MK9GjIbS4J
"I have a little room to paint in": Zelda Fitzgerald's abandoned sanatorium, @atlasobscura: https://t.co/Y8w9O1n1kk https://t.co/SzvqZKUE2S
@BillDedman I think "Stuffed Shirts" would make a great title for smut.
@chelseagsummers The lovely @joweldon is an old friend, and completely brilliant! I will check out @veronicavarlow.
@chelseagsummers Thanks so much! I really appreciate that. And I'd love to see you perform sometime....
Swell, bum, booze, and other "vulgarisms of speech, " 1929: https://t.co/V32mzZWgYE
RT @SmithsonianMag: Rough drafts of Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches show intimate moments of his thought process https://t.co/KgEcdoNd9P
@JamieFord @BillDedman Yes! Reunion at the Liberty Bell sometime in the future (and in the meantime let me know if you're ever in NYC).
So Phileas Fogg, Edgar Allan Poe, and the Cat in the Hat walk into a bar... @JamieFord @BillDedman https://t.co/aDPIKHWeSc
"Give us patience, good Lord, not Ulysses S. Grant": A Confederate woman's #civilwar diary, January 17, 1865: https://t.co/TcWVA2h6cm
@KHerland 100 percent.
"I hope you're not so tired as you look": Victorian-style catfight, 1890: https://t.co/TvQCah3WbE
RT @JamieFord: Had the weirdest dream last night. I was hanging out with @KarenAbbott and @BillDedman... #PQGirlfriendWeekend https://t.co/VL1SwmoR3B
RT @figgled: Things Women Over 30 Should Never Wear 1. exploding glove 2. ham sandwich 3. flaming fireplace 4. Dead bird helmet 6. shark eggs
The 20 oldest buildings in #NYC: https://t.co/10kYNwL4d8 https://t.co/hbDddmBSsv
@miss_amandamae I know! I was surprised at how blunt the descriptions are.
"Is quite handsome but despises broomstick exercise": list of elegible bachelors, 1880: https://t.co/jK0z0f6uu8 https://t.co/HQYfYU6LHe
15 intimate photos of the Romanov family taken shortly before their execution, 1915-1916, @mashable: https://t.co/1L2lodMrEp
@LitHousewife @KarenWhitereads She has probably tried to seduce him from the grave!
@LitHousewife @KarenWhitereads Love it! And I love that Belle is still infamous in West Virginia, 150 years later...
Swan-billed flask, circa 1895, @MuseumofCityNY: https://t.co/LvzyJlGRnL
@LitHousewife @KarenWhitereads Thanks so much, Jennifer! So glad you enjoyed...
"Have supper started when I return": Stereograph celebrating the "new" woman, 1907: https://t.co/hw8MVX5Tov
@tonyriches @RebeccaJPalmer1 Thanks, Rebecca!
@RealLizGaribay @Vice_District It's ON.
Five medical innovations of the #CivilWar, including facial reconstruction, @mental_floss: https://t.co/ixvcrMVUZ3 https://t.co/I55CKQTsKp
RT @EJBrand: I love everything about this MT @tweedcroft An 18thC advertisement for cheese https://t.co/wCzlPeycQ0
@sreggie I'm in New York! Miserable, but I suppose Chicago has us beat.
@sreggie Of course! And good to connect with you on here...
@BCDreyer Perhaps you were a witchy stripper spy in a former life?
@BCDreyer She would certainly agree with you!
@BCDreyer It was yesterday, actually, and I missed it! She would've been 104.
"I've a good mind to chuck cocktails": anti-flapper cartoon, 1927: https://t.co/xqlazYu0z3
Can we apply this to cellphones, too? Rules for talkers, 1868: https://t.co/0fcuy6KntJ
@silkenfloss Perfect.
@silkenfloss I actually hadn't! Thanks for the link--interesting woman...
@jshbooks Thank you, Julia!
RT @DanRodricks: NEXT: MIDDAY ENCORE: "LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY" 1-2 pm @MiddayWYPR @KarenAbbott #women #CivilWar @WYPR881FM on-air online #coolhistory
Gorgeous abandoned spaces in #NYC: https://t.co/I2yC9yciMy https://t.co/mDe0HUZYg3
"A woman rebels against the idea of being too quickly and too easily won": Dating advice, 1888: https://t.co/9Rltn89o0J
@LitHousewife @KarenWhitereads Thanks, Jennifer! So glad you're enjoying...
RT @believekarolina: One of my faves. RT @Longreads "No one had ever heard of a perfume concert." @michellelegro https://t.co/ALeUzsh7x6 https://t.co/hyciOEd4T4
"a week of hard labor for stealing iron": Mugshots of Victorian child criminals: https://t.co/1ZnWyKIUoe https://t.co/zJyMY06N7n
RT @jackshafer: The Secret History of Women in the Senate by @lizamundy https://t.co/5J6DZ35TTH
@Gwenda Definitely! 19th century catfight: https://t.co/MYuMQXjb4C
@Gwenda True! It reads like a third base coach's signal list to me... What if a gentleman misinterpreted?
Victorian tips on flirting (with gloves, handkerchief, or parasol): https://t.co/Xe5GdHmhZV
RT @HarperCollins: The world’s most beautiful libraries, in pictures, via @huffpostbooks: https://t.co/hxWRROw6Fc
@R_E_Thomas I wondered that myself! I'm partial to 2.5 boobs.
@LindsayWrites Thank you! Hope she enjoys it...
@LindsayWrites Ha! Not directly, but maybe indirectly?
Trick photograph of woman with two heads, 1901: https://t.co/BnJuuj3XFY
@JeffAbbott Clearly we cannot! How will the Republic survive?
"... it's great importance": Thomas Jefferson's grammatical error in a letter to Robert Livingston, April 1800: https://t.co/xvyZtglD4m
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: A 1750s lady striving (not too hard) to keep off winter's "piercing Cold": https://t.co/gahcVAClOW https://t.co/KBCroG52d4
@tylerweaver thanks, Tyler!
This accurately depicts my motivation level for today. Happy New Year's, everyone... https://t.co/P6bxnkKb9s
"The call should not exceed 10 or 15 minutes": Speed-dating on New Year's Day, circa 1888: https://t.co/2dHaMlLP5W https://t.co/dY2dhtPuc9
RT @collectorswkly: Best of Collectors Weekly 2014: Naughty Nuns, Flatulent Monks, and Other Surprises of Sacred Medieval Manuscripts https://t.co/Z8ehUOvUtN
@StalkintheBooks @EscapingSarah Hope you enjoy! And happy new year...
@ArielLawhon @RealRiverJordan @PulpwoodQueen I SO wish you were coming this year!
@RealRiverJordan @ArielLawhon @PulpwoodQueen It took some work, but I *finally* found a (somewhat) PG-13 rated flight attendant costume.
@KimvanAlkemade thanks, Kim!
@SuperWriterMom Thank you!
Thanks to @amazonbooks for naming LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY one of the best history books of 2014: https://t.co/FtmiIrLUsX
RT @rossritchell: Great read on Civil War vets writing w/ their left hands after losing their right @KarenAbbott https://t.co/DL9P0EMiT1 @WordsAfterWar
@jessicahandler thanks, m'lady!
RT @petstarr: I just heard someone refer to the selfie stick as "the wand of Narcissus". I think we can all agree that's its official name from now on.
RT @SlateVault: Lithographic limestone used to make cigar labels in Havana, ca. 1900 https://t.co/7LOmUA1RnP via @collectorswkly https://t.co/rMBEo2TcvI
@SaraGruen Don't you mean Rabbott? ;)
@LettyPB @SaraGruen You're in for a treat!
I am particularly excited for #7 on this list! @SaraGruen: https://t.co/hbF4JrBwA5
@bookaliciousmom Thank you!
@exlarson I know. BOOM!
"Were you ever mistaken for a man?" Cartoon about changing gender roles, 1896: https://t.co/6wLlXnvhaL
@KatWithSword Thank you! So glad you enjoyed...
@marketingbyzip Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed...
@silkenfloss Thanks, lady! xx
@DanBlank Do not despair! I took that last week, sometime shortly after 5 p.m.
#NYC at dusk... https://t.co/DcpXgoGa6z
RT @KatWithSword: My #Fridayreads is @KarenAbbott's amazing LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY which is so so great.
@KatWithSword @chelseagsummers Thanks to you both! And here's to badass ladies...
RT @PursuitMag: The year's best spy books, as suggested by @Parnassus1—including this gem by @KarenAbbott: https://t.co/MjkKqsnb0x https://t.co/iWiVTHZZD5
Vintage ads depict a smoking, lecherous Santa: https://t.co/rB67FU1HR8 https://t.co/6LdDW4aU0y
@FaiththeWriter Same to you.
@FaiththeWriter @SmithsonianMag Thank you!
My (old) piece about the Sodder children, who went missing on Dec. 24, 1945, @SmithsonianMag: https://t.co/Jnpo4xwokt https://t.co/jKmEbeFG97
"I am forever ruined": The plight of "empty sleeve" #CivilWar vets, my latest for @NYTcivilwar: https://t.co/BH7LmbUYcP
@mattsorokas Thanks so much, Matt!
RT @LaughingSquid: ‘Ghost Ship’, An Eerie Apparition of a 17th-Century Ship Projected With Water on a Canal in Amsterdam https://t.co/CEjusdN8Rx
"Life's too short for groping" and other motivational posters from the 1920s and 1930s: https://t.co/eR7gkpbpSR https://t.co/M8wPSQ3xe1
The history (and current scourge) of "manspreading": https://t.co/bja0j4VOBm https://t.co/piqbDmhE9t
@octaviabooks Thanks, guys! Xx
@HarperCollins @Loudmouthkid62 Thanks, Maura!
@SarahMMcCoy Thank you for giving my books! Drinks on me when I see you. Xx
Men sitting on laps, circa 1900: https://t.co/fvrkQBMGOi
@JTPLtweet Thanks for having me! Loved chatting with you ladies...
@SmithsonianMag @TonyHorwitz Sorry! Obviously I meant PTSD. Lesson: never tweet before coffee...
"More or less irrational as long as he lived": @TonyHorwitz on #CivilWar soldiers with PSTD, in @SmithsonianMag: https://t.co/oowVwHaFf8
Student doodles from the middle ages: https://t.co/D1PV6GGfit https://t.co/b3Ua88D0WN
@SarahsShelves @EmilyMandel @rgay Thanks, Sarah!
RT @BeschlossDC: Orville Wright wires father about Wright Brothers' historic flights this week 1903: #LOC https://t.co/2WBtcpS4lL
@traderscrucible Will do--thanks for the tip! ;)
@traderscrucible I know! Considering he's not even her date, I can't quite see what his problem is...
"The last straw is to pass out from too much liquor": Dating tips for single ladies, 1938: https://t.co/wD4lnJ8a31 https://t.co/s2AqCaTYKi
RT @HarperCollins: [email protected]'s Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy is named one of @flavorwire's best nonfiction books of 2014: https://t.co/cn6xeemhw1
@JFieldsAuthor @ErikaRobuck I'll definitely be making that trip.
@JFieldsAuthor @ErikaRobuck Interesting (and tragic!). I was wondering about her other houses...
@JTPLtweet Looking forward to our chat!
Edith Wharton's home is now a Starbucks: https://t.co/LX7TwhGt5t https://t.co/iM86dAFxpF
RT @thebookslut: It is the feast day of St Lucy who, when a man said she had beautiful eyes, cut them out and gave them to him. https://t.co/DbB9oEYBdN
My reading picks for the @WSJ: @garykrist's EMPIRE OF SIN and @walterkirn's BLOOD WILL OUT: https://t.co/7hkpwPqRla
@Loudmouthkid62 @heydonnelly @flavorwire @Marilynajohnson @walterkirn @lsjamison Thanks--honored to be on this list!
Thanks to @flavorwire and @heydonnelly for naming LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY one of the best books of 2014: https://t.co/T1RxqD9zlF
Paul Revere's 1795 time capsule unearthed in Boston: https://t.co/pMucIa4gOr
RT @NYAMHistory: A similar list, "things which are bad for all babies" https://t.co/O8B2DhAdMO @2nerdyhistgirls @KarenAbbott https://t.co/HrdDO5NDyz
RT @accessarchives: Dec 10, 1884: Twain published The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. About the Illustrations: https://t.co/4U9AZ1HMe3 https://t.co/U5QvV0JX8v
RT @KateManning10: The past is present? Life Inside the Drunk, Rowdy World of New Amsterdam https://t.co/kSE307dDwh
RT @spencertweedy: Every year, my friend Michelle does a Letters to Santa drive. This is a real letter from a kid in Englewood, Chicago: https://t.co/66GNaEQx5J
@pablo_dulce @morbidanatomy @AMNH You had me at "bird specimens."
@litrvixen Perfect.
@capnmarrrrk @chelseagsummers Which he well deserves!
"This is the ladies' entrance": A surly St. Peter rebukes a bloomer-clad woman, Life magazine 1896: https://t.co/2TqpQpEMVr
RT @mallelis: 100% the only thought in this baby's head is "i am the goddamn king" https://t.co/KAJuoLdhfx
RT @rgay: At @TheButterBlog I made a list of "interesting" moments in literary criticism, profiles, etc. https://t.co/4JlfukeN13
RT @KarenWhitereads: Woo hoo! LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY @KarenAbbott is Book Bloggers top Nonfiction 2104 @rivercityreadin @HarperAudio https://t.co/3kA9RArJ8M
@DarleneMarshall No doubt! The only thing she was missing was exploitative parents...
@DarleneMarshall Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy...
@rivercityreadin Hey, I just saw I won the Book Blogger Top Pick--thank you so much!
RT @ChiTribBooks: Karen Abbott received a wild beast of a book that changed her life. Read today's author #giftbooks post. https://t.co/uyR6wA74tJ
RT @exlarson: Lovely item in UK "Bookseller" re: my next: ‘Marvelous…will haul your heart up to your mouth as you wait for the deadly torpedo strike.'
No liars, dirty faces or smallpox: A public library's rules for patrons, 1930 (h/t @T_R_Berry: https://t.co/jUSd7NzhVp
@T_R_Berry Love it! What year is that from?
Unforgettable photos from the attack on Pearl Harbor, 73 years ago today: https://t.co/y0v0YpiEBc https://t.co/UGcrFa2TK6
@annieblooms @BWBooks thanks so much!
@SuperWriterMom @prisakiss Thanks! I hope you enjoy it. She was quite something...
Lost 1842 Walt Whitman poem found, @SmithsonianMag: https://t.co/q2KqFRQrlk
Thanks to the @csmonitor for naming LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY one of the top ten best nonfiction books of 2014: https://t.co/9InRr2w5r7
RT @openculture: It’s Joan Didion’s 80th birthday, and you can read 13 of her masterful essays free online: https://t.co/EEyaubOhxP https://t.co/tQAsiIjWS7
@WinningMediaNJ @SmithsonianMag Hopefully soon! Finishing one for @NYTcivilwar first...
@WinningMediaNJ @ParnassusBooks1 Thanks so much! I adore your store and it's an honor. And thanks to the immensely talented @ArielLawhon...
RT @AmExperiencePBS: MT @amhistorymuseum: #OTD in 1783: Gen. Washington announces his resignation. His uniform: https://t.co/Ca0VFsGcX6 https://t.co/PHt7TwSsCT
@imjasondiamond They all look defunct/expired. Hope someone starts a new one.
Bloodletting, trepanning, and other horrifying medieval medical procedures: https://t.co/ma5NWwnDg2 https://t.co/Q28asEJrbU
RT @Biographile: Explore the pros and cons of writing about real people and events with biographer @KarenAbbott https://t.co/eISScRheLP
110 years of #NYC celebrating the holidays: https://t.co/Q1iHBU5lVT https://t.co/VaU1pZORKZ
RT @mental_floss: Gossip from a Declassified 1955 CIA Spy Report of a Soviet Cocktail Party — https://t.co/YpT2s9QNl5 https://t.co/pmJ6LPVkR3
RT @ReneeRosen1: Give a listen to my radio interview with @KoganAfterHours RT: Renee Rosen knows 'What the Lady Wants' https://t.co/bMP1Wvv0
RT @sterlewine: Plus one on this (but I note there’s two Ts in @meganeabbott) RT @kfan: kateracculia: READ MEGAN ABBOT https://t.co/POTMrMxi
Holiday shopping in #NYC 100 years ago: https://t.co/nWZRQkNjxd #twitterstorians
@nordbergj Your book is on my to-read list! I've heard such great things...
RT @rivercityreadin: [email protected], @mendelsund & @nordbergj are nonfic finalists in Book Blogger Top Picks. Vote for your favorite! http:/…
@rivercityreadin @mendelsund @nordbergj Thanks so much! Quite an honor...
RT @collectorswkly: Before Rockwell, a Gay Artist Defined the Perfect American Male https://t.co/5pxVrmqRW9 https://t.co/zJuDN3sKYD
RT @ArielLawhon: Wrote my first shelf talker today at @ParnassusBooks1 for #IndiesFirst. Went with @KarenAbbott's LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY
@ArielLawhon @ParnassusBooks1 Thanks, m'lady! Xx
@LitNewEngland Thank you!
RT @LitNewEngland: Need a #FridayReads? Try @KarenAbbott's #LiarTemptressSoldierSpy & hear her here https://t.co/lHCTMyjFhB #LitNewEngland
RT @atlasobscura: The 1920s Puppeteer Whose Inflatable Monsters Changed Thanksgiving https://t.co/8gEF7qcEhA https://t.co/v9QRqEcvyD
RT @BookTV: @ 11a ET @KarenAbbott recounts the covert exploits of 4 women during the Civil War @HarperCollins @Malaprops https://t.co/eFoVDc
@GStarnesAuthor Thanks so much, Greg!
Life magazine reports on the wedding of a turkey-obsessed bride, 1948: https://t.co/dpnWwMRPE1 #Thanksgiving https://t.co/spwD6mLdMk
Long-lost, 16, 000-word letter that inspired "On the Road" has been found: https://t.co/ix8B2oU2Wt
RT @BostonGlobe: PHOTO: Michael Brown's mother after the #ferguson grand jury verdict https://t.co/wIBPiVjJ33
RT @KarenWhitereads: Vote for LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY @KarenAbbott @HarperAudio finalist in Book Blogger Top Picks @rivercityreadin h…
RT @besslovejoy: Masonic cryptogram grave at Trinity Churchyard. @atlasobscura has the code here, natch: https://t.co/72HGWvA8UA https://t.co
@JohnBick1960 @ArwenBicknell @FountainBkstore Ha! Tell her thanks...
@Dan_Wohl Thank you so much, Dan! I really appreciate that.
RT @activehistory: A female mason high above Berlin, c. 1900 #twitterstorians: https://t.co/Cvf8uF7qSz https://t.co/5escciUHvD
@DeniseKiernan @goodreads Thank you, you delicious thing! Xx
"... a pile of paper covered with wrong words": Dorothy Parker's telegram to her editor, 1945: https://t.co/Uj3jkUbeFo
More women in bloomers and men as "inferior animals, " Punch magazine, 1851: #twitterstorians https://t.co/cBTbVRdlVt
@mstcambot Ha! And thank you...
@SpanglishGuiri Thanks!
@katja_anderson Thanks, lady!
Last chance to vote in the @goodreads choice awards! If you enjoyed LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY, please vote here: https://t.co/QwzK0xVqEv
@Loudmouthkid62 Thank you!
RT @PunchBooks: More PUNCH on 'strong-minded American women' - wearing Bloomers and smoking cigars. 1851 @KarenAbbott @north_of_north http:…
RT @atlasobscura: A clock set in a Manhattan sidewalk has been telling time underfoot for over a century https://t.co/dVs9iJH4Re https://t.co
One of the best pieces of journalism I've read all year. @SabrinaRErdely on rape culture at UVA: https://t.co/hDeVj1sm6D
@NoThisIsAshley Ha! Perfect. Wonder if they also had this problem (and were too polite to write about it)?: https://t.co/0cAdh8YpNs
Life Magazine cartoon about the dangers of #NYC cable cars, 1895: https://t.co/IU2Q7HcFwf
"My 18 fat turkeys shot down in my yard": A rebel woman describes the coming of Sherman's men to her home: https://t.co/KMGjRMWhUs #CivilWar
RT @SmithsonianMag: Seeking Abraham Lincoln at the Gettysburg Address (delivered today in 1863) https://t.co/Oxk18CSa5d https://t.co/X30vcTh6
@GStarnesAuthor Thanks, Greg!
@DoingDewey Thank you!
@harperbooks @bookaliciousmom @goodreads Thanks, lady! Xx
RT @harperbooks: Congrats Abbott! RT @karenabbott: LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY is a finalist for a @goodreads Choice Award! Please vote http…
RT @tanehisicoates: Abolitionists knew definitions of race were insane. Used it against slaveholders by depicting "white" slaves. https://t.…
RT @wunderkamercast: An outstanding piece from @collectorswkly on sprit communication and the devices used to 'speak' to 'the dead' http:/…
"Bringeth down the menses": The history of abortifacients, @Jezebel (cc: @KateManning10): https://t.co/0EaUYnDH1q
@ReneeRosen1 How could I forget? Interesting presentation, and interesting aftermath with a certain judge...
RT @ReneeRosen1: The White City at #Chicago's 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. https://t.co/2E7ihlWyva
How fashion has flattened, bent and broken bones throughout the centuries: https://t.co/I6tKFi5m1Y https://t.co/zqlkstCrDq
@alisonlaw @MaryKubica Thanks, ladies!
@kgreen @goodreads Thank you!
@twiley1012 @goodreads Thank you!
RT @exlarson: Ha! My new NYC neighborhood--back in 1888. https://t.co/fkZ4lHwQlR
LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY is a finalist for a @goodreads Choice Award! Please click here to vote, and thanks: https://t.co/QwzK0xVqEv
@joshuapaddison Good find! I'd guess it was based on that.
@north_of_north Punch magazine, a British publication...
Cartoon mocking "strong-minded American women, " 1851: #twitterstorians https://t.co/4lNOfo1YyD
Whimsical cocktail pricing in Rome: https://t.co/G6nN3gWRna
RT @Jenny_ORegan: RT for a chance to #win WHAT THE LADY WANTS by @ReneeRosen1! My followers are eligible. Ends 11/13. https://t.co/EHZFVcDQ00
RT @harperbooks: Vote today! RT @karenabbott: Thrilled that LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY is a finalist for a @goodreads choice award! http…
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: MT @Whomil: Unknown man, by Merry-Joseph Blondel (fab name!), 1835. Rather dishy, isn't he? #SpexAppeal https://t.co/dP
@SarahsShelves @HarperCollins thanks, Sarah!
RT @KarenWhitereads: Vote today, then vote again @goodreads, & @KarenAbbott's LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY @HarperAudio is a candidate https:…
Thrilled that LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY is a finalist for a @goodreads choice award! Please click through to vote https://t.co/GJfysExrK1
RT @EverydayeBook: Rejoice fans of civil war & women’s history with @KarenAbbott's fantastic–and true–story of four role-busting women. htt…
RT @HayesBrown: I want to tell 1998 all about this RT @dylanmatt: We live in a very strange world. https://t.co/OymUF5LFAm
@Son_Of_Ray Agreed. @scgwynne was showing off Stonewall Jackson's last night.
Clara Barton death mask, 1912: https://t.co/btJvkIpRnr
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: New post: Review of "Embellishments: Constructing Victorian Detail" https://t.co/Oj6D0pxDJG https://t.co/kW8lxeJph7 #fas…
@emilygatlin Thank you, lady!
@jessicahandler Exactly.
John D. Rockefeller ducks for apples and stays out past his bedtime, #Halloween 1914: https://t.co/atfsZVn7YX
"Her mouth is said to be sliced open from ear to ear": 15 tales of female ghosts, @mental_floss : https://t.co/CaG4nTcala
@ErikaRobuck CALL ME ZELDA has been in my treat pile, too! (after years of Civil War tomes). And the new one looks fascinating...
@ErikaRobuck @LibraryJournal Thank you!
Thrilled and honored that LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY is one of @LibraryJournal's best books of 2014!: https://t.co/hf3mtPjG5P
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@LettyPB Thank you, Letty!
RT @scgwynne: Join @KarenAbbott and me in Philly at the Central Library for @AuthorEvents as we discuss our new books! https://t.co/HrL6261e
"The bridegroom was attired in a close-fitting silk dress": An 1895 prediction of a 21st century wedding: https://t.co/SnSGtWMXHw
@WriterCindyWB @LitNewEngland Likewise! Thanks for a great interview...
A "most melancholy accident": The fatal London Beer Flood of 1814: https://t.co/rusOW8Pd9V
RT @LitNewEngland: Win @KarenAbbott's #LiarTemptressSoldierSpy! Listen to tonite's #LitNewEngland Radio Show https://t.co/lHCTMy249x
The Michelin man, a pork chop, and other vintage Halloween costumes: https://t.co/kGOLSfYqj2
@joweldon I love him! Fantastically, gorgeously creepy. https://t.co/G5NyMIzcNl
"an extended series of heads cut off": photographing the guillotine: https://t.co/6eGCeYLw4I
RT @BCDreyer: As Halloween approaches, I remind fright devotees that one can listen to Shirley Jackson herself read The Lottery: https://t.c
@nealthompson Thanks! Xx
RT @TomBeerBooks: Ann Patchett is married...to her dog? I'm glad it's stabilizing, anyway. #nytbr https://t.co/nIxTguxdj5
@Gwenda @ilona_andrews Just read it. Wow. NOT OKAY.
@Gwenda @ilona_andrews What did I miss? Who is stalking whom?
@RebeccaSchinsky @MissLiberty You are badass. I salute you from my couch, potato chips and wine in hand.
Yes he is. https://t.co/3OO62gOqQS
RT @heyemilyharris: My take on a book review phrase gone wrong for @tnr https://t.co/7HfcJfnopn
@SarahDemp Thanks, Sarah! I hope you enjoy...
"Fire priggers, " "moon-eyed hens" and "nimgimmers": entries from "The Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, " 1811: https://t.co/d6sxkIzMUU
RT @TheAtlantic: Photos of crypts, catacombs, chapels, and memorials decorated with human bones https://t.co/omT2pXP0Wh https://t.co/m6m3KGVh
RT @tnr: Everyone missed the point in the debate over the sexist WaPo review of @KarenAbbott's new book: https://t.co/AGUxP6KRQb
@amosmagliocco Definitely--the early 20th century was prime time for those notions...
@amosmagliocco Agreed. And of course it still lingers, to some extent.
Childlessness will be "followed by evil consequences": from a medical encyclopedia, 1913: https://t.co/QaKFGlcKQR
French soldier's room unchanged 96 years after his death in #WWI: https://t.co/rxMm39Ps8w
@paulingram26 @alexanderchee @Prairie_Lights No, but I've heard good things. Getting back to fiction after five years of Civil War tomes.
@Wendy_Mc @alexanderchee Why am I not surprised? And now I must check out your book!
@Wendy_Mc Thank you! And I hope you enjoy...
RT @guardian: Breaking Bad Blu-ray covers, as illustrated by Ralph Steadman – in pictures https://t.co/DJPnGAipt5 https://t.co/Ml8PVDFoVe
@alexanderchee Thanks so much. Xx
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RT @WildlyLived: When people say #handcheck I'm assuming this isn't what they mean, but I can't put it down @harperbooks @KarenAbbott http:…
Confederate office's scandalous #CivilWar diary decoded: https://t.co/TSciXIBDvO
@maggieyancey You too! (it's back up now)...
@maggieyancey Thank you! Somehow that slipped past me. Should be fixed momentarily...
@haltman @gaylelemmon Thank you!
@haltman Thank you! Emailing incoming shortly...
RT @haltman: Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy one hell of a good read https://t.co/0NsaBBT7Ae #sizzlehistory @KarenAbbott #civilwar #espionage
@ericbikeco Thank you! And yes, he is a dingbat. A hypocritical, sexist old hack of a dingbat.
Slave photo discovered from Robert E. Lee's home: https://t.co/a1OVaUgvy8 #civilwar
@DouglasCrets I'm not a very prolific tweeter, I suppose...
@ToddGailun @Vensette @andieanderson You can reach me at: [email protected]
@T_R_Berry @BookHamptons It was so great to meet you! Email coming shortly... Xx
@Ted_Scheinman Thank you! Xx
@maudnewton @RonHogan Thanks, both of you!
RT @maudnewton: Jonathan Yardley criticizes @KarenAbbott's Liar, Temptress, Soldier Spy for inadequate sourcing; she has 60 pages, bio he w…
@PhoebeLDail @HumanitiesTN So glad you came! Thank you...
RT @atlasobscura: On October 11, 1907, 15 bison boarded a train from the Bronx to save their kind in Oklahoma - https://t.co/zzjF4XYHJe #OTD
Ancient shipwreck yields new treasures, including a primitive computer: https://t.co/hKxGp3uS80 #twitterstorians
My response to Jonathan Yardley's review in the Washington Post @BookWorld: https://t.co/lYGvnma93d
@Anj_T @TheBookMaven Thank you! Hope you're enjoying...
RT @heydonnelly: And now in @flavorwire, @KarenAbbott talks to @Alexis_Coe about Alice + Freda forever: https://t.co/LEmCpTPSV0
@Dollymopp Absolutely—the sisters spared no expense. Spent thousands in renovations and decor every year.
@TetonLibrary Thanks for the advice! I'm always cold (but still really looking forward to it)... #sizzlehistory
Yes, I can't wait to get to Wyoming! Thanks so much for having me. #sizzlehistory
And also taught me that my words aren't precious—sometimes your babies need to be killed, as they say. #sizzlehistory
An old journalist colleague in Philly. I think journalism trained me to search for those details. #sizzlehistory
But if anyone has novel writing advice, I'm all ears! #sizzlehistory
You can't try to be funny or poignant—the details have to do that for you. The details can make a scene or character pop. #sizzlehistory
For nonfiction, it was to "do the research to get the details." #sizzlehistory
Yes! The Civil War ladies were definitely spicy. In the book I print some of Rose's love letters—very torrid for the time. #sizzlehistory
But now it's my catch-all phrase for forgotten women who dared to change history. #sizzlehistory
I think "sizzle history" originally had a sexual connotation (from the Everleigh Sisters). #sizzlehistory
But I loved Emma--she was just incredibly ballsy, but also vulnerable. A complicated lady. #sizzlehistory
I liked them all for different reasons. But Belle Boyd just made me laugh--she was comic relief, and just ridiculous. #sizzlehistory
I think the Everleigh Sisters might be the only women in history who could've tamed Belle Boyd! #sizzlehistory
The brothel was called The Everleigh Club, and was a favorite among actors, athletes, politicians, even royalty. #sizzlehistory
Greer: I'd be interested to talk more about it with you sometime... #sizzlehistory
I was a long-form journalist in Philly, and then wrote my first book about two sisters who ran a famous brothel in Chicago. #sizzlehistory
Definitely early feminists. And knew how to exploit notions about their gender in brilliant ways. #sizzlehistory
I've never written a novel, and don't know if it will be liberating or paralyzing to have to make things up. #sizzlehistory
I wrote about the con artist for the Smithsonian. There's not enough there for a nonfiction book, so it would be a novel. #sizzlehistory
Also, who wouldn't love a novel where Belle Boyd captures Stonewall Jackson? A 19th century version of "Misery." #sizzlehistory
But I did love the Civil War time period and these women who defied conventions. #sizzlehistory
@DanRodricks @MiddayWYPR Thanks, Dan! It was a pleasure chatting with you...
RT @Tetens: Great post on #piracy cases heard at the Old Bailey, via @PublicDomainRev: https://t.co/WnEaRfIGeU #pirates #aaargh https://t.co/
RT @WYPR881FM: Midday with @DanRodricks: Women Undercover in the Civil War: 'sizzle history' author @KarenAbbott "LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, …
"Prevent the impure soul threatening the living": Skeleton of possible "Witch Girl" found: https://t.co/QHcxW94Jro
@TetonLibrary @JohnBick1960 Thanks, John!
@GStarnesAuthor Thanks so much, Greg!
"Excellent... a rich and colorful sketch": @CivilWarMonitor likes LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY: https://t.co/AyPnXqagGD #CivilWar
"The bewitching smiles of fairy-like creatures": the tale of an 1870s #NYC brothel, @TomMiller31: https://t.co/WDjUpVrIO3
RT @TetonLibrary: #CivilWar #history buffs: Join us for a #tweetchat with @karenabbott: 10/9 3p EST Use #sizzlehistory to get in the mix! #…
@RashLaura @JasonMott @KarenWhiteWrite Hope you enjoy!
RT @Alexis_Coe: You can read Chapter 1: "I Don't Care If I'm Hung" of ALICE+FREDA FOREVER at Jezebel! https://t.co/O7mUo9F5Ig
"To be controlled is to be ruined": Edgar Allan Poe died 165 years ago today: https://t.co/Kn8WIzf8fQ
@tylerweaver So sorry for your loss...
Rare photos of John Wilkes Booth converted to an animated sequence: https://t.co/4tXyoSBj6Y #CivilWar
Funny how Jonathan Yardley at @BookWorld criticizes authors' sources, but includes no endnotes in his own books. Dismisses them as "clutter"
RT @BookCourt: @KarenAbbott and @Gilbert_King are here tonight at 7pm! They're talking about 4 incredible women from the Civl War. https://t…
RT @Bksandauthors: Going to hear @KarenAbbott at @BookCourt tonight? Warm up with our convo first! https://t.co/fwtGjqvb8L
@DanRodricks @MiddayWYPR Looking forward to our chat!
RT @TetonLibrary: We're hosting a #TweetChat w/ @KarenAbbott on 10/9 at 1p MST. Use #sizzlehistory to join the convo! #twitterstorians #his…
@RealLizGaribay @Vice_District Oooh, what's in it?
RT @RebeccaSchinsky: cc @readingape RT @JonLeeWriter: A Marilynne Robinson manuscript page, from a draft of Gilead https://t.co/AS64CaAn5C
@Randy77 Thanks, Randy! We had a good time. @DeniseKiernan @BookTV @Malaprops
@bernardtmartin @BookTV Thank you! I hope you enjoy...
@DebHarkness @TheHomeRanch @sylvainreynard Thanks so much! (and you're on mine, too). Have a fantastic trip...
@cheryltan88 @BookCourt Thanks, lady! Xx And with the esteemed @Gilbert_King...
A #civilwar newspaper vendor in 1863 and other rare historical photos: https://t.co/37CGmw7nvm
RT @FilmHistoryPics: Michael Mann’s densely annotated screenplay from the famous coffee shop scene of HEAT https://t.co/GByH4d17TR https://t.…
Forty portraits of four sisters over forty years, 1975-2014: https://t.co/cZqBOHYYwM
@DSEstell Thanks, Diana!
RT @Jurisfiction16: In light of Jack the Ripper case "solved", what do we think of the 1893 Swedish Ripper who turned up 5yrs after Jack? h…
@AnneBoydRioux @limlouisa @amandavaill Thanks so much, Anne! And great piece...
RT @TetonLibrary: A historian who likes her bourbon neat - meet @KarenAbbott 10/15 at 7p @TetonLibrary https://t.co/yCwDEJqP0h
RT @CivilWarHistory: Disunion: Blacks, Baseball and the Civil War https://t.co/b7fTU4ubjt via @nytopinionator
RT @BeschlossDC: Women celebrating 19th Amendment for their voting rights--Woodrow Wilson asked Senate to back it today 1918: #NARA http:/…
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: MT @qz: Mechanical leech, anti-crime bowtie, & seven other preposterous Victorian inventions https://t.co/L4x1Ph8foc ht…
@RealLizGaribay Hell, I'd take the 2-bedroom garden unit for $1000.
@RealLizGaribay @ChicagoMag Victorian house porn! Drooling on my keyboard.
RT @SmithsonianMag: Scientists are sneaking Bob Dylan lyrics into their writing https://t.co/DsaaW2q9eW
@oline_eaton @AnneBoydRioux Agreed. Sexist AND lazy!
@jenniferweiner @AnneBoydRioux Old AND "old!" And thanks, both of you, for having this discussion...
"I am very real": Kurt Vonnegut on Slaughterhouse-Five and other banned books, h/t @exlarson: https://t.co/dMV7iGwRYR
@AnneBoydRioux Yardley doesn't question/disparage the male author's mentions of "party frocks and sashes, silk stockings" etc. @BookWorld
@AnneBoydRioux See the @BookWorld review of Sylvia, Queen of the Headhunters, which also describes women's clothing: https://t.co/Up5GfNmNlO
@AnneBoydRioux Thank you! Well put. And in fact I did include numerous prior citations about Belle's appearance and mannerisms. @BookWorld
@scottkorb @TomJunod Thank you!
@TomJunod Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy it. And nice to run into you in the ATL...
"Dry, academic history this is not": The @BostonGlobe likes LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY: https://t.co/RZi9N0Rzw9
@CBMSO Please email me: [email protected]
@CBMSO I'll be there on Thursday! Speaking at The Smithsonian...
@mg_thereporter Thank you!
A long-lost confession letter may finally tell the real story of a notorious 1931 murder, h/t @meganeabbott: https://t.co/yg946AkLT2
RT @Libroantiguo: Engraving: Don Quixote in his Study, 1857. Don Quijote en su estudio. Grabado del siglo XIX. https://t.co/OVyTqlIGjw
@Anj_T @strandbookstore Thank you!
RT @Alexis_Coe: [email protected] & I talked about old white men who do a terrible job reviewing books by women, and her newest @TheToast http:…
@theladygreer Thanks so much! And congrats on TML--I am putting it on my to-read list. Sounds fascinating...
"Like phantom limbs the country kept on feeling": The demise of the passenger pigeon, @TheAtlantic: https://t.co/blJDVvnhyb
@LiteraryLindsey Thanks, Lindsey! I'm so glad you enjoyed LIAR.
[email protected], @gaylelemmon writes about Emma Watson, feminism, and sexism in the Washington Post @BookWorld: https://t.co/IN3iasBArG
@AshleyWFarley Thanks so much!
RT @exlarson: de-angstification: The process of reducing stress, generally involving bars on Thursday nights.
RT @CNNOpinion: Emma Watson gives #feminism new life, by @gaylelemmon @CFR_org https://t.co/YRn6F331fv What do you think? #HeForShe https://t…
@BrianRAlexander Damn. She must know Sister Polcaria, 6th grade, who had the punting abilities of Ray Guy.
In honor of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 118th birthday, the trailer for the 1926 film adaptation of The Great Gatsby: https://t.co/KWcDto9MlB
@BrianRAlexander Well, I don't know--I was beaten by the nuns quite frequently. Hi-yoooooooo! *groan*
As a former Catholic schoolgirl gone horribly awry, I must have this (h/t @PulpwoodQueen): https://t.co/oKxqv0kMnb
Thanks to @O_Magazine for picking LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY as a must-read!: https://t.co/LJPjgJmFCc
@CarpeJuvenis Thank you!
@ErinLindsMcCabe I would love to see that!
@ErinLindsMcCabe So true--I could not get enough of them during research. Also I need a piece of hair mourning jewelry...
@ArielLawhon Ha! Also, @lostcheerio's "P-Hank" for @pcalhenry was brilliant. Email incoming shortly...
@bellesofhistory @theladygreer @ArielLawhon Thanks so much, ladies! And to "The Law"--we need to make Nashville plans...
"You should've seen it at night": Remembering the 1939 World's Fair: https://t.co/0OSFF19NHO #NYC
@ErinLindsMcCabe @soobsessedblog Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Xx
RT @marianslibrary: Fall Reads '14 https://t.co/zcSxOfoLP1 also featuring @TanaFrench @BarbaraJTaylor @@WmKentKrueger @KarenAbbott
@marianslibrary @TanaFrench @BarbaraJTaylor @WmKentKrueger Thanks so much, Kathleen! I'm honored...
@meestervinyl Ha! Perhaps...
Where are all the hot young "Papas"? Portraits of bearded men in a Hemingway look-alike contest: https://t.co/jVDytmQjdN
@CapitolClio You should not feel the need to be secretive about that wish...
Rare #civilwar postmortem photographs: https://t.co/cB8P5HpAFl
@alisonlaw @CapitolClio Thanks, ladies!
@DarcieChan @HarperCollins Thanks, Darcie! Xx
@Duceman03 Check out endnote in back, and email me if you want to discuss: [email protected]
RT @KoganAfterHours: Karen Abbott (@KarenAbbott) discusses her new book, 'Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, ’ on WGN: https://t.co/d7fcQVFU8u ht…
RT @SmithsonianTSA: Come hear about @KarenAbbott's new book "Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover in the Civil War" on 10/…
RT @LauraMMair: Preventing pregnancy in 1850s- “dancing about the room [...] for a few minutes, might probably have that effect” https://t.…
@maureenogle Well, I've been told it's not happening...
@stephaniemlee Thanks so much! I miss those ladies. I hope you enjoy LTSS, too. And please call me Abbott... :)
@dsaarinen @CapitolClio Thanks. I've been wondering about it, too...
@maureenogle I'm pretty sure it's not happening.
@RachelleJervis Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy...
@maureenogle Thanks! I loved the book. Just wish they'd reviewed mine, too.
The black Victorians: striking photos unseen for 120 years, h/t @KateManning10: https://t.co/JHlJCXBFWe #twitterstorians
RT @maudnewton: Describing a vagina the 16th century way: https://t.co/BZ1oDpL3b4 by @Millicentsomer
@AndersonsBkshp @larryblaw I thought I was the only one! We need to do this right--let people place bets, etc., in fine Chicago tradition
@AdventuresinLV Thank you!
@AndersonsBkshp Oh, hot damn! It is ON. I can say them in ten seconds! (and who is this tweeting?)
@AndersonsBkshp Just realized I forgot to recite the presidents for you! Next time...
RT @arnie_bernstein: Tonight 7pm @KarenAbbott discusses Liar, Temptress, Soldier Spy: 4 Women Undercover in the #CivilWar @CenturiesSleuth …
@TogaNorthshire Hope you enjoy!
@AndersonsBkshp Thanks so much for a great event last night! I loved seeing all of you...
@exlarson Thank you! Xx
[email protected] calls LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY "compelling... a patchwork narrative as complex as a pieced quilt": https://t.co/WukJStMsa7
RT @Jenny_ORegan: RT for a chance to #win a signed copy of @KarenAbbott's LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY! My followers are eligible. https://…
@Bksonthetable @BookCellar Great to see you too! So glad you're enjoying the book...
@gaylelemmon @schemaly I know! I suppose when I described Stonewall Jackson's appearance, I was appropriately GQ-ish?
@schemaly @gaylelemmon and meant "insufficient" on the last tweet. My apologies--I am brain dead from tour.
@schemaly @gaylelemmon Male colleagues who use the same novelistic techniques are rarely scrutinized that way, but what are you gonna do?
@schemaly @gaylelemmon Great piece! And thanks so much. I agree--it was very odd (but par for the course from him).
@theladygreer Thank you! I desperately need to update that...
RT @AndersonsBkshp: In partnership w/@NaperSettlement we are excited 2host @KarenAbbott author of #LiarTemptressSoldierSpy @HarperCollins h…
RT @NYTArchives: Today The Times reviews the iPhone 6. In 1877, The Times introduced the phonograph https://t.co/p6EOjzSuta https://t.co/M7U
@heatherbukhari @WBEZafternoon Context--and nuance--is everything.
@heatherbukhari @WBEZafternoon It's not my job as a writer of history to take sides. It's to bring the past back to life, warts and all.
@NialaBoodhoo Thanks so much for a great chat today!
10 dangers of Georgian London (including syphilis and gin): https://t.co/1Pr7UuaRLM
@BradHaubert Thank you!
[email protected] calls LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY "engrossing" and "conscientiously researched": https://t.co/1weXZ8yS4e
@readingreality @HarperCollins @TLCBookTours Thanks, Marlene!
@kimberly4sure Thank you!
@fawksylibrarian Thanks so much!
RT @tweedcroft: Georgian advertisment for a not very exciting housekeeper.. https://t.co/aL4MTPQJ5h
RT @EJBrand: How legal was c18th wife-selling? In 1786 a Lincoln man sold his wife & changed his mind.. Court *upholds* the sale. https://t.…
@rivercityreadin Thank you!
@anjalienjeti Thanks so much!
RT @anjalienjeti: My review of the exquisite Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy by @KarenAbbott. https://t.co/kjz9rAMwQV #civilwar #history #book…
@ClairePrent Thanks, Claire!
@A_L_Goulden Thank you!
@bookaliciousmom @hooksnbooks @dylanlandis @amyzwrites @JulieLTimmer Thanks, lady! Xx
RT @Limerick1914: "The authorities are preparing a number of concentration camps" (Limerick Chronicle, 27th August 1914) #WW1 https://t.co/b
RT @SmithsonianCW: Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy author @KarenAbbott talks CW women undercover 10/2 https://t.co/fGKbQ4PHtr #Smithsonian #cw…
I think I accidentally said the phrase "mavericks with vaginas" on C-Span tonight, with @DeniseKiernan and @Malaprops...
RT @Malaprops: Very educational night tonight! @KarenAbbott is here talking about her new book with @DeniseKiernan ! #avl #avlent https://t.…
@ChicagoLiterati Thanks so much! Hope to see you when I'm in Chicago...
RT @BSteeleAVL: Cool Civil War event: @Malaprops: Tuesday at [email protected] reading & signing her book "Liar Temptress Soldier Spy." http:…
@quailridgebooks Excited to be there!
RT @MsMelF: Very cool #history/#herstory : @krysboydthink talks to @KarenAbbott about women #spies in #CivilWar: https://t.co/X1t0UUeh13
@ZacBissonnette Thank you!
"Few regret the loss of Atlanta, as it was the most wicked place": Diary of a rebel nurse, Sept. 1864: https://t.co/7te2rMnbsI #CivilWar
RT @Bksandauthors: Four little-known stories abt theCivil War. Cross-dressing! Check out my convo w author @KarenAbbott: https://t.co/fwtGjq
Hammond No. 1 typewriter, circa 1888, that once belonged to Lewis Carroll, @CharlieLovett42: https://t.co/s6nqTTm5rQ
@ErinLindsMcCabe @ckopprasch @StephFoster57 @readathomemama Thank you!
Video of London, 1927: https://t.co/NlWu5Yg1ay
RT @BookmarksNC: Huge audience for @KarenAbbott. Everybody's excited about Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy! #bmarksnc https://t.co/gUXWyaFede
@BookSwagger Ha! Agreed.
@KnitLuck Thank you! I met Elizabeth Van Lew's brother's descendant there. Need to get back for a clam pie. Hope your dad enjoys the book...
RT @Bksandauthors: [email protected] called it "Marvelously readable." Hear @KarenAbbott talk abt her latest: Women as civil war spies. http:/…
RT @DoYouRemember: 1961: 20-Year Old Ann Margret Wows 'Em With Her Shimmy https://t.co/zexLEjMwv1 https://t.co/hPLwbYdRcB
@SquareBooks had such a great time with y'all last night!
RT @SuperWriterMom: My #FridayReads is Liar Temptress Soldier Spy by @KarenAbbott. It's history that reads like suspense! https://t.co/44eRY
12 Ways Civil War-Era Women Were More Badass Than Men, my @BuzzFeed list: https://t.co/59VWBJbbNo
@deborahblum Thank you, D! I hope to see you soon... Xx
@SarahMMcCoy Thanks so much, lady! Xx
RT @JimEngsterShow: At 9c: Author @KarenAbbott on her latest book "Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy" + Political Consultant Gus Weill on @Bobb…
@kurtluther thank you!
This seriously made my day. Thank you, @Jezebel!: https://t.co/YKQcSOsukC
RT @OnPointRadio: Audio is up for our hour on the secret history of four Civil War-era female spies with @KarenAbbott https://t.co/brvJaWyiUO
RT @ALBooksmith: Tomorrow (9/3): @KarenAbbott will be here at 4 pm to sign LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY! @harperbooks https://t.co/TUJE1EKB
@OnPointRadio Thanks for a fantastic chat!
@emilygatlin Thank you, O Sassy Lady! Xx
RT @OnPointRadio: The secret history of Civil War-era spies on all sides. Today 11/10c with @KarenAbbott https://t.co/brvJaWyiUO
RT @tomashbrooknpr: "Liar Temptress Soldier Spy." Bold women in the Civil War. Next @OnPointRadio https://t.co/DUM4z0R3tu w/ @karenabbott
RT @OnPointRadio: Excited to look back at Civil War-era female spies with @KarenAbbott. Join us tomorrow 11/10c https://t.co/brvJaWyiUO
@SuperWriterMom Thanks, Sally! I really hope you enjoy it...
@alisonlaw @SuperWriterMom So great to see both of you! Xx
RT @JosephDAgnese: And look @KarenAbbott at what we spied @IntlSpyMuseum in #dc: https://t.co/XWOudnJKuc
@bookaliciousmom @imlostinbooks Thanks, ladies! JS: I will text you...
"With stumps of limb not half cured, exhibited to all": A diary from Dixie, August, 1864: https://t.co/Wwa54p1Xbe #civilwar
@R_E_Thomas Thanks! And stay in touch...
Jewish Confederate saved by talking parrot: https://t.co/8cGXMkZVqW #civilwar #wondersandmarvels
@R_E_Thomas thank you!
RT @R_E_Thomas: Blog review of @KarenAbbott 's new #civilwar book, Liar, Temptress, Soldier Spy: https://t.co/WozUCwspjH
@ErinLindsMcCabe Oh, congrats! "I Shall" is on my bedside table for when I get back from tour. Please let me know if you plan another chat.
@ErinLindsMcCabe Oh, I wish I could! It's my pub date and I have an event that night. Next time, definitely...
RT @AlexJamesFitz: See what Europe looked like 75 years ago, on the brink of World War II https://t.co/kqkLmLuSNv
"Most of the girls carry scars": Studs Terkel interviews four working women, 1974: https://t.co/rhdVndiu3W
@AtlSelfPub @DBookFestival Thank you!
@LindsayWrites Your post makes me want to read your book...
@sklose Thanks--I'll definitely get there.
@sklose Yes! And I've been meaning to get there. Do you know how long the exhibition lasts?
#civilwar mourning jewelry made entirely of hair, @moc1896: https://t.co/Rv4f8vkuYJ
@HarperCollins @karthikavk Thank you!
RT @HarperCollins: 25 Must-Read Books For the Fall, including @KarenAbbott’s Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, via @flavorwire. https://t.co/wl
@bookaliciousmom me too! What's your schedule? Email me: [email protected]
@Alexis_Coe Fascinating piece! Is it wrong that I love her so?
@BrownstoneDetec @flavorwire Thank you!
RT @NotableHistory: Protesting for Mini Skirts, 1966 https://t.co/9kpGXKqscQ
Thanks to @flavorwire for making LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY a must-read book for the fall!: https://t.co/kaYHk6sB7U
@Real_MikeEnloe Thanks!
24 bizarre/frightening/creepy pictures from history: https://t.co/Kg28U1c8K8
@bostonbibliophl I wouldn't mind living there myself! Good luck with the move...
@bostonbibliophl Fantastic! A bunch of college friends grew up there and loved it.
@bostonbibliophl Congrats! Which neighborhood?
Elizabeth Bathory, the most prolific female killer in history (and inspiration for "Dracula"), died 400 years ago: https://t.co/9Go8Y2fSoS
Love this ghostly shot of 8th and Broadway in #NYC, Spring 1890: https://t.co/Gskg588aA5
@gjonesasia Thank you!
RT @LindaSueBrown: "There was work for everyone to do, even the women - especially the women." @karenabbott LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY @Har…
RT @janmoran: Business Advice from a 19th Century Paris Madam (Really?) Madame Alexandra's Rules of Business https://t.co/adYeqMUPLz #entrep…
"Punch Mister Hitler right in the snoot!": #WWII cartoon by Dr. Seuss, circa 1942: https://t.co/mnP1GtfhKo
RT @bookaliciousmom: Listening to @DeniseKiernan talking abt #TheGirlsofAtomicCity #BooktopiaAVL @TouchstoneBooks @rivercityreadin
RT @BookmarksNC: We can't wait to bring these amazing non-fiction authors to Winston-Salem on Sept 6! https://t.co/kHT3AeZGk2 #bmarksnc http…
"A fool to rise at all": Dorothy Parker (born 121 yrs ago today) reads "Inscription for the Ceiling of a Bedroom": https://t.co/Qdsq1lUwHE
@bobthegolfer Thank you!
@dcslim @TheFilsonHS Thanks! Me too. It'll be great to get back to Louisville...
"Hair cannot be removed by lemon juice, " and other lessons from 131 years of Ladies' Home Journal, @Jezebel: https://t.co/C8j1y14muX
@oline_eaton @NewBooksBiog Thanks for having me again! Always a good chat...
@emilygatlin Aw, thanks, lady!
@AyaWalksfar I need to check out your books!
@jimnnewman I live in NYC but I'll be in Harrisonburg in November. If I can get there, I will, but I think I'm only in town one night.
@jimnnewman I'd love to see The Bower. Excuse my poor geography—how close are you to Harrisonburg, VA?
@jimnnewman I believe it! I read that the ladies (including rebel spy Belle Boyd) loved JEB. And thanks...
RT @Limerick1914: "Colored glass slide of Gordon (slave) during medical examination at a Union camp in Baton Rouge." (1863) https://t.co/jTi
@maureenogle Thank you! And a very belated congrats on your last book...
RT @latimesbooks: J.D. Salinger's home in Cornish, N.H., is for sale https://t.co/DrIDFGWGrR
RT @amazonbooks: How I Wrote It: @KarenAbbott, on Maverick Women, the Civil War, & her great new book, "Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy" http…
@maureenogle @NYTcivilwar Thank you!
@mcteich Me too!
@Nkgallo @NYTcivilwar Thanks!
@SuperWriterMom @DBookFestival Me too! It will be great to see you. And thanks...
RT @ImDavidAbrams: Trailer Park Tues: @KarenAbbott's Liar Temptress Soldier Spy=a fresh cannonball shot across book-littered battlefield ht…
@ImDavidAbrams Thanks so much! Although I don't think I have ever been called "earnest." ;)
@jeremyneely Thank you!
How the #civilwar changed the rules of courtship, my latest in @NYTcivilwar: https://t.co/Fw7HbGj1Hc
RT @SmithsonianMag: In July 1918, Erich Posselt wrote a poem that would land him in a #WWI internment camp in Georgia https://t.co/Z7CSuEJvvQ
RT @MirandaHqv: RT @Telegraph Drinking, violence, drama: the Little House on the Prairie you didn't see on TV: https://t.co/YSfwhXS4jN http:…
The "nervy women" of Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy have made @VanityFair! Thank you, @ElissaSchappell: https://t.co/bM2p6KJ6R3
@Lee13757 Who was your mom? (and Marilyn Monroe was a lot smarter than she let on!)...
The first female tattooist, a lady samurai from the 1800s, and other revolutionary women in history: https://t.co/6LpCO50SvL
@BitterSouth @DBookFestival Definitely! Whiskey, story, and women...
RT @R_E_Thomas: Today best-selling author @KarenAbbott tells us about her tastes in #whiskey and that of her new historical subjects! http:…
The brothel above an 1880s Gramercy saloon: https://t.co/Gfz2CSz8Qk #NYC #twitterstorians
@SUVCW I'd love that! I'll DM you so we can chat. Thanks so much...
@deborahblum @history_geek thanks, ladies! Miss you both. Xx
@history_geek it's purdy, ain't it?
RT @history_geek: Oh lookie! Finished copy of @KarenAbbott's LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY!!! https://t.co/V9SvCeMmhz
@JohnBick1960 @harperbooks Of course! and every bit as daring, in her way...
@JohnBick1960 @harperbooks Ha! She's the poor man's version of Belle Boyd...;)
RT @Tetens: "Before #Victoria: Extraordinary Women of the British #Romantic Era, " https://t.co/hbPQY5MKtO (The Courtezan, 1825) https://t.co/
@jesswitkins @Options_Clinic I remember our interview! Thanks for saying hi...
@PetBunnyFan Indeed!
Lauren Bacall's 1945 selfie with Harry Truman resonates today: https://t.co/uV9Q5sYpyA
@aceatkins Me too! We'll have much to discuss...
@audaciousCoffee @PWreviews @PublishersWkly So true, even when writing about historical figures.
"Her skill at the plough and her Amazonian strength": discovery of an Alabama female sailor, 1876: #twitterstorians https://t.co/SuwerTZ7ml
When #Lincoln was killed he was carrying a $5 Confederate bill, and other fun facts about the #civilwar:https://t.co/GIu7o94AdT
@JoshilynJackson Thank you! Belle and her perfect size 2 1/2 foot love you.
@PetBunnyFan Thanks! It is...
RT @history_geek: Work by @KarenAbbott today at https://t.co/vMTkK8ykjW #wondersandmarvels #LTSS
"She was constantly going about captivating her sisters": same-sex marriages in the 18th century: https://t.co/IPGuZq9fRL
15 million pages of historical medical books to go online: https://t.co/EgjD0JxEY1 #twitterstorians
"I saw very plainly the President's dark brown face": Walt Whitman on sighting #Lincoln, August 1863: https://t.co/rbbq9ADNXK #civilwar
"She is a sharp-featured, black-eyed woman": Northern reports about rebel spy Belle Boyd, 1862: #civilwar https://t.co/XaxSGgyXnw
"He slapped a boy who was heckling him": The #NYC "rocking chair riots" of 1901: https://t.co/fH4FSlVK1d
RT @HistoryInPics: 5th Avenue and 42nd Street, New York City, 1905 https://t.co/NY1bRzgAQU
@RealEstate212 Thanks, Broudy! Xx
@ainissaramirez Thank you!
@tylerweaver @SquareBooks Thanks, Tyler!
Thanks to @SquareBooks for making Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy a staff pick!: https://t.co/n7H1a3uG8L
@octaviabooks I really hope so! I'll probably have to do it on my own. I'll email you about possibilities... Xx
RT @harperbooks: Have a favorite lady #civilwar spy? Vote here! https://t.co/qGlC4LX6gM @KarenAbbott #LTSS on sale 9/2!
@SuperWriterMom Gorgeous! Congratulations...
RT @collectorswkly: "This is a 1932 printing of the Ceresota Household Hints - Series 2 recipe & cooking booklet." https://t.co/yu6zJFGVYu h…
"Flattery is the food of men": Advice on how to keep a husband, 1893: https://t.co/tcW8CDJUI7
@bethpriddy @soobsessedblog @ErinLindsMcCabe I SHALL BE NEAR TO YOU is on my list! PS: Loved your recent piece for @NYTcivilwar.
@soobsessedblog @bethpriddy @ErinLindsMcCabe Thanks so much, Hannah! I had a lot of fun with those ladies--so glad you enjoyed...
"A party of ladies was killed by this explosion": Report from the Confederate Secret Service, August 1864: https://t.co/kXWT6OMsjf #civilwar
@ErinLindsMcCabe @soobsessedblog And she was definitely a spitfire! I love that she dropped a brick on her guard's head...
@ErinLindsMcCabe @soobsessedblog Thanks, ladies! Belle was such a flirt it wouldn't have deterred her had she known her guard was a lady...
RT @HarperCollins: In Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, @KarenAbbott tells the true story of women who risked it all during the Civil War. htt…
RT @Libroantiguo: From a very lonely F. Scott Fitzgerald to himself. https://t.co/rcVLa2FYJk
"O, excellent air-bag!": Experiments with laughing gas in 1799, @PublicDomainRev: https://t.co/cpYLkznoId https://t.co/PN9hSpw3JD
RT @history_geek: Who's your favorite? Read @KarenAbbott 's dossiers, & vote in our Spy vs Spy poll. See W&M for details: https://t.co/PMNj
@R_E_Thomas She swooned for everyone!
@R_E_Thomas I'm sure he was on her list! As was John Pelham, who rejected her (to his and others' detriment)...
@mshomakerteach Thank you!
My dossiers (and a poll) on crafty Confederate #civilwar spies Belle Boyd and Rose Greenhow: https://t.co/wJcjnyZvnx #wondersandmarvels
@history_geek Thanks, m'lady! Xx
RT @mashable: It's been 100 years since Britain declared war on Germany. 10 heroic women of WWI: https://t.co/cVDu2xRseE https://t.co/2u5cq4s
@DeniseKiernan @nytimesbooks As well it should! Congrats!
@erroltonysoma Thank you! Xx
English soldiers' kits from 1066 to 2014: https://t.co/sg8ibIlOEW
@kurtluther Damn! Say it isn't so!
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: RT @FlickeringLamps: Victorian Strangeness: Seven singular sports from the Victorian era https://t.co/IGGOlwVXp9
@LouHeilbronn @finkowska I know! This was my favorite bit: "GIVE LITTLE, GIVE SELDOM, AND ABOVE ALL, GIVE GRUDGINGLY."
"She should make no sound, lest he be encouraged": advice for Victorian-era brides on avoiding sex, 1894: https://t.co/6UtR5tlI6r
Inside the "blue lamps, " brothels that served British soldiers during #WWI: https://t.co/txQ3nLOvPF #twitterstorians: https://t.co/hRmYrVm7uL
"On the outside I'm nothing but a frolicsome little goat": Anne Frank's last diary entry, August 1944: https://t.co/ggFzY7YR6a
RT @CapitolClio: What a lovely surprise: @EJBrand in WashPost talking about 18th c. pickup lines. https://t.co/UuN7kCtjaB
She "acknowledged the corn": The discovery of a female #civilwar soldier, 1863: https://t.co/PJ7CyZ7gax
RT @SabrinaRErdely: Please read my new article, on the perilous, resilient life of CeCe McDonald, and the violence trans women face: http:/…
@alisonlaw Ha! Exactly. I think they were all channeling her.
@justbooks I know, can you imagine? The horror! Of homespun!
@mad2034 Thank you! I had a lot of fun with them--hope you enjoy...
"They are ready to unsex themselves for the cause of the devil": Anxiety over rebel women spies, 1861: #civilwar https://t.co/SCXZuCOuL8
@emmagarman @AnastasiaAshman Thank you!
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: MT @Lit_Books: Original manuscripts from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein* Illustration of 1831 edition, T. M. Von Holst ht…
"Wanted: A strong rope to hang myself": Depression-era beggar, circa 1932: https://t.co/GGaHoYySpF
"Remain calm, do not cause a crush at the doors!": The horrors of the Iroquois Theater Fire of 1903: https://t.co/XR72qVb45M #chicago
RT @mulhollandbooks: [email protected] is answering all of your burning questions on @Goodreads: https://t.co/ozmbUP6EcX #askanauthor
@mstcambot Thank you so much! I really appreciate that.
A happy couple on vacation, 1896: https://t.co/428ZSv4CRq
RT @EJBrand: Clearly, guys standing/sitting with their legs inexplicably far apart has always been a thing. https://t.co/MOQdH4ST6s
RT @SmithsonianMag: In the 1800s, "chocolate" was a deep shade of red https://t.co/fmZDhIRJhh
RT @surlyspice: In LIAR , TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY by @KarenAbbott, Civil War women kick ass! #nonfiction Setember, @HarperCollins. @library…
@surlyspice @HarperCollins @librarylovefest Thank you! And yes, they definitely do...
@aboutany1thing @AbigailPfeiffer I think his expression subtly suggests he's emasculated by her driving. Also, this: https://t.co/iK65D7zoaH
@megankatenelson @MKeithHarris Agreed.
"The empty sleeve": Cartoon depicting marital tensions after a #civilwar amputee comes home, 1865: https://t.co/L3t3ABhzSR
My dossiers on Elizabeth Van Lew and Emma Edmonds, #civilwar spies for the Union: https://t.co/5FAFiYlgco #wondersandmarvels
"I am tired of discussing household matters": Report from a women's meeting in #NYC, 1870: https://t.co/mYAu4mda2V
@meestervinyl @rebeccaonion Same here--I recall being terrified by that movie.
Fascinating piece by @rebeccaonion on how 1980s childhoods changed the way America thought about the Bomb: https://t.co/UW7zWlBXUh
"His brain is oozing out and at times he is delirious": #civilwar diary of a Confederate nurse, July 1863: https://t.co/CZEeAkLEGc
"Malicious maiming of cattle" and other Victorian crimes that could get a man hanged: https://t.co/gQlB7BEr4z #twitterstorians
RT @R_E_Thomas: #cw150 years ago today saw the repeal of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. @KarenAbbott @moc1896 https://t.co/DdGlwiJC0b
@MadelineAChan Thanks so much! I miss those ladies...
RT @MadelineAChan: I finally read @KarenAbbott's book Sin in the Second City. A brilliant read about #Chicago's dark past https://t.co/lDzIX
"Hearts do break in silence, without a word or a sigh": A #civilwar diary from Dixie, 7/26/1863: https://t.co/4wHNjSl2H9
RT @hannahjwaters: The female orgasm is "unique and unmatched in all other human experiences." At @morbidanatomy. Hi @heyiamlex https://t.co
RT @DailyCircuit: How museums lose pieces of art https://t.co/o9S5eMMWQb https://t.co/09Ra4o6bDg
350 years of maps show how Brooklyn became Brooklyn, @CurbedNY: https://t.co/ibJCqG54uw #NYC
@JasonJosephes Thanks! I'll check it out when I'm there in September.
Elvis's library card up for auction: https://t.co/bgbfltwh3n
@mstcambot I know! I love that that was a common cause.
Spiritual rappings, masturbation, religious anxiety: causes of insanity at a Missouri state lunatic asylum, 1854: https://t.co/GU67QiWa9v
RT @heidiknoblauch: “Mr. Brady has done something to bring home to us the terrible reality and earnestness of war” - @nytimes (1862) http:/…
Some "misguided" people engaged in "violent exercise": How to outsmart the heat in summer 1899: https://t.co/aPJjDZKU4F
@ElisaLudwigYA @McDougallChris I loved Born to Run! (like everyone else in the country)... Elisa, I owe you an email. Xx
@maureenogle @CapitolClio Thank you!
@JasonJosephes I've never been there! I should go...
@JasonJosephes Thank you! I had a lot of fun with those ladies...
@sklose Thank you! You just made my night.
@CapitolClio Thanks, Mere! Xx
@bookaliciousmom Love it!
Divorcing over a "flat foot, " 1897: https://t.co/qjf4583fQa
19th century mugshots of women (and young girls): https://t.co/vjhIUdwOgq #twitterstorians
"A Romance of the Future": John Jacob Astor's science fiction novel: https://t.co/4jhOSsqeAf
@PerformHumanity @TheHuntington Thank you! She was quite a character...
Thanks to @AtlantaMagazine for the kind words! Excited for @DBookFestival (and for decent cheese grits)... https://t.co/hZ1GSaeiQv
"I write one page of masterpiece to 91 pages of shit": Ernest Hemingway, born 115 years ago today: https://t.co/meGvWqVoE5
@beccanalia She was definitely not the only white housekeeper--many were European immigrants. It's just the first known picture of her.
Image discovered of Mary O'Melia, Confederate White House housekeeper, @moc1896: https://t.co/Nf10NkR6vp #CivilWar https://t.co/s0KbOFX1RC
@meganeabbott Fabulous piece! *guns in pockets*
@sconroy8 Very excited for our event! Xx
"Americans want to look into the mysterious eyes of the accused": @meganeabbott on our fascination with the mug shot: https://t.co/8bGo0rIvzT
@dougalcorn @antiheroine Old newspaper that was based in Brooklyn: https://t.co/33oA58Ucab
Beware those who "walk with a stride" or talk in a "loud, harsh voice": a notice against "mannish women, " 1897: https://t.co/TKzNas2RUj
RT @SlateVault: Cover to the Youth's Companion's World's Fair number, 1893 https://t.co/V5VYoqziIv via @calumet412 https://t.co/X5x0oF3vj5
Summertime play for #NYC tenement kids, early 1900s, @BoweryBoys: https://t.co/Nd9maUmdvN
@BookmarksNC so excited to be there! Thanks for having me...
@octaviabooks @MissLiberty Yes, happy birthday, kittenpants! (my new favorite nickname). Xx
RT @SimonReadBooks: Drinking more works for me. RT @ChirurgeonsAppr 19th-century ad for Tawny Cocaine Port https://t.co/ArHkUAZ2ck
Old-timey humor: A Western robber "holds up a train, " 1906: https://t.co/hqWtPWG7eb
The twentieth lethal ladies in history, @deborahblum (note Belle Gunness!): https://t.co/xZBizyOiKY
RT @alisonlaw: Kudos to @KarenAbbott on her "Secrets and Spies" e-newsletter. Peek into her new book LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY: https://t.c
RT @hyperallergic: Relics of Slavery and Hate, on Display in New York - https://t.co/soA4jNVW04 @nyhistory
@emmagarman @maudnewton thanks, both of you! Xx
@paperalphabet curious to hear more, if you can talk about it
@paperalphabet thank you!
@joweldon thank you! Xx
Me talking about #Confederate spy Belle Boyd on the Travel Channel: https://t.co/ZBfxyjEVbI #civilwar
@PetBunnyFan She seems to be enjoying the spanking, but still...
"Do you still beat your wife?": 1950s ad for a "rollicking" pamphlet: https://t.co/QfjpvA6AXp
(Very) hot ladies' summer fashions, 1872: https://t.co/SBMLkKncXp
@R_E_Thomas Good--I really look forward to reading that. Will be nice to read CW stuff for pleasure and not work, for once.
@R_E_Thomas Ha! I think she returned nearly all attentions with interest...
@R_E_Thomas What do you think?
@R_E_Thomas Good question. I was more concerned with Belle Boyd's attempts to bed Joe Johnston, but I would say probably too little too late
@ScoobyDoont The authors of BUSTED are @barbaralaker and @wendyruderman, and I don't think their Pulitzer is going anywhere.
@jennbookshelves I actually prefer Randy to Monte. The "crack" episode is my favorite: https://t.co/gqdEPeTRzI
@jennbookshelves I understand that (sounds lovely, though). And I have no good excuse!
@jennbookshelves God, that show is my guiltiest guilty pleasure. Or one of them, at least...
@TomGumbert Fantastic! Thanks, Tom.
@silkenfloss You need to time travel to the past for me to do that. Or I need to time travel to the future. ;)
@silkenfloss You just made my day, lady.
@Matchsick I think I read that for research...
RT @HoughtonLib: Houghton Tumblr: Albrecht Dürer's diagram of the proportions of the female body, 1528. https://t.co/9bhSMpB8mL https://t.co/
Eight revolutionary "firsts" in American television, 1947-2007: https://t.co/2lygpMiEr0
Grisly images and instruments of #civilwar surgery: https://t.co/znfUmpS4yO
RT @juliamacfarlane: Today is the day that kissing was banned in England for fear of spreading the plague. 16th July 1439. #funfact via @Fe…
"Holden is sometimes a little bitter": The New York Times reviews The Catcher in the Rye, July 16, 1951: https://t.co/SXOCRpqb8J
@Matchsick From your keypad to Hollywood's ears. Someone has had the rights to it for six years...
@alizardx thank you!
@PetBunnyFan thank you!
@tylerweaver thank you!
Just what you need: another author newsletter. Mine will have decent stories and spy-related giveaways. Click here: https://t.co/X04qBVASph
"One man had a peculiar way of dripping": Arthur Miller on life before air conditioning, @NewYorker, 1998: https://t.co/c1me0gAsF8
"This Holden, he's just like you": The New York Times reviews The Catcher in the Rye, July 15, 1951: https://t.co/yOguMrpLl9
RT @ABAA49: Bling for the lit and film set: @doctorow: Laser cut Poe (and others!) in stainless steel https://t.co/CRdJLsSomk https://t.co/Zj
@joweldon God, I love that place. *jealous*
My new favorite t-shirt: #Lincoln #civilwar https://t.co/PcSrzbzqaX
A Confederate soldier poses with his dog, circa 1861: #civilwar https://t.co/KpXvwzOsjR
RT @SarahMMcCoy: ☆AWESOME☆RT @Jenny_ORegan WIN signed copy @KrisMcmorris @sarahjio @Jenna_Blum @MelanieBen @alysonrichman @ErikaRobuck http…
@BethFishReads @bookaliciousmom Honestly, it's the one palatable thing about having grown up in that town (maybe your husband agrees?)
@bookaliciousmom @BethFishReads If you saw it in person, it actually looks quite messy and unrefined and gross. But OH, looks are deceiving.
@bookaliciousmom @BethFishReads Jennifer: it's a hometown delicacy, and LETHAL in its addictiveness: https://t.co/2oM2RbXvZn
@BethFishReads Ashamed to admit this, but once, after inhaling half of a pie, I tossed the rest in the trash and doused it with soap.
@BethFishReads @atrandom I'm ordering it now. On another note, I am still thinking about that damned tomato pie!
@BethFishReads @atrandom I need to read that asap.
@amyguglielmo Thanks, Amy! Hope you're well...
@exlarson Sprinkles of holy water, I presume...
@exlarson Would you like a double or triple benediction?
Children circling an ice cream vendor on First Avenue in #NYC, taken by Jacob Riis, 1890: https://t.co/4TwiIrOFtZ
RT @SmithsonianCW: A living tribute to Civil War soldiers https://t.co/32swZAGzmx @RTDNEWS
@PetBunnyFan For your RT!
@tylerweaver Thank you, Mr. T! Xx
@PetBunnyFan Thank you!
Booklist on LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY: “reads like a novel [and] sheds light on fascinating chapters in #CivilWar and women’s history.”
@MissLiberty @imjasondiamond Loved seeing you on this list, lady! Xx
"No one dared showed himself out in the open": Never-before-seen document reveals Nazi soldier's struggle: https://t.co/U7VQomm1P3 #WWII
"At every sip a reputation dies": Stereograph celebrating malicious gossip, 1899: https://t.co/mcel3WWN98
"The End Now Beautiful": Memorial Carte de Visite, circa 1861: https://t.co/pxoi8uJoNG
@BethFishReads I didn't know they sold 1/4 pies! I'll do that. Just slip back into the addiction one sweet bite of sauce at a time...
@BethFishReads @HarperCollins I have forbidden my mother to bring some the last few times I've seen her. But my resolve is weakening...
@BethFishReads @HarperCollins Oh god, I want some! For breakfast! And it was great meeting you, too.
RT @CapitolClio: Lady pirates! That's right. Women on the high seas! @KarenAbbott on Anne Bonny and Mary Read. https://t.co/qkeup9rlpF
RT @theretronaut: c. 1900: Hair of the Seven Sutherland Sisters (15 pictures: https://t.co/rRSyXTKwZm) https://t.co/Irm0jrzTtM
RT @PerformHumanity: Editor’s Corner: Books We love https://t.co/mVpHHpxR96 (I know I'm 100% agreed!) #wondersandmarvels #bookaddicted @his…
@ErinLindsMcCabe @bjornquistfilms @Reenactress Thanks, Erin! And @bjornquistfilms--your film sounds fantastic...
Photographing #NYC's subway construction in the early 1900s: https://t.co/hke2DpRMAD
RT @HistoryExtra: 7 Victorian jokes have been given a modern twist - and they're hilarious https://t.co/baQ3R4BmHz #HappyFriday https://t.co/
@octaviabooks Ah, duh. BIG LITTLE LIES. But just looked up DIAMOND BOY and I'm intrigued...
@octaviabooks Oh, I wanna read that!
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: MT @HenryBVoigt: “Andersonville beans” on 1889 menu, reunion banquet of former POWs. #CivilWar https://t.co/RSMgtokJBZ
An "affair of honor": Vice President Aaron Burr fatally shoots Alexander Hamilton in New Jersey, 210 years ago today: https://t.co/cgjjwDc0Vw
@R_E_Thomas @moc1896 Good question. And was it just "you fool" or "you damn fool"?
RT @staceyballis: This Saturday is Chicago Independent Bookstore day. Get out and support these amazing businesses! @chicagoindies https://t…
RT @Readex: Civil War Intrigue and Reflections: Recent Items from The American Civil War Collection https://t.co/ocvk2hlkrP
Vintage air conditioner ads, 1940s-1960s: https://t.co/rqqJyUX63j
@PWreviews @KimvanAlkemade Thank you!
RT @PWreviews: "I like to write about women whose lives I wish I lived. At my core, I’m jealous of all of them." @KarenAbbott Q&A https://t.…
"They gave themselves wholly to devilish rage": The NYT reports on the #NYC draft riots, July 1863: https://t.co/riHZAE9gNd #CivilWar
@Frances4Kay Thank you! I'll do the same...
Thousands of Secret KGB documents newly available to the public: https://t.co/nkOzn1lsBs
@history_geek @deborahblum Thank you, ladies! Xx
@KateManning10 Agreed. Maybe only slightly less comfortable than mohair swimsuits.
Summer at Coney Island, 1900: https://t.co/H38TTn4oEF
Ten striking @civilwar stereographs, in gif form: https://t.co/DOuuAZjyA8
Stonewall by the power lines: my (old) report on the First Bull Run reenactment: https://t.co/0uakstxURa #CivilWar #wondersandmarvels
RT @wunderkamercast: Now I Know Something You Don't... #epitaph https://t.co/FJ23XlzE6F
@meestervinyl @smithsonian Thank you!
"Before marriage" and "After marriage" stereographs, circa 1900: https://t.co/FnLG4ZHEEO
"a bad bill, a dangerous bill": How the GI bill became law in spite of some veterans' groups, @ @CapitolClio: https://t.co/kWYYV0914p
@eksit101 Some days more than others...
@PerformHumanity ugh, did not mean to retweet to myself! Thank you! #twitterfail
RT @PerformHumanity: @KarenAbbott Final pgs of #LTSS -- currently debating which spy I love most! (I let myself linger over the copy…delici…
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: MT @GuildhallLib: Stuck in traffic because of #tourdefrance? Those bikes have been hogging the road since the C19th ht…
The haunting beauty of Germany's #WWII bomb craters: https://t.co/ounkcfRzDG
Woman uses Confederate $50 note for gas in Utah: https://t.co/vpeC9lFh3W #civilwar
"In your thrilling lips, in your matchless breasts": The saucy love letters of Warren G. Harding, 1910-1920: https://t.co/N2QQjAdTjq
RT @FauxDPhillips: Premarital spooning, a scourge destroying the moral fabric of our nation, is clearly a result of women's suffrage. http:…
RT @NewYorkologist: A Sea of Umbrellas in Union Square, New York City, 1909 | #NewYork #nyc #ny https://t.co/p6BqM3yl8t
@jcheiffetz @JessicaValenti @EricaJong @gaylelemmon Back at you! Xx
@rickreiman Amazing, isn't it?
World's earliest erotic graffiti found in unlikely setting: https://t.co/Lmt8TG9vbY
@kristinlwalters @ErinLindsMcCabe Erin, I sent you a DM--email me...
"Please to meet you—excuse my gun": Cartoon map of Chicago's "gangland, " 1931, @rebeccaonion: https://t.co/X4SL3PAU8p
RT @besslovejoy: Wait, Laura Palmer's house is for sale? Let's do a Kickstarter and turn it into a writers' retreat. https://t.co/9ySfI94RDf
Interactive 19th Century #NYC maps: https://t.co/AcQ5mNBCWF
@ArielLawhon PS: Happy birthday! Go enjoy yourself...
@ArielLawhon Ha! I know the feeling. You'll work your way out of it...
@RonRosenbaum1 Love that song.
@ArielLawhon And you write about them so well!
Amelia Earhart's disappearance: the answer in photos?: https://t.co/eBQCQGGYg9
RT @SmithsonianMag: Civil War envelopes featuring the Star-Spangled Banner https://t.co/RjTIDXKGKk #4thofJuly
@R_E_Thomas Thanks, Richard! I hope you enjoy...
"Lifesaving station, " "water lily, " and other examples of 1920s beach slang: https://t.co/zTmoT03qQb
Contest!: Enter your favorite line of @JoshilynJackson's fantastic SOMEONE ELSE'S LOVE STORY and win signed books: https://t.co/0dSDYVF5s4
@ErinLindsMcCabe @deborahkalb Thank you! And I might have a suggestion re: diary--let me get back to you on that. Dead brain right now.
RT @NatureNews: The impact of the Great War on women in science https://t.co/enDq8DhEKL https://t.co/TIi3ompr8I
Abraham Lincoln's natty pair of size 14 goat slippers: https://t.co/9VlplOkIqe #CivilWar
@love_mpls Thanks so much, Emily!
RT @love_mpls: Just preordered @KarenAbbott's Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy. Sin in the Second City was awesome, can't wait for more! #book…
A period is questioned in the Declaration of Independence: https://t.co/QAp7hr2vti
@deborahkalb Thanks, Deborah!
RT @deborahkalb: Q&A w/@KarenAbbott about new book "Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover in the Civil War." https://t.co/ZCX
@LindsayWrites Not that I recall. Etta Duryea, yes, but I guess that's not much help...
RT @BoweryBoys: At the corner of Delancey and Allen Streets, there once was a roof garden for blind people: https://t.co/99PdCVOZjE https://t…
@mirandabm Ahead of her time, I guess?
@sara_ann_marie @Pamela_Drouin @angelacolter @redsesame I need some new breeches, but then I'll be good to go.
"Wearing the breeches" and "ready for vice": Anti-suffragist postcard, circa 1900: https://t.co/1CKQauw99Z
RT @KevinLevin: 70 Years After They Died In Battle, An American Soldier’s World War II Photography Is Brought To Life. #WWII https://t.co/VH
"There is a good many temptations in the army": The #civilwar life of a woman soldier, Private "Lyons Wakeman": https://t.co/ybdbuRIekQ
"Filled with every species of talented attractive monster": Explaining Coney Island to the rest of the world, 1905: https://t.co/xzHthacD29
RT @DeniseKiernan: Love this! RT @faustfatale Wartime gals paint on stocking lines. https://t.co/VbaM1TugDi #WWII #histwmn #vintage
RT @lostcheerio: I'm on Trailer Park Tuesday at The Quivering Pen! Visit @ImDavidAbrams' blog to find out if I have an accent or not: http:…
"The New Woman": Stereograph celebrating women's changing roles, 1901: https://t.co/6nf65seWuT
RT @92Y: For #Musicmonday and July 4th, 92Y explains why Yankee Doodle "called it macaroni." https://t.co/Ut56hqFfIA https://t.co/5v2UJKntHi
@wendyruderman Thanks, Wendy--I hope you enjoy it (although I didn't have to battle any crooked cops or--god forbid--George Bochetto).
@wendyruderman Yes, September 2, and thanks! Your book is making me miss Philly--all that charismatic sleaze. And damn, you have some balls.
@TetonLibrary Thanks for finding me here! I'm really looking forward to my visit, too.
@TerryLavin Loved your piece on your ancestor--completely gripping...
RT @rmathematicus: RT @TEYLERS: This is how people envisioned life on the #moon in 1836. See more on: https://t.co/qZI9eaHBkF https://t.co/9I
Video of a Confederate #CivilWar reunion, 1914: https://t.co/70P1T9zBzM
RT @ArielLawhon: My summer reading binge includes @KarenAbbott @colsonwhitehead @CherylStrayed Hellen Rappaport and @laurahillenbran http:/…
@barbaralaker Reading BUSTED right now and love it--best book on Philly I've read since God's Pocket. Congrats on your success!
@wendyruderman Reading your book and can't put it down!
@katrinagulliver @CapitolClio Excellent point!
@CapitolClio Gorgeous but painful looking.
Boots that once belonged to a Chicago prostitute, circa 1890. Pristine soles suggest they were never worn outside: https://t.co/OiY51J3ZZO
RT @alisonlaw: Love this "What We're Into Post" from @SheReadsBookCLB, esp. the nonfiction shelf feat. @KarenAbbott : https://t.co/IcoUiWYcQ4
RT @brainpicker: “Oh, how wonderful! How like the mind it is!” Helen Keller, born on this day in 1880, experiences dance – so moving http:/…
Forty maps that explain #WW1: https://t.co/CUuIvmZOXU
"Where are all the women on wheels going?": How the bicycle paved the way for women's rights, @TheAtlantic : https://t.co/a2OZglNEo0
Creepy photos of the aftermath of an Atomic bomb test, 1955: https://t.co/7LZ1uiiudD
Elvis gestures to the crowd during his final concert, Indianapolis, IN, June 26, 1977: https://t.co/vbFEUaT7ED
Stunning, newly published images from #WWI: https://t.co/cbClT7p7m4
Obit for Elizabeth Niles, a female #CivilWar soldier who fought beside her husband, October 1920: https://t.co/I9bBjI7m9u
@sarahalbee I think I love you already...
@amyguglielmo @sarahalbee No, but thanks for the intro, Amy! Now following...
Ad for full-body wool bathing suits, June 1879: https://t.co/hPz8JmrKvh
@LindsayWrites Sounds intriguing...
RT @LindsayWrites: I'm totally enamored with Sin in the Second City by @KarenAbbott. I can't put it down. #adore
@LindsayWrites Thanks so much!
"Her ladyship has astonished thousands of viewers": The "Fejee Mermaid, " #NYC's 19th century mermaid freak: https://t.co/hCA8Mi673e
#NYC construction crew unearths a military railroad relic: https://t.co/kMsr0738af
RT @SuperWriterMom: Someone Else's Love Story by @JoshilynJackson is on sale for $1.99. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Just go. http:…
Sunbathing on a midtown tenement roof in #NYC, by Thomas Hoepker, 1983: https://t.co/pcw3YE6Qty
RT @nprbooks: The mysteries of adolescence plumbed in Megan Abbott's ripped-from-the-headlines new book, THE FEVER: https://t.co/LqYUG76qLJ
@SimonReadBooks Ha! I needed that.
@scottkorb Thanks. Should've known it was too good to be true.
RT @padnick: A good example of how language evolves over time. https://t.co/3yMlIdL51B
The Victorian Meme Machine: New British Library project seeks to revive 19th century jokes: https://t.co/i2XnsdnU6S
@MissLiberty As sin.
@MissLiberty I need to get there!
@NickChilds Thank you! Xx
@MissLiberty That must've been fascinating! I sort of have a girl crush on her.
"I wanted to sleep with my eyes half open": Testimony from the Lizzie Borden trial, June 1893: https://t.co/v02gIAkGCb
@dcjpad @AnnGerhart I think you're right--meant to type 1960s! Too lazy to delete/retweet...
@KateManning10 Thank you! Xx
One more: "All you need is a little hamagination": vintage ad for #ham, 1950s: https://t.co/miTUZVze2R
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: MT @SlateVault: Jane Austen collected critiques of her novels from her friends and family, inc_Mansfield Park_: http:/…
"The people are informed that all slaves are free": June 19, 1865: #Juneteenth https://t.co/bccQKiulTW
RT @adeteal: Why America chose the bald eagle over the curmudgeonly turkey as a national symbol: https://t.co/21uD0zPNcs #ArtPrize https://t.…
"Never found wanting": Vintage ad for deviled #ham, 1903: https://t.co/bGQerXWjzm
RT @ElliottBayBooks: Book of the day? A MAP OF THE WORLD: THE WORLD ACCORDING TO ILLUSTRATORS & STORYTELLERS https://t.co/LLW12n8OWM https://…
RT @ALBooksmith: We can't wait until September for @KarenAbbott & LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY, so Paige took a sneak peek for our blog! http…
@ALBooksmith Thank you SO much! And can't wait to see y'all...;)
"Their faces were burning": 21 women died in #CivilWar armory fire, 150 years ago today: https://t.co/2t7WIDwqUm
The youngest Confederate soldier, C.D.W. McNeill of the 4th Georgia, 13 years old when he enlisted in 1861: https://t.co/GvIhaJQued
@coaptowicz @MutterMuseum @FreeLibrary I heard about that! I definitely will.
RT @coaptowicz: Hope our paths cross during our book tours this fall @KarenAbbott! LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLIDER, SPY sounds *fantastic*! http:…
@lynnettewk Seriously? So cool--I think you win the internet today! I've always been fascinated by that.
@coaptowicz Thanks so much, Cristin! I hope so, too. Your book sounds fascinating--the Mutter Museum is one of my favorite places.
@SuperWriterMom Thanks so much! What's the title of honkey tonk piano player one? I'll look out for that, too...
@SuperWriterMom Can't wait! Sounds right up my alley...
@lynnettewk @tpjost Yes--so fascinating!
#CivilWar embalming surgeon at work on soldier's body, location unknown, circa 1863: https://t.co/7SZaQetvUw
@PulpwoodQueen Kat, I'm so sorry! I hope you find him asap.
@ABeckr Good points! I think some of these were exaggerated, but there are reports of rebel women selling "Yankee jewelry" made of bones.
Goblet made from a Yankee skull, a necklace of Yankee teeth, and other items of "Secesh industry, " 1862: #CivilWar https://t.co/gEKjWr8zRm
@SuperWriterMom Aw, thank you! I just checked out your site--Shakespeare and cows? I'm intrigued--tell me more...
@SuperWriterMom Me too!
"Cooties, " "cushy, " and "foxhole": Oxford English Dictionary selects 100 words that define WWI: https://t.co/7HWFxUbc2C
"Fresh bodies boiling in a kettle": The gory #NYC riot that shaped American medicine, @besslovejoy @SmithsonianMag: https://t.co/SkX2BHPlLO
RT @SavingLincoln: We admit it's disrespectful to turn our beloved 16th president into Hagrid from Harry Potter, but this made us smile. ht…
@RealLizGaribay @lagunitasbeer Jugglers? I'm intrigued!
Hidden portrait found beneath surface of Picasso's "The Blue Room": https://t.co/1qelMi7m8J
"Duel to the death": Silent film featuring a Victorian-era catfight, 1898: https://t.co/EgyINb9HGx
RT @PerformHumanity: Where do #ghosts fit? Folkore, Religion & Revenge: The Transformation of Ghosts in Shakespeare https://t.co/l2nVhtUxZj
@Millicentsomer It's all about the ham, dammit.
@mlharper Thank you! And I'm eager to read your stuff...
@mlharper Thanks, Michelle! I appreciate that. I thought that sexual assault debate eerily evoked today's debates on rape culture.
A witch's chair, a vampire hunting kit, and other creepy contraptions from the past: https://t.co/1EshJTfzOb
"You saw the smart set, the parvenus, the deplorably notorious": The elite carriage parade in 1860s Central Park: https://t.co/kfnuDg04ld
RT @sbliss89: With the passing of Carla Laemmle, there's only 12 living silent film actors left. A brief look at them: https://t.co/9xNivqqb
"I think you are rapidly becoming a jackass": A letter to Ted Turner from his father, 1957: https://t.co/WUvhURbIAq
RT @Scott_Heim: In Living Color: The Forgotten 19th-Century Photo Technology that Romanticized America https://t.co/AMhWBc4JRf via @collecto…
@jessicahandler Thanks, lady! Xx
RT @jessicahandler: Anything written by @KarenAbbott is a must read. https://t.co/ewR0RDfTVd Here, hatpins.
Underwater croquet and "talking newspapers": Strange 19th century postcards predict how we'd be living in 2000: https://t.co/ThHri13YJ9
RT @calumet412: Looking north on N Michigan Ave from Chicago Ave, 1921, Chicago. https://t.co/FR1HBz47zc
The fight to find John Wilkes Booth's diary in a forgotten subway tunnel, h/t @TheBeach53: https://t.co/nrtimSeLiL
@irish_banana And make that BEEN meaning to write. (I had just written a sentence with the word "bean"!). Need coffee.
RT @scandalwomen: The Vanderbilts and Their Battle Over Fifth Avenue https://t.co/5cYIwjSGy8
"The successful thrust": 1905 stereograph featuring dueling women, @RndConnections: https://t.co/9tuDi8G6uq
"Be hotly and intimately kissed": The scandalous love affair that started WWI: https://t.co/nGX4oq9eu7
RT @chethamslibrary: It's World Gin Day tomorrow but don't get carried away or it could get messy... https://t.co/iuMLhftWxj https://t.co/w2p
@oline_eaton Thank you! He is my Civil War boyfriend (on the Confederate side, anyway). Weird and fascinating man.
RT @oline_eaton: the portrait of stonewall jackson in the 1st paragraph on p. 138 of @KarenAbbott's "liar, temptress, soldier, spy" is a TO…
@betzib Agreed. And the striped stockings to go along with them.
"She is mannish from her shoes to her hat": anti-suffragist postcard, 1905: https://t.co/679zfCCPAb
The only surviving footage of #AnneFrank, born 85 years ago today: https://t.co/MCclk9LR71
RT @KarenWhitereads: Loving the book I started today: LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY by @KarenAbbott @HarperAudio check it out: https://t.co/jwe
@bookaliciousmom Thanks, Jennifer! I hope you enjoy it (and love your handle)...
@KarenWhitereads @HarperAudio Thanks, Karen!
"Time brings so little consolation to me": I write at #wondersandmarvels about #civilwar mourning customs: https://t.co/sqBAHgxzH7
Striking portraits of #NYC subway riders by Walker Evans, 1938-1941: https://t.co/iGqE6Toz82
"A library-like look": New Balance Makes $300 Sneakers Based on American Literature, [email protected]: https://t.co/KiYQeZsGGX
The 19th Century map that could have transformed the American West: https://t.co/vcd9F13mYT
RT @brainpicker: Anaïs Nin on abortion and women's reproductive rights – a prescient lament from 1940 https://t.co/KCfqr54JfW https://t.co/wz
RT @theretronaut: c.1860s-1880s: “#Circassian Beauties” (five pictures: https://t.co/tVTJ7p4fjC) https://t.co/ezEvZrmu4y
"I wish to God I was exchanged": sketch from a Union prisoner's notebook, 1864: #civilwar https://t.co/ugeJ2x6x2k
@Project_Borge @Pregnancy_Conf I think it's quite clear that she's a raging nympho and will bed anything that moves. Except for the stork.
@Project_Borge @Pregnancy_Conf True! But clearly a content spinster who likely maintained that status through birth control...
The Los Angeles "Bridegrooms"?: The fascinating origins of 16 sports team names: https://t.co/csqnRrw17K
RT @JoshilynJackson: OH OH OH! The audio sample of HOW TO TELL TOLEDO FROM THE NIGHT SKY is up! @lost cheerio... https://t.co/CDSLJyuOyP
@SquareBooks: Got (and loved!) your invisible ink dispatch! That was some stealthy work--Belle Boyd would be proud.
RT @EJBrand: Gentleman prefer blondes? The c18th view: 'A fair beauty is rarely so lasting as a brown one'. https://t.co/HIG0qEoruk
@MissLiberty @meganeabbott @AmyBloomBooks @EWein2412 @laurenbeukes Thank you, m'lady! And Sherman is my #civilwar boyfriend, too.
English surnames translated into other languages: https://t.co/qkHGWdedxC
@nealthompson @PWreviews Thanks, Thompson!
"I'll get you yet, old girl": postcard promoting contraception, 1917: #thingsmymothersendsme https://t.co/5xbQjDffK8
@rivercityreadin @DeniseKiernan FANTASTIC book--you'll love it.
@maureenogle Ha! Not really. Insomnia helps.
"Our friends have exchange shots, are you satisfied?" A gentleman's guide to dueling, 1837: https://t.co/aYeQyljIlp
RT @BloomsburyBooks: What’s this? Oh, just @KatieHolmes212 reading My Notorious Life by @KateManning10... #becool #fangirling https://t.co/G
RT @AntDeRosa: World's oldest man dies in New York at age 111 https://t.co/wAtCidYbTi
As copyright expires, Hitler's Mein Kampf at center of fresh controversy: https://t.co/YxH9b9YmV3
@emilygatlin What, exactly, is a "bad" Joan way?
"She could kill a Yankee as well as any rebel": #civilwar diary of a Confederate soldier, June 8, 1864: https://t.co/gi39EtAPFN
"Suspicious persons may have arrived secretly": The German report on the Allied invasion of Normandy: https://t.co/HWOx23KSWI #DDay
RT @Rebeccamead_NYC: Best opening paragraph in NYTBR in recent memory https://t.co/uaU4E5SJDN
@NickChilds I know! I saw that earlier--get on that screenplay, STAT.
70 years after #DDay, women of the French Resistance are finally being recognized: https://t.co/qaH0elKals
"You can distinguish the pores": Harvard confirms antique book is bound in human skin: https://t.co/fMBTeo6Vj0
RT @HuffingtonPost: Remembering the heroes of D-Day in 20 powerful photos https://t.co/EPp4kuAN47 #DDay70 https://t.co/8fFfy5pCfS
RT @rdotinga: The last year of the Civil War: endless battle, debate over torture, & Lincoln on the brink. My author interview: https://t.co
@ArielLawhon Ha! My favorite kind of kids...
@ArielLawhon Burgeoning writers?
RT @cta: The 'L' turned 122 today! Historic pic of 1st 'L' line testing an important innovation. More: https://t.co/OpN2PeYP8h https://t.co/
Love this shot of 13th and Broadway in #NYC, 1860: https://t.co/NlUoyKAyUw
RT @appendixjournal: Via @MitchFraas, a 1810 board game featuring the abolition of the slave trade. https://t.co/kqEJnMr3CH https://t.co/p7S
@mtaeckens @SteveLevingston @foxyhedgehog Fantastic book!
RT @noirdame: A fascinating reminder of #DDay. RT @BayouCtyHistory Foley's ad published on June 6, 1944. https://t.co/K7eZjvzl58
"May it be His will that we end this horrible thing soon": letters from a #DDay captain: https://t.co/vPfVpjwqCA
RT @palafo: How The New York Times covered the D-Day landing 70 years ago https://t.co/OGkcnsFi9q
The vital role of weather forecasting in the D-Day landings: https://t.co/DV2pGR1D3C
RT @TonyHorwitz: As horrific as D-Day was, U.S. casualties on June 6, 1944 were about 6600, compared to 22, 700 during single day's fight at…
"The little lady who made this big war: "Uncle Tom's Cabin" begins to appear in serial form, June 5, 1851: https://t.co/kSMxj5sAea #civilwar
Tiananmen Square protest's iconic scenes, then and now: https://t.co/f3FoGFMcPV
@JulieKlam No, but I've always been interested in her. There's been so much done on her already, though.
@JulieKlam I think she was more desperate than evil, but it's debatable.
"Denies ever having typhoid": Medical card for Mary Mallon, otherwise known as "Typhoid Mary, " 1907: https://t.co/G7PJwj3YJJ
D-Day landing sites then and now: https://t.co/BFhqqOuSEZ
@mstcambot Yikes! Looks painful.
"You have a beautiful face, but...": Advertisement for a "nose shaper, " 1923: https://t.co/tlBCYZNgIE
RT @meganeabbott: Yep, you can pre-order The Fever via @Powells & while you're there, snag @mjkoryta's latest & get free shipping... http:/…
"It's difficult to imagine the apocalyptic vision": Rare aerial photos show planning and chaos of D-day: https://t.co/QSCbsCUCRZ
RT @DeniseKiernan: Why wait 4 #FF? Fab #authors I met at #BEA2014: @KarenAbbott @cmaum @mjkoryta @nealthompson @RupertThomson1 @bronwenh @C…
RT @theretronaut: c. 1980: Rejected Saul Bass sketches for The Shining poster with Kubrick’s notes (six pictures: https://buff.… https://t.co
RT @thedailybeast: Meet 85-year-old Sheila Vogel-Coupe, Britain's oldest prostitute who charges $500 an hour https://t.co/ub3J0P94Ax https://…
Last of Navajo #WWII "code talkers" dies at 93: https://t.co/323wWLKrsA
RT @deborahblum: "Each poison in its proper place Each potion is her chalice Her daedel fingers are so deft They call her digitalis" Femini…
Memes from the suffragist era @collectorswkly, in honor of the 19th amendment (passed by Congress 95 yrs ago today): https://t.co/aG2QrOVIYo
RT @SmithsonianMag: These are the world's oldest pants https://t.co/WME3UtCsQM
@mariapower @2nerdyhistgirls I've seen that one--love it!
"Run where you may, he will catch you some day": Postcard promoting birth control, circa 1906: https://t.co/Ldi2LZaEiC
"Queer ideas of fair play": Tabloid spreads of "bifurcated girls, " 1903: https://t.co/1bXay5Cdh4
@litrvixen Truth.
@curi0s Excellently put.
Bodies of 800 babies, long-dead, found in septic tank at former Irish home for unwed mothers: https://t.co/NZZgm2SfkP
RT @openculture: James Joyce’s Dirty Love Letters Read by Comedy Actors (NSFW). Amazingly, these letters are real. https://t.co/c86YkEFK8P
"Be the you he likes": Advertisement for Midol, 1974: https://t.co/wbhLHChxaD
Striking photos of the California Dream (and its underbelly), by Julian Wasser: https://t.co/cYj3UiXSeT
"The women were all of the vilest character": How French prostitutes charmed San Francisco during the Gold Rush: https://t.co/Xw6TOzZr6N
@TimCarbonara Thanks, Tim!
Victorian-era caricatures of famous intellectuals, @flavorwire: https://t.co/3VX1V9blPz
"All that saw it much wondered": tales of grandmothers breastfeeding grandchildren in the 17th and 18th centuries: https://t.co/AUgl8qdvsU
Footage of a trolley ride through Manhattan in the early 1900s: https://t.co/afvUUoeRfQ
Newly discovered pictures of Nagasaki one day after the atomic bomb: https://t.co/xidtt11LT9
@KimberlyRMiller @nypl Me too! And also, if a falling piece hits you, it's a convenient excuse to miss a deadline.
"The Mona Lisa is designed to frustrate": the history of the smile in portraiture: https://t.co/Hspkv3YQig
@KimberlyRMiller @nypl Oh no! For how long?
How "bad literature" was to blame for #Lincoln's death, 1865: https://t.co/xQPR2q31ps #CivilWar
"They thrust their dying victim into the street": anti-abortion cartoon in the National Police Gazette, 1867: https://t.co/iJL3DUpHzB
Helen Keller meets Charlie Chaplin, and other rare historical photos: https://t.co/fvCOXWBohk
The 43 homes of Marilyn Monroe, born 88 years ago today: https://t.co/jJ6gvNzAoz
"It is a bad thing to judge by appearances": The NYPD's pioneering 19th century mugshots: https://t.co/INY4ISdjtl
Dave Chappelle tells Maya Angelou why he left his Comedy Central show, 2006: https://t.co/s85yToEydZ
@ErinEireann Thanks, Erin!
@ZacBissonnette And I just ordered yours...
@ZacBissonnette Thank you!
Signing at #BEA14 next to the dashing @Alancumming: https://t.co/FLN9CoYB7G
RT @annmayhew: My interview with the lovely @KarenAbbott for @PublishersWkly: Plants in Pants https://t.co/ovRsbGqsyk via @publisherswkly
@octaviabooks Glad you got it and that the pen worked! I worried about it breaking en route--what a crafty spy I am... ;)
Hitler's rant against Amazon: https://t.co/lKJWdF6Bis
@octaviabooks I'm here! Where are you two staying?
Charles Manson as a young boy, via @midnightarchive: https://t.co/e9r7KkCor2
Seven surprising facts about Joan of Arc, burned at the stake 583 years ago today: https://t.co/d8uWVr4RFC
Have been doing way too much of this @BookExpoAmerica this week. Cheers to @DeniseKiernan and @JosephDAgnese! #BEA14 https://t.co/clhthoMWnk
@nottobeblamed @tushy_galore Fascinating, and not surprising.
@nottobeblamed @tushy_galore Thanks so much!
@tushy_galore @nottobeblamed This was the most disturbing thing I'd seen in a long time: https://t.co/Xq4s5KeoAS
@nottobeblamed @tushy_galore It really is. And thanks for reading...
Confederate president Jefferson Davis as a helpless female, Harper's Weekly, May 1865: #civilwar https://t.co/Cxc6IEjc78
@tushy_galore @nottobeblamed Ugh indeed. Those things are incredibly creepy.
"Touching Reciprocity": Victorian cartoon about a discontented housewife, 1890: https://t.co/7v3a9meXRN
@Bullrunnings Thanks, Harry! Fascinating read.
From Charles Lindbergh to Wallis Simpson to Pope Francis: @TIME's Person of the Year, 1927-2013: https://t.co/sTtwGqra6Y
@emilygatlin Happy early birthday! And I understand what you meant. I might be past that point, sadly.
@emilygatlin Oh, I do that anyway! Can't get enough...
@ChildWorldArt Hmmm, maybe so!
Today: found out I've been dead for four years, got into a fight with a lady cop ($100 ticket!), and lost my phone. #YesAllWomenNeedADrink
@monodialogue If I'm a ghost, I should at least be a 37-year-old ghost, damn it!
@robertamberg @BookExpoAmerica @ParnassusBooks1 @SquareBooks It's just depressing to know I keep aging even after death.
Despite being dead since 2010, I'll be @BookExpoAmerica Thursday at 1! Come say hi: @ParnassusBooks1 @SquareBooks https://t.co/WvuZDGpxhW
@ALBooksmith @JoshilynJackson Definitely! And I'll bring bottles of holy water for party favors.
@octaviabooks Ah, got it! And I'm sorry... (but hey, at least you get to live in New Orleans!).
@octaviabooks Hi Tom and Judith! Are you not coming? I'll miss you--was looking forward to seeing you both.
"Bandit's Roost" off Mulberry Street in #NYC, taken by Jacob Riis in 1887: https://t.co/WcsR5mqbqv
@MissLiberty Thank you! Planning to self-medicate with cocktails soon. ;) And I'm looking forward to seeing you.
@DeniseKiernan @JosephDAgnese @PulpwoodQueen Oh, that would be very, VERY dangerous...
@TheBeach53 Not at the moment, but I'll let you know! Thanks, Pat. Xx
@MissLiberty Yes! Please come by--I've been sick and haven't yet dragged myself to post office to mail your galley.
@ArielLawhon @BookExpoAmerica Thanks for the RT!
@JosephDAgnese @PulpwoodQueen Can't wait! Joe, I think you need to come to Girlfriends' Weekend. And bring that crazy wife of yours.
@emilygatlin I wish you were coming! How are things? I'll email you. Xx
I'll be signing @BookExpoAmerica on Thursday at 1—come say hi: @ALBooksmith @octaviabooks @Malaprops @quailridgebooks @FountainBkstore #BEA
RT @MitchFraas: Incredible WWII-era manual "The psychology of supervising the working woman"Table of contents https://t.co/XN3LlDSqmj http:…
@BookCellar Suzy, are you coming to BEA? I'd love to see you! Hope all's well in Chicago...
@RealLizGaribay Or a long-suffering fan of any Philly team...
Victorian woman immortalized in mid-sneeze—or in agony? Circa 1895: https://t.co/lu2Oi9Qqos
"We have ideas about how you should look in your uniform": Army video teaching etiquette to female soldiers, 1970: https://t.co/EcgrUd0LZw
@KatieANYC Ridiculously adorable.
Moody shot of rainy London, 1903: https://t.co/7ZrHqcfeTI
Most complete Ice Age skeleton helps solve mystery of first humans: https://t.co/WqrS09QwNX
Vladimir Putin as a teenager and other rare photos from the past: https://t.co/PWNieEujkw
RT @dallasnews: Q&A: Maud Newton on why we’re obsessed with genealogy https://t.co/6lLV2RGIAQ
@annmayhew Well, if you ever get here, or if I get there, the bar tab is on me! Thank you again. Xx
@annmayhew Thank you! You coming to BEA? Would love to meet and buy you a cocktail or two... Xx
[email protected] likes LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY: "Gripping... a remarkable story of passion, strength, and resilience."
RT @HistoryInPics: 10 Photos of Coney Island in the 1970's https://t.co/PvT7XzS3af
@nottobeblamed Thank you!
@ZacBissonnette @SteveLevingston @mtaeckens Thank you! That's very kind (and it is a damn fine book!)
Fascinating piece about how the U.S. is still paying #CivilWar veterans' benefits: https://t.co/I2KIUpPSJs
@SteveLevingston @mtaeckens It's a fantastic book! Glad to see it get the attention it deserves...
My (old) piece for @NYTcivilwar about the reckless rebel spy Belle Boyd, who braved gunfire 152 yrs. ago today: https://t.co/zUOrrH8IeA
Footage of the aftermath of the ambush of Bonnie and Clyde, 80 years ago today: https://t.co/B3tZb7l0Ig
RT @rebeccaonion: A Jazz Age bohemian dinner, in wry list form https://t.co/k0UsdIuimq Now I want to list-ify all social occasions https://t.…
Boss Tweed's brazen escape from a #NYC jail, 1875: https://t.co/LqGPlHymds
RT @magiciansbook: What Neanderthals sounded like: Essentially, Daleks https://t.co/IXtFLQPDOB
@annmayhew A friend described it as "American Horror Story moves to Victorian London." I was sold.
@annmayhew I am going to renew my subscription to Showtime just to watch this show...
@Imelda_Evans @sblackmoore Strychnine, baby! With a soupçon of quinine...
Great piece by @adacalhoun on reenacting riots in Tompkins Square Park: https://t.co/DsMjBaMo51
@curi0s @Amanda_Vickery Strychnine.
RT @SarahMMcCoy: Come #LitChat w/me TODAY, 4-5PM ET. Follow # or @LitChat & ask all the questions you like! @crownpublishing... https://t.co
@EldritchGirl @sblackmoore I think it was actually strychnine!
"Ambition pills" for "weak and nervous men, " circa 1890: https://t.co/ZWpf6Wpz4M
"Ham" the chimpanzee after his historic trip to space, 1961: https://t.co/MmplsPWfu1
@TomGumbert Aw, thanks Tom!
@msmanet It was actually 669 kids! No coffee yet...
105th birthday party for man who saved 668 children from the Nazis: https://t.co/pWtdfvw9Nd
@2nerdyhistgirls Ha! Well played, my friends...
@2nerdyhistgirls Can you imagine? If only we had that problem today!
"Mental gluttony" and the "evil of devouring books, " 1835: https://t.co/5BvN6IZqWD
@mstcambot Or just very blonde?
@JamboGraz @MofRIT https://t.co/rCsHSJi9jk
"Leeches! Leeches!! Leeches!!!": 19th century ads for medical leeches: https://t.co/a5HGBKJbET
@bostonbibliophl Now I'm hungry--looks delish.
Eisenhower breaking down while speaking to #WWII veterans, 1952: https://t.co/88Dlg74a20
RT @PSuchanek: A recipe in Casanova's hand writing for biscuits. Serve soaked in wine, "to fortify the stomach" #academicpleasures https://t…
@ronrodgers Thanks, Ronald!
The Metropolitan Museum of Art puts 400K high-res images online and makes them free to use: https://t.co/PuW65kY974
@SpanglishGuiri Thank you!
Honored to be included on @TheAtlantic's list of "slightly more than 100 fantastic pieces of journalism": https://t.co/v4v8ej7NZh
@monodialogue She's preparing for "midnight hours of who knows what, " of course!
"Is College Bad for Girls?": Cautionary pamphlet, 1905: https://t.co/OdyitpSUku
An intimate look inside a 1950s Tokyo Bath House: https://t.co/TWbRKNAi70
@kurtluther @rebeccaonion Thanks! That's in my to-read pile...
@katrinagulliver @rebeccaonion I know... I thought about her for weeks afterward.
@rebeccaonion Just saw your tweet on this--such a sad case. I wrote a blog on her awhile ago (if you want more info): https://t.co/7tWoWuKnsw
Rare footage of FDR walking, 1937: https://t.co/WFeWowL9YN
#Lincoln's inaugural, as seen by the North and South, March 1861: https://t.co/XVnffWsYLB
RT @meganeabbott: "Nature had reclaimed the island..." These pix of NYC's abandoned North Brother Island are truly worth a look https://t.co
25 ciphers that have never been solved, from 2600 BC to the 1990s: https://t.co/OeDqjIhNvX
Maps reveal how slavery expanded across the United States, @SmithsonianMag: https://t.co/cjxozIUL8O #CivilWar
Playing "Civil War doctor, " @SavingLincoln: https://t.co/UigPSrM1hR
Late 19th century vice map names and shames "bawdy houses" around the White House: https://t.co/462rMoQAt7
@SpiritsTH Oh, thanks! I got it from a 1963 issue of Civil War Times Illustrated. Interesting...
What makes a work of art an icon? The "Mona Lisa, " reconsidered: https://t.co/5zqMmwgTO5
"They lost that humanity which is supposed to belong to their sex": Condemnation of female spies, 1861: #CivilWar https://t.co/6D3bqjUCvU
@kurtluther @NarrativelyNY Thanks--great story. She was fascinating. I almost included her in my book but she wasn't in the game long enough
"It kind of makes you feel like a dirty Peeping Tom": Scientists discover gigantic, 17-million-year-old sperm: https://t.co/8D6NeYaVaj
Tony Sarg map of Greenwich Village circa 1934, featuring many long-gone landmarks: https://t.co/RqbDkmDgLD
Thieves plunder President Garfield's tomb to steal spoons: https://t.co/udYc3tDDGY
A rare photo of young John Wilkes Booth, age 18, 1856: #civilwar https://t.co/xu8OTLXnss
"Take no needless, dangerous chances": How Lysol was used (and marketed) as a contraceptive, 1926-1934, @Jezebel: https://t.co/qlMa4uuNpV
Dancers in Central Park (and other summer shots in the "jewel of Manhattan"), 1961: https://t.co/OfNACk57by https://t.co/7qGGv98Oc1
RT @Limerick1914: "How I enlarged by bust six inches in thirty days." (1912) https://t.co/OAgFUzDCrP
"Let not the appeal of a mother's grief be in vain": My latest in @SmithsonianMag: Letters from mothers to #Lincoln: https://t.co/LzvpFGRqan
@annapulley @Alexis_Coe Thanks, Anna!
RT @LailaLalami: Think you're having a tough writing day? Check out Kafka's diary: https://t.co/l3QftZe1dU
"Excursion Party for the Sunny South!": #civilwar recruitment poster, 1862: https://t.co/TqUPXIkwgZ
Female #civilwar reenactors fight for their chance to pretend to fight, @Slate: https://t.co/zaRh2PuRwi
"Buy only what you need. Hoarding is unpatriotic": Homemaker's war guide, 1942: https://t.co/LJHvqrlBB2
Women #civilwar spies hiding goods beneath hoop skirts, 1862: https://t.co/kIW5Rl3fCz
@annmayhew Thanks, Ann! And it was a pleasure talking with you.
RT @annmayhew: Just finished LIAR, TEMPTRESS, SOLDIER, SPY by @KarenAbbott - highly recommended!!!!
A gripping piece by @besslovejoy on a former slave turned grave robber who made important contributions to medicine: https://t.co/qXLfhXEsq9
"The brilliant entrance to hell itself": The dangers of dance halls, 1909: https://t.co/wY0idvZg5H
"To the young lady that got out of a 5th Avenue stage": the 1870s version of "Missed Connection" ads: https://t.co/YYnWYgYzJZ
"Homosexuality is nothing to be ashamed of": Happy 158th birthday, Sigmund Freud: https://t.co/Vd5qedVeaS
@JustBethanne Contemplating a dash of whiskey in my coffee--they're due tonight! Have a good writing day...
@JustBethanne Checking citations yet again=eyes bleeding.
"Spirit photographs": eerily striking images of double exposures, 1882-1948: https://t.co/cVOztHSSq8
"Either you or I, sir": How #civilwar era women pressured their husbands to enlist, 1863: https://t.co/8YRO7Kabdz
"Scissors are thrust through the heart, pins jabbed into eyes:" Helpful Voodoo hints for exacting revenge, 1939: https://t.co/yB148wawQF
RT @2nerdyhistgirls: RT @atlasobscura: Secret Libraries of New York City https://t.co/xXRxictEEa https://t.co/1GKkM9blyy
@mtaeckens Thank you! Xx
@NYPL_Archives @Alexis_Coe Many citations from those papers, and new information from one of her descendants...
"Mummy's a Suffragette": anti-suffragette postcard, circa 1900. https://t.co/A5Khbh06Gj
@EZWRITER1 @Lorna_Sheehan @larryzieg @_brandiprice @bvejseli @theREELdarylj @angrychow @moore_abbie @Mr_KyleThomas @GTE007 Thank you! Xx
@jfagone I just ran out! Trying to scrounge up a few more...
"The Most Dangerous Bird in the World": Another dispatch from the Victorian contraception files: https://t.co/S7gdh7EhM6
RT @JosephDAgnese: Just got the galleys today for @KarenAbbott's next history title. Women spies in the US Civil war: #ushist https://t.co/d
@alyssaharad @msmanet Nothing specific, I don't think. Generally: primitive caps and diaphragms, douches, condoms, sketchy pills and potions
@KateManning10 I'll email you--wading into bizarre nooks of the internets.
@bschillace @DittrickMuseum Just saw it now--I need to check out that whole collection.
"And the villain still pursues her": A Victorian-era postcard promoting birth control: https://t.co/N4ky2QveBg
@PerformHumanity Ha! It did, actually, although I stayed in bed and (futilely) tried to conquer it. Next time I'll meet you on here.
An 1893 version of Marilyn Monroe's iconic subway grate scene in "The Seven Year itch": https://t.co/9b3AbH7BkN
@Son_Of_Ray I'll send you a DM.
@Son_Of_Ray I know, right? I am moving there (unfortunately I'll still be stuck in this decade!).
Amateur footage of New Orleans in the 1930s: https://t.co/2jmszHNZIq
Stunning shots of vintage hotel interiors, 1880-1959: https://t.co/uV02w5n7mB
20 photos that change the Holocaust narrative: https://t.co/S7NNjQ8QSV
@BooktalkNation @DeniseKiernan It was an honor! And @DeniseKiernan, can't wait to see you. Xx
@rdotinga I'm guessing you've since changed your mind about the "dignified" part?
"Some things should happen on soft pages, not cold metal": Happy 88th birthday to Harper Lee: https://t.co/WN4czGAkl6
@CapitolClio I know! It's a really fantastic piece. Xx
@clairedon Thank you! Perhaps you should bring a hatpin to said cocktail parties in case things get hairy...
"Your Ma balances on a donkey very well": Ulysses S. Grant's post #civilwar trip around the world, @CapitolClio: https://t.co/uZxyULrbEI
RT @deborahblum: Duh: The Media Has a Woman Problem https://t.co/e2vEdDjI5K
@DrAmandaForeman Thanks, Amanda! Good to find you on here...
"Cherries should be put into the mouth whole": Table manners for ladies, 1950: https://t.co/TY1khmaTtM
@TomJunod Good question--I think that's the term they used for difficult/stubborn babies. It should come back into vogue!
Confederate cartoon offering suggestions on how Union officials might deal with rebel female spies, Oct. 1861: https://t.co/KKQK570RZq
@EZWRITER1 @Lorna_Sheehan @angrychow @moore_abbie @twowineybitches @Mr_KyleThomas @uberflow @theREELdarylj @SayGerv @bvejseli Thanks, Colin!
@Ted_Scheinman @SmithsonianMag Love that poem. Also, crinolines: https://t.co/FdbtDSJ3Ah
@history_geek Me too! Can't wait to see you. @deborahblum and I missed you last night...
My latest for @SmithsonianMag: how the "Hatpin Peril" (and modern women) threatened men in the early 20th century: https://t.co/N4owKxnGtX
"There's method in my madness": 50 everyday phrases coined by William Shakespeare, born 450 years ago today: https://t.co/PTDjerRQDf
Cartoon map of Europe in 1914, from the German perspective: https://t.co/JXE7Vs3Upn #WWI
"There are two women who always look cool—a Sister of Charity and a Quakeress":Musings on fashion and marriage, 1895: https://t.co/JPyQ89ypNU
The double life of #civilwar soldier and spy Emma Edmonds, alias Private Frank Thompson: https://t.co/tYAA7eLS9J
On this day in 1865, #Lincoln's funeral train left Washington to travel 1, 654 miles back to Springfield: https://t.co/u192bLYYuj
"Do not be irritated at my sadness": The secret love letters of Charlotte Bronte, born 198 years ago today: https://t.co/sW4yrCcndj
@rdotinga @besslovejoy Dotinga, I believe you have a bit of spy lurking within, too...
@Caschetta Thank you!
@ALBooksmith @harperbooks Can't wait to see you all! Xx
@besslovejoy BOSS TWEED, by Kenneth Ackerman.
@Bullrunnings Thanks, Harry!
@jcbaggott Aw, thank you! Xx
A trove of old film footage, now online (including a clip of #NYC's horse-drawn fire brigade in 1893): https://t.co/033Fn8sJxU
@alisonlaw Thank you! Xx
I love the smell of galleys in the morning: https://t.co/o8mKArGGIa
@beccanalia @guffreh Are you still mulling? The decision should not be made lightly.
A look through the LAPD's fascinating photo archives, @meganeabbott: https://t.co/NiSItfc2Jh
Spectacular aerial view of Manhattan, 1944: https://t.co/blRjF5B7OO
"He got me! He shot me in the mouth!": The assassination attempt on #NYC's mayor, 100 years ago today: https://t.co/xsRYTMRx4s
RT @SlateVault: Why it's so hard to count the total number of dead in the Civil War https://t.co/AMR8orXBb9
Stunning vintage photos of 1890s burlesque stars: https://t.co/brR4TRG9hj
Lupus Vulgaris or Bubonic Plague? Match the illustrations with the correct horrifying, old-school diseases (a quiz!): https://t.co/viybqTQQoD
An account of the UK's first human blood transfusion, involving 9 oz of sheep's blood, 1667: https://t.co/0HjEJFK6gH
RT @BooktalkNation: Just posted: @DeniseKiernan added to BTN! Get personalized books & join the live video chat w/@KarenAbbott on 4/28! htt…
Ten odd facts about #Lincoln's assassination, 149 years ago today: https://t.co/ukknP7r2h9
"She can have a tummy and still look yummy!": Twenty strange/offensive vintage beauty ads: https://t.co/iT1OrXNtkq
Waiting for word about Titanic survivors, 102 years ago today: https://t.co/anB2QmOecp
@abby_sheaffer @TurnAMC Loved the first episode! Still have to watch last night's...
@SpanglishGuiri @SmithsonianMag @KarenAbbott Thank you!
"I'm tired of being the author of This Side of Paradise": Fitzgerald publishes The Great Gatsby 89 years ago today: https://t.co/Ag35XhdKrh
100-year-old message in a bottle found in Baltic Sea: https://t.co/OJrGxhtPGU
Hitler's dance, King Tut's curse, and other historical hoaxes: https://t.co/7q27ih2bV3
@poorstruggler Exactly! I was also struck by the abundance of clown hats. At least they predicted leggings...
The future of fashion, as imagined in 1893: https://t.co/kHtRzq8sU6
"The old name of Long Acre Square meant nothing": The naming of Times Square, 110 years ago today: https://t.co/J3LfrmtRKE #NYC
@NickChilds Do you even need to ask?
@danshewan @Ted_Scheinman Only one book has been debunked--my anthropodermic bibliopegy dreams live on!
Harvard discovers three of its library books are bound in human flesh: https://t.co/smU1SWwKQt
RT @longform: "The High Priestess of Fraudulent Finance" The many cons of Cassie Chadwick, 1857-1907 https://t.co/BsKgVNSBys (@KarenAbbott, …
@DeniseKiernan @WBEZafternoon @NialaBoodhoo @AndersonsBkshp That's my favorite @DeniseKiernan face!
The 25 stages from courtship to marriage (with one curiously missing), circa 1890s: https://t.co/9dnBtfDwZr
"Clowns would do things that were considered forbidden": The strange history and enduring legacy of clowns: https://t.co/HjPIn8kqJv
@heydonnelly @IntlSpyMuseum It is! Really excellent exhibits--wandered around there for hours. And I had never seen that notebook before.
"Keep your mouth shut, your eyes and ears open": Union spy Lizzie Van Lew's prescient childhood motto @IntlSpyMuseum https://t.co/Q9XbGdNov8
The "hangover mask, " the "pipe for two, " and other failed inventions of the past: https://t.co/o8TLw310nz
@AthleteAdmirer No worries! Does anyone really scrutinize grammar on twitter?
Kitten on a tenement stoop, taken by Jacob Riis circa 1890: #NYC https://t.co/zrd7VQVacG
"Too much for anybody raised in Mississippi to see all at once": William Faulkner in Hollywood: https://t.co/fEjtT6Yefx
@scottkorb Thanks for the link! I remember reading about her--must've been fascinating to edit her papers.
"This must have been President Davis's chair": #Lincoln tours the ruins of Richmond, April 4, 1865: https://t.co/qWgn4mgV2h #CivilWar
"Young ladies, beware—all men with heads shaped like this are unreliable": practical uses of phrenology, 1902: https://t.co/VAncZHdA5j
RT @manydeadthings: The trappings of Jack the Ripper, circa 1888 https://t.co/IJTLoWOmqI https://t.co/jfRH8h21jU
@katja_anderson I need a visual of that!
@AthleteAdmirer Thank you!
"Prohibition has not robbed Broadway of all its pleasures": a look at #NYC's Roseland Ballroom, closing after 95 yrs: https://t.co/3iHU8KQD6S
"Guess what, Mommy? I got married today": A creepy children's book about satanic ritual abuse, 1990: https://t.co/6plHZfAnYO
1864 April Fools' cartoon, featuring (among other oddities) a soldier dressed as a talking mule, @SavingLincoln: https://t.co/WhFGJMwAHH
@katja_anderson @KateManning10 Definitely read MY NOTORIOUS LIFE (if you haven't already!). Curious about your book, too.
My (old) post on Madame Restell, dead 136 yrs. ago today, and brilliantly resurrected in @KateManning10's new book: https://t.co/PJlBnB3yls
The Spaghetti Tree, the Taco Liberty Bell, and other notable April Fools' pranks from history: https://t.co/VNdEqnQ6sn
London skeletons reveal secrets of the Black Death: https://t.co/O33huXvBh3
@TweetsofOld Uncanny!
"His spread-eagle collars kept New Yorkers agog": the Gilded Age #NYC socialite dubbed "King of the Dudes": https://t.co/iHdIAMEHnh
"[Don't] be deceived by what we feel stir in the Womb": False pregnancies in early modern France: https://t.co/RbNYP8JyeL #wondersandmarvels
Portraits of patients from a British insane asylum, circa 1855: https://t.co/8w4dBJBWnI
"We were breaking 90% of German traffic through '41-'45": One of the last of a top WWII codebreaking team dies at 93: https://t.co/VbGeSS7eFH
"I love you [but] fear bringing you into trouble": Love letter to rebel spy Rose Greenhow from a Northern official: https://t.co/j0ELsGBZz5
"The heavy business of spying is carried on by 'artful Jezebels'": More anxiety over rebel women spies, 1861: https://t.co/QwPjgFilTG
RT @Gothic_Desires: #twitterstorians #18thc young woman buried in full bridal dress days after wedding at her request: https://t.co/ujmCacF9
New photos of jazz legend John Coltrane rediscovered 50 years after they were shot: https://t.co/OyoMAlj3RS
Archeologists discover the tomb of Attila the Hun: https://t.co/1GDfjfjWI3
"I just had the worst dream—I dreamed we lived in Brooklyn": The horrors of moving to Brooklyn, from a 1905 cartoon: https://t.co/6QYNCltS7e
Chemical and biological warfare during the #civilwar: https://t.co/CMO6vVkAgb
RT @tenementmuseum: We remember the 146 victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, which occurred about 5 pm on March 25, 1911. http:…
@DanBlank So true!
"Manhatta, " photographer Paul Strand's short documentary love letter to #NYC, 1921: https://t.co/QhDV6pAgWg
@fenifur @2nerdyhistgirls @ChloeOkoli She was interesting, too! One of the Civil War spies I write about compared herself to her.
Century-old portraits of cats and dogs: https://t.co/2G5R3p8QIE
@2nerdyhistgirls @ChloeOkoli Thanks, ladies!
@litrvixen @2nerdyhistgirls Fantastic! And it's true--they found every hiding place imaginable.
How two men "edited" Queen Victoria: https://t.co/bZRFg9ixbr
RT @ChloeOkoli: Uncommon Soldiers: Women in the Civil War by @KarenAbbott Wonders & Marvels https://t.co/1y5nFaprGp #history #civilwar http:…
@CapitolClio A nip of whiskey and a carte de visite of Stonewall and we've got a deal.
@CapitolClio Keep up that sweet talk, and I'll smuggle you some quinine...
"They wad their crinoline with percussion caps, pad their petticoats with revolvers": Anxiety over female spies, 1861 https://t.co/pFtpHRybtV
"Selfishness, Coquetry, Love of Display": A map of a woman's heart, circa 1833-1842: https://t.co/QA4sSi6J5q
#Lincoln's dog, Fido, and other mascots of the #civilwar: https://t.co/HZxVly0WS8
@RebeccaSchinsky @komcnees @sophie_gadd Ditto! Also quite fond of my special rudeness.
Twenty things men hated about women at the office in 1945, @sophie_gadd: https://t.co/MPXlpCC6R2
RT @faustfatale: Joan Crawford will cut a bitch. https://t.co/q21ZFbboQW
A collection of #NYC neon signs from the 1930s: https://t.co/iyM9LAsIkG
"I fear it will be my fate to marry a soldier who has lost his head": a dispatch from the Confederacy, March 1863: https://t.co/r8pfLQGl3V
Is it still too soon to make #Lincoln assassination jokes? @LaphamsQuart: https://t.co/GmQRD5iku0
"Men should be protected from the saliva of such creatures": Rebel women spitting on Yankee soldiers, 1862: https://t.co/JrxYlRk75Y
The first kiss in the history of cinema, filmed by Thomas Edison in 1896: https://t.co/G8EHS2WDGG
"X-rays will prove to be a hoax" and 24 other foolish predictions: https://t.co/9T1VgPoRrq
Bill Cunningham's playful photos of 1970s #NYC: https://t.co/OnQu71Zv87
"A brutal attack upon the police": Harper's Weekly on the 1867 St. Patrick's Day Parade: https://t.co/uLu3U0n3hK
Spotted: #Lincoln on the E train, via @SavingLincoln: https://t.co/7dxXrrVYic
In honor of the Ides of March, a quiz on some of the most famous assassinations in literature: https://t.co/K8uUDPxprf
Vintage film found at garage sale shows 1940s Chicago: https://t.co/YerseF1BSk
The FBI's Ten Most Wanted List debuted 64 years ago today: https://t.co/0nWC9cYrmA
"Every man seems to feel that he has got the duties of two lifetimes to accomplish in one": Mark Twain on #NYC, 1867: https://t.co/B5mBdifuFK
"Without the Girls, Show Biz is No Biz": Gordon Parks's gorgeous shots of showgirls at work, circa 1958: https://t.co/LvML9sIzeU
Antique birthing chair, radioactive water, and other medical horrors from the past: https://t.co/2IA3prKqQR
@alexanderchee @Tin_House Loved this.
"I'm struggling with all my energy to master my work": Vincent Van Gogh's painting "rehearsals": https://t.co/9Dgz6CvhHQ
"An agreeable girl favors prohibition and opposes burlesque shows": marital advice circa 1952, @Jezebel: https://t.co/JNeb319DGL
Emasculating #civilwar cartoon, 1862: https://t.co/VhosfQLa8E
@Son_Of_Ray I know! Such a shame they're gone.
Manhattan's lost Gilded Age mansions: https://t.co/8C2gMGM8xl
A gas-resistant stroller, wooden swimsuits, and 25 other inventions from the past: https://t.co/QLlrjfCGzD
Oldest building on #NYC's Fifth Avenue, home to robber barons and a Rockefeller, to be demolished: https://t.co/NuWm1GcLPl
@MissLiberty @maudnewton So great to meet you! And to see you, Maud. Xx
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