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Karen Abbott is the pen name of Abbott Kahler. She is the New York Times bestselling author of SIN IN THE SECOND CITYAMERICAN ROSE, and, most recently, LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY, named one of the best books of 2014 by Library Journal, the Christian Science Monitor, and Amazon, and optioned by Sony for a miniseries. A native of Philadelphia, she now lives in New York City, where she's at work on her next book. 


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@R_E_Thomas Where, if I may ask?
@R_E_Thomas Ha! Yes he was. I imagine it was because his father was an abusive alcoholic. Remus never touched a drop in his life.
RT @NPR: Most versions of Frankenstein are based on a later edition of Mary Shelley's classic. This new reprint of her origi… https://t.co/UEulFjrIHu
Part of the draft for "I Have a Dream, " 1963: #MLKDay https://t.co/p6gikQ0ELv
@slstalter Thanks! So glad you're enjoying.
RT @readandbreathe: I’m at an amazing bookstore in Kingston, NY called Rough Draft. Check out this display. https://t.co/7rKRsZaLIe
@Heather_Poole @BCDreyer I have a feeling she would love a long missive. Keep me posted!
Subway #1, a sculpture immortalizing the state of NYC's trains in the 1980s, by Bruno Lucchesi: https://t.co/kEA4EZ21ok