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Footage of Gypsy Rose Lee in the 1943 movie Stage Door Canteen, performing an abbreviated (and much cleaner) version of her famous routine, “The Psychology of a Stripteaser.”

A short clip of June Havoc (then “Baby June” Hovick) dancing en pointe in the 1918 Harold Lloyd film, On the Jump. She was only four years old.

Video of vaudeville legend Hadji Ali (aka “The Amazing Regurgitator”) who toured the circuit the same time as Gypsy and June.

Video of Georgia Sothern, another headliner at Minsky’s Burlesque and Gypsy Rose Lee’s good friend.

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Before June Havoc's death in March 2010 at age 97, I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing her several times at her farmhouse in Connecticut. We spoke for hours about her relationship with her sister, Gypsy Rose Lee, about their erratic and unpredictable mother ("a beautiful little ornament who was damaged," June called her), about her life in vaudeville, and about events that still haunted her half a century later. Below are some of my favorite clips from those interviews. 

Listen below: