Prior Releases

Sin in the Second City
Step into the perfumed parlors of the Everleigh Club, the most famous brothel in American history—and a catalyst for a culture war that rocked the nation. Minna and Ada Everleigh were unlike other madams: they made sure their girls dined on gourmet food and even tutored in the literature of Balzac. But not everyone appreciated the Everleighs' attempts to elevate the industry...read more


American Rose
America in the Roaring Twenties. Vaudeville was king. Speakeasies beckoned and money flowed fast and free. Almost overnight, the Great Depression leveled everything. When the dust settled, people were primed for a star who could detract them from reality. Enter Gypsy Rose Lee, a strutting, bawdy, erudite stripper who possessed a gift for delivering exactly what America needed...read more